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Funny... I don't feel dead! If you've forgotten JMC - You weren't there!

An academy for wandering minstrels
Equipping lifelong learners to pursue personal and professional interests in art, activism, law, education, business, medicine, international affairs, social services, science, management, media, and more.
* Michigan State University's first, most experimental, and most innovative residential college *


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  JMC-Specific WWW Sites (Fred Little)

In November 1999, JMC veteran Fred Little established a JMC Webspace accessible via a dedicated Internet domain entitled "". Thanx, Fred! Unfortunately, circumstances made sustainment of this Webspace untenable. In early 2001, all content from the Webspace was transferred over and incorporated within this JMC Webspace.

Justin Morrill College Online Forum at Yahoo! Groups

In November 2000 an online (email-based) forum was established for Justin Morrill College at Yahoo! Groups. The Home Page for the forum can be accessed at:

You can view messages posted by people interested in JMC, and you can subscribe to receive messages / postings as they appear.

Come Check It Out!!


  Alumni Sites with JMC Groups is perhaps the largest open alumni network on the Web. As of early 2002, it had expanded to include college / university listings. You can browse the listings of people who have registered (and register yourself) for free. However, to be able to contact listed people you must be a paid subscriber.

A Justin Morrill College group has been established within the Michigan State University category. offers a huge taxonomy of alumni listings, and it operates as a completely free-of-charge service. A Justin Morrill College group has been established, but (for whatever reason) it had to be listed externally to the Michigan State University category. If you want to find the JMC group, navigate down through the geographical hierarchy: "United States: Michigan: East Lansing" OR use the following hot link:

JustinMorrillCollege group @

Planet Alumni

Planet Alumni is another large alumni galaxy, and it operates as a completely free-of-charge service. A Justin Morrill College group has been established within the Michigan State University category. (NOTE: The misleading 'blurb' about JMC was there when I first went there - don't blame me...).


  Web Pages of / by / for Known JMC Veterans




Hot links to WWW pages owned by or mentioning people who are known to have participated in Justin Morrill College are now incorporated in the JMC Veterans Directory.

The listing is based on a search of the Web, so it only includes those folks who: (a) have WWW pages; (b) explicitly mention Justin Morrill (and/or are known to the Webmaniac as JMC participants) and (c) have their WWW pages registered with one or another of the major WWW search engines.

There are no doubt more JMC participants out there.....

If you know of any additional WWW sites concerning JMC participants, please advise the Webmaniac by sending the URL to:



MSU / JMC Emblem  
  Michigan State University Links



Michigan State University Home Page

The primary entry point for exploring MSU is:

MSU College of Arts and Letters

The College of Arts and Letters (CAL) is the MSU organizational unit which 'inherited' responsibility for matters pertaining to Justin Morrill College. The primary entry point for exploring CAL is:

Programmatic Successors to JMC within MSU

There remains no program entitled 'Justin Morrill' within the College of Arts and Letters or the University at large. However, the interdisciplnary themes of Justin Morrill College can be seen as continuing in the following current MSU programs:

Interdisciplinary Programs in Health and Humanities (IPHH)

Center for Integrative Studies in Arts and Humanities (CISAH)

Interdisciplinary Humanities

No WWW-accessible information is available on this program

MSU Service Learning Center

The former Office of Volunteer Programs was renamed the Service-Learning Center in 1987 to reflect the integration of active learning through career and civic development.

More information on the SLC can be found at:

The Morrill Scholars Program (MSP)

The Morrill Scholars Program (MSP) is a new program recently proposed (late 1998) for the purpose of establishing an interdisiplinary undergraduate specialization.

More information on MSP can be found at:

Residential Option in Arts and Letters (ROIAL)

ROIAL is a two year residential learning program for freshmen and sophomore students in the College of Arts & Letters. ROIAL students participate in cooperative learning experiences in languages, writing, humanities, and the arts. ROIAL students have the opportunity for field trips, studying and living abroad, small group encounters with faculty and visiting scholars and artists, and enrollment in a freshman and a sophomore seminar. ROIAL brings together students with common academic interests in the arts and humanities to share residential living and to develop a sense of community.

More information on ROIAL can be found at:

Michigan State University Alumni Association

The primary entry point for information on MSUAA is:

Helpful Hint:

You might want to keep an occasional eye on the MSUAA Message Board for JMC alumni postings.


  "Scene of the Crime": Snyder-Phillips Dormitory Complex




In the event your memory is foggy about where all this wonderful JMC stuff happened.....

The central locus of Justin Morrill College residential, administrative, and educational activities was the Snyder-Phillips Hall dormitory complex. MSU kindly provides current pictures of both:

And if it's been so long you're not really sure where on campus these halcyon halls are located, check out the:

MSU Campus Map


  Our Namesake: Justin Smith Morrill




So who the heck was Justin Morrill????

JMC was named for Justin Smith Morrill (1801-1898), eminent U.S. Senator from Vermont. He authored the Morrill Act of 1862 -- the legislation which established the land grant college system. As the first land grant college, Michigan State University has a special tie to Morrill. It is no surprise, then, that MSU's first residential college unit was named for him.

To learn more about our namesake online, check out:

Shrine to Justin Smith Morrill

"Virtual Vermont" Biographical Sketch

His Entry in the Biographical Directory of the U.S. Congress

If you're really interested in learning more about our namesake, you should know that Michigan State University Press recently (July 1999) issued the first biography of Justin Morrill in 60 years:

Justin Smith Morrill: Father of the Land-Grant Colleges

by Coy F. Cross and Coy F. Cross II


  WWW Links for Colleges / Programs Similar to JMC




This section has been established to provide WWW links to information on other colleges and programs which resemble(d) Justin Morrill College in their theme and / or their implementations.

If you know of colleges or programs with substantial similarities to Justin Morrill College, please advise the Webmaniac by sending email to:

For General Information on the Residential College Concept:

Visit The Collegiate Way -- an excellent Website dedicated to the residential college concept as a solution to the poverty of student life within large universities (sound familiar?).


Similar Colleges Listed in The Environment Report: First Supplement: Analogies

In the spring of 1970, Chicago architect Tom Jaeger led a large group of JMC students in a project aimed at analyzing and re-designing Justin Morrill College from within. The documentary product of this effort was The Environment Report. As an addition to this project, JMC students Vic Adams, Chris Lehne, and Judy Hastings visited some other Midwestern programs which appeared to mirror the concepts, style, and/or curricular themes of JMC. Their report (cited above) was one of the few documents comparing JMC and similar programs. Three decades later, the Internet evidence for these other programs is as follows:

Antioch College
Yellow Springs, Ohio

Antioch College (now Antioch University) survives intact. To explore the current state of Antioch, go to:

Montheith College
Wayne State University (Detroit)

Montheith was a "small, general education college within Wayne State, with an enrollment of 1,000 students".

There remains no unit corresponding, no citation, and no reference to Montheith at Wayne State University's WWW site:

Charter College
Oakland University (Rochester MI)

Charter College was a small general education college unit within Oakland University. It had two small college unit peers - Allport College (social sciences) and New College (fine arts).

There remain no units corresponding, no citations, and no references to Charter College (or New or Allport Colleges) at Oakland University's WWW site:


The Residential College at the University of Michigan

There are many parallels between the stated themes for UM's Residential College and the themes evident in the JMC Concept. The following passage (from UM documentation) illustrates the most general similarities:

"The Residential College was founded in 1967 as a small, degree-granting, four-year liberal arts college. It is unique among the educational opportunities offered at the University of Michigan. Every student admitted to the College of Literature, Science and the Arts (LS&A) is eligible to apply for admission to the Residential College (RC). RC students have all the academic options available at a major research university as well as advantages which only a small interdisciplinary college can offer."

More information on the Residential College can be explored at:


Other Colleges with Characteristics Similar to JMC

This section lists links to other colleges and programs whose features, goals, or principles are similar to those for Justin Morrill College.

If this interests you, be sure to check out the Residential Colleges Worldwide listing at The Collegiate Way.


Berea College
Berea, Kentucky

Black Mountain College
North Carolina

Evergreen State College

Recommended by JMC veteran Paul Parker as: "No majors, no grades, very interdisciplinary."


Goddard College


Oberlin College


University of California - Santa Cruz


  Miscellaneous WWW Sites with Content Relevant to JMC




Association of Departments of English (ADE)

ADE Bulletin
027 (November 1970): 33-47

This 1970 publication includes a transcript of Teaching and Revolution - an address presented at the ADE Seminar in Los Angeles by Harold Taylor - the author of Students Without Teachers and former President of Sarah Lawrence College. Specifically, check out the very last question / answer exchange listed, where Taylor invokes the example of MSU's Justin Morrill College in addressing the question:

"How do you arrange the transition of coming up from the umbrella of one person into another, or some sense of continuity that enables a person to build from one year to the next, or one period to the next?"


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