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Home > JUSTIN MORRILL COLLEGE (Michigan State U., 1965-1979)

Most viewed - JUSTIN MORRILL COLLEGE (Michigan State U., 1965-1979)
Virginia Bower and Cynthia Freeland870 views... at the evening reception.
Page 2870 viewsSee also:
Judson Bradford869 views
The Falling Sickness - 3868 viewsPhoto provided by Sears Eldredge.

The Falling Sickness - Russell Edson. A father, mother, and their son ??????? with the father ending up making love to a chair. Two camera (one hidden) bring up images of the action as well as the audiences reaction on video screens. — Performed in the TV studio.
T. 'Sam' Parrish and Ken Wilson868 views... At the Saturday Tent Party.
Page 4868 viewsCirca October 1969
The Architect and the Emperor of Assyria: Programme Front Cover868 views
Ted Strunck, 2007866 views
MSU _State News_ Clipping: JMC 10th Anniversary Event865 viewsScanned document image provided by Sears Eldredge.

The 10th Anniversary event was held in spring 1975.
Impossible Loves: The Princess and the Bull865 viewsPhoto provided by Sears Eldredge. Sears writes:

"Impossible Loves - a play by Fernando Arrabal — a fairy tale about a beautiful Princess who falls in love with a Bull-Headed Man who is then killed by her father — an Elephant-headed man. — Performed in one of the emptied classrooms."
The Architect and the Emperor of Assyria: Performance Photo864 views
_FOLIO_ - Page 19864 views
The Architect and the Emperor of Assyria: Cast Listing863 views
Jane Barnwell862 views
Balm in Gilead (1974): Set: The Counter861 viewsPhoto provided by Sears Eldredge
Birdcatchers in Hades - Cast861 viewsPhoto provided by Sears Eldredge.
Touring ROIAL and Talking with its Students and Staff861 viewsSunday, after brunch ...
Keven Bridge861 viewsCirca 2002.
Stewart (Zalman) Lachman861 views
The Door860 viewsPhoto provided by Sears Eldredge. Sears writes:

"The Door — by E. B. White — a mental patient rambles on as we see images going in his head (a film back projected over his head — subjective camera) of walking endlessly down the anonymous corridors (the same Baker Hall corridors that the audiences are passing through in the Labyrinth show) in pursuit of the “Minotaur” who is just glimpsed passing out of sight in the distance. We also glimpse other figures: a Nurse, two of the White on White figures, until we turn a corner and come upon a cleaning woman — the camera pulls back as she heads towards us and we see the Minotaur crouching on a window ledge in the distance behind her). The camera dollys towards an office door (like the Detention Room door), the door opens and for a moment we see the Minotaur crouched in the corner of the room. This will be the same room used as the Detention Room. — Performed in the TV studio."
Talking with ROIAL Folks860 views
Virginia Bower and Joel Aronoff859 views... at the evening reception.

Mark Bolda859 views
JMC Vets with Sparty858 viewsAt the Saturday Tent Party with 'Sparty'.

Left to Right: Linda Corson, Bob Walter, Sparty, T 'Sam' Parrish, Ken Wilson
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