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Most viewed - JUSTIN MORRILL COLLEGE (Michigan State U., 1965-1979)
In the Bright Existence (1976 / 2nd Production): Back Cover / Overview723 viewsImage provided by Sears Eldredge. Sears writes:

"This production was an original adaptation of the Quiche Maya Book of Counsel as translated by Munro S. Edmundson of Tulane University and the Mesoamerican Institute into a performance text. His translation, used with his permission, used his special recording of the Quiche Maya words / phrases I wanted to use as part of the performance text.

Traditional and original music was performed by the students. Costumes and masks were based on archeological and traditional sources reflecting various ancient Mesoamerican cultures.

The second production of this piece performed two years later was JMC’s contribution to the University’s Bi-centennial Celebration highlighting the fact that there were other peoples with cultures severely damaged by the arrival of Europeans who should not be forgotten about.
Birdcatchers in Hades - Cast723 viewsPhoto provided by Sears Eldredge.
Justin Morrill Shrine722 viewsPhoto provided by Sears Eldredge.

This 'shrine' to JMC's namesake was set up as an installation in Baker Hall for the 10th Anniversary event (spring 1975).
The Heart of Heaven and the Feathered Serpent722 viewsPhoto provided by Sears Eldredge.
Dog Puppet722 viewsPhoto provided by Sears Eldredge.
Page 2722 viewsSee also:
Roots of Drama II Rivalry Potlatch Holcomb clan.jpg
Roots of Drama (Class; 1977): Rivalry Potlatch722 viewsThe Pam Holcomb Clan.
_FOLIO_ - Page 18722 views
Balm in Gilead (1974): Set: The Counter721 viewsPhoto provided by Sears Eldredge
Parrot Puppet721 viewsPhoto provided by Sears Eldredge.
White on White - 1721 viewsPhoto provided by Sears Eldredge.

White on White - a Mask-Movement Piece - white robed figures with a male figure that appears through a white doorway — they danced to music - perhaps Vaughan Williams Job: A Masque for Dancing????? — Performed in one of the emptied classrooms.
At the Saturday Tent Party721 viewsLeft to Right: Linda Corson, Bob Walter, some party-crashing latex lunatic, T 'Sam' Parrish, Ken Wilson
Kenneth Durham Smith721 views
MSU _State News_ Clipping: JMC 10th Anniversary Event719 viewsScanned document image provided by Sears Eldredge.

The 10th Anniversary event was held in spring 1975.
Virginia Bower and Cynthia Freeland719 views... at the evening reception.
Judson Bradford719 views
T. 'Sam' Parrish and Ken Wilson718 views... At the Saturday Tent Party.
At the Fireside Gathering718 viewsLeft to Right: Kestutis Nakas, John White, Nancy Snyder
Megan Terry's Home: Performance718 views
The Architect and the Emperor of Assyria: Cast Listing718 views
Impossible Loves: The Princess and the Bull716 viewsPhoto provided by Sears Eldredge. Sears writes:

"Impossible Loves - a play by Fernando Arrabal — a fairy tale about a beautiful Princess who falls in love with a Bull-Headed Man who is then killed by her father — an Elephant-headed man. — Performed in one of the emptied classrooms."
At the Fireside Gathering (Snyder Basement)715 views
The Bacchae: Programme Back Cover 715 viewsListing of JMC Experimental Theatre productions as of that time.
Megan Terry's Home: Performance714 views
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