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Dave Brigode and Jeanne Cabot910 viewsIn the Sny-Phi Grill, circa 1972
Wendy Schultz910 views
Megan Terry's Home: Cast List (1 of 2)909 viewsThis multimedia production involved ... two different casts who alternated the performances. Each cast became the crew for the other cast’s production! ... Even though they were a great group of students, I never tried double casting a show again.
JMC Program Planning Handbook (1967): Page 2909 views
Sunday Brunch: JMC Veterans and ROIAL Students and Staff907 viewsOver brunch, we got to discuss JMC, ROIAL, and the interrelationships between them. We learned that the ROIAL students are highly motivated and enthusiastic about the creative options open to them. We also learned that although ROIAL is an Arts & Letters program, its students have gone on to pursue MSU degree programs in a variety of fields (e.g., business and psychology). Does this sound familiar?
Open Mike: Memories and Remembrances907 views"Listening to everyone's reminiscences and careers only served to reinforce our convictions about what a distinctive and fulfilling process JMC was for each of us. Our common educational experiences and diversity of lives and occupations that followed makes our community truly unique. ...
- Paul Buehrle
- Suzette DeGrandchamp Buehrle"
Labyrinth II (1973)906 viewsImage provided by Sears Eldredge. Sears describes it thus:

Labyrinth II (April 18-20, 1973) — 7 Events — Lower Level, Baker Hall.

An experiment in environmental theatre which took place in the lower level halls and classrooms of Baker Hall, the Psychology Bldg. We could only take 60 audience members a night. The last night there were 150 people trying to get in to the show. They tried to sneak in via the elevator and through windows!
Sears Eldredge906 viewsCirca 2002 - 2003.
Nancy Haack906 views
Jill Beeson906 views
Michael Bennish906 views(Michael is on the left)
Lynn Medow and Cat Carpenter905 viewsPhoto provided by Sears Eldredge. Date unknown.
The Creation of Mudman905 viewsPhoto provided by Sears Eldredge.
Coati Puppet905 viewsPhoto provided by Sears Eldredge.
Labyrinth II (1973): Guides in the Lobby905 viewsPhoto provided by Sears Eldredge. Sears writes:

"The audience was met in the lobby by The Guides: white suited figures each wearing a different colored mask. The audience’s tickets were color coded to the color of the masks, so they knew who their Guide was. The Guides led their groups down the wide stairs and into the lower level of the bldg. Each was led through the Labyrinth from a different starting point and the groups would pass in the halls on their ways to their next event. "
The Story of 7 Parrot904 viewsPhoto provided by Sears Eldredge.
The Twins and the Lords of the Underworld904 viewsPhoto provided by Sears Eldredge.
Director (Sears Eldredge) and One of the Guides904 viewsPhoto provided by Sears Eldredge.
Chambre ('Chaughan' Beauvais904 views"Chambre Beauvais, a chef for Jambalaya's, 5942 E. Round Lake Road in Laingsburg, prepares a dessert called Bananas Foster..."

From a March 1999 article in State News.
Cynthia Freeland and Joel Aronoff903 views... at the evening reception.
Balm in Gilead (1974): Cast / Crew Students902 views_Balm in Gilead_ Students (Cast and Crew)
_Balm in Gilead_ Cast / Staff: 1974
Photo provided by Sears Eldredge.

REAR (Left to Right): unidentified, Henry (Hank) Ferree, Audrey LaVelle (actor)

FRONT ROW (Seated, Left to Right): Colleen Purcell (stage manager), unidentified, unidentified, John Low (actor)

More info / comments available at:
White on White - 2902 viewsPhoto provided by Sears Eldredge.

White on White - a Mask-Movement Piece - white robed figures with a male figure that appears through a white doorway — they danced to music - perhaps Vaughan Williams Job: A Masque for Dancing????? — Performed in one of the emptied classrooms.
Gary Barnett902 views
Mask Characterization Class - Group Photo901 viewsPhoto provided by Sears Eldredge.

Sears wrote that he conducted this class at least twice.
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