sitemap The Sheet: Vol. 1, no. 5 (Fall 1969)
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Vol. 1, no. 5 (Fall 1969)



The Sheet was Justin Morrill College's local newsletter. It was composed and printed in the basement of Snyder Hall, then distributed.

Anne Zholyn has preserved a specimen of a 6-page edition issued sometime during the fall quarter of 1969, and she has kindly sent in scanned images of the pages. Thanks, Anne!

No exact publication date is given. This edition refers to a past publication in September 1969, and it mentions upcoming advance registration activites in November. Sometime in October 1969 would seem to be a reasonable estimate for its issuance date.

The outline below traces the contents of the issue. The hot links offered will take you to the JPEG image files for the individual pages.

Each of the JPEG images of the pages is from 96 to 150 kilobytes in size, so please be patient in downloading them.

If anyone has additional 'hard-core' data on JMC, its operations, its performance, or its outcomes, please Contact the Editor.

Page 1

An article on efforts to establish a JMC / Snyder-Phillips radio station. The byline is "WVS" (Wendy Van Scoter?)

Page 2

Open Letters to the Editors

  • "To the Sheet: An Editorial Reply" from The Committee for a JMC-Snyder-Phillips Radio Station, in response to prior editorial comments on the aforementioned initiative to establish a radio station.

  • The first segment of a letter from senior Charley Roberts on the JMC intensive language programs, their history, and both positive and negative outcomes attributable to them.

Page 3

  • The final segment of Charley Roberts' letter on the JMC intensive language programs.

  • Dept. of "There's Something to Look Forward To!" (by "J.B., Duke of Kent")

  • "To All JMC Students". John Shoemaker and Ilene Zacher of the Student Affairs Committee introduce themselves and their duties, as well as inviting JMC students to contact them.

  • A request for responses from anyone wanting to order a JMC sweatshirt, given that there seemed to be demand for reordering more of these items.

Page 4

Announcements, including proposed changes in independent study, reminders of academic deadlines, advance registration arrangements, and news of JMC sophomore Richard Martin's essay recently published in the September '69 issue of an Honors College publication.

Page 5

More Announcements, including then-current JMC enrollment figures, a field study opportunity, and a solicitation from The Sheet itself for poetry to publish.

Page 6

Apparently entitled Literary.

This page contains three pieces of poetry, one of which is attributed to Kathleen O'Connor. It's not clear whether or not the other two are hers as well.