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Funny... I don't feel dead!   If you've forgotten JMC, you weren't there!


Legendary Proving Ground for Wandering Minstrels
Michigan State University's first, most experimental, and most innovative residential college

A listing of people who participated in Justin Morrill College

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AMOS, Chuck

Attended JMC 1966-1969

Spring 2009 - Now retired in Raleigh, NC. Contemplating a cruise south on our boat this fall. Now married to Beth - PHS class of 68. That is Plymouth, NC!!

(Information from Chuck's postings at

ASCH, Marc


Assistant Instructor / Instructor, 1968 - 1972

"Marc Asch lives in North Oaks, MN., a suburb of St. Paul. I haven't seen him but noticed his ads when he ran for the state legislature a while back. He was only at JMC a short time, but did distinguish himself by coming to work one morning on his horse, which he tethered in the Snyder Phillips courtyard."

(SOURCE: Email from John Schroeder, 11/01/00)

"I am Marc Asch of horse riding fame. I was an Assistant Instructor in 1968 and then an Instructor for the succeeding years 1969, 1970, 1971. After I left I came back for a single semester in 1972 when Harold Johnson was off."

(SOURCE: Email from Marc Asch, 6/04/01)

ASHER Jourden, Renee


JMC '74

I was known as Renee Asher until I married Marty Jourden before our senior year at MSU. Happy to report, we are still married. After graduation, I couldn't find a teaching job, so I worked for the University while my husband went on to earn his Masters. We then moved to Des Moines, IA for three years while he attended medical school. After that, he joined the Army and we spent the next 20 years moving around the world. Spent 5 years in Hawaii (heaven on earth) and 6 years in Germany which I like to refer to as our European vacation. We have 2 great kids and we are now settled in Virginia. I never did get a full-time teaching job, but I actively sub in the junior high and high school here in Prince George County.

Email addresses once again:



AUSTIN (-Cardona), Beth

See Listing for Randy Cardona




JMC '76

"Jon Awbrey is alive and living a distributed existence on the Web. At any time, a current best approximation to his state of mind can be obtained by typing his exact phrase name into Google."

On the Web:

MyWikiBiz Directory page:

Knol Profile page:

(SOURCE: Email from Jon Awbrey, August 2009)


JMC '69

Ronald Bailey is Professor of African-American Studies and History at Northeastern University. He has taught at Fisk, Cornell, and Northwestern, directed the Afro-American Studies Program at the University of Mississippi, chaired the Department of African-American Studies at Northeastern University, and recently served as Vice President for Academic Affairs at South Carolina State University. He is the author of Black Business Enterprise, Introduction to Afro-American Studies; Let Us March On!: Civil Rights Photographs of Ernest Withers, Jr.; "Those Valuable People, The Africans:" The Slave(ry) Trade, Cotton, and the Industrial Revolution in World History; and numerous articles and chapters. He has directed several projects funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities, including two summer institutes on Nubia, the ancient African civilization, cosponsored by the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Ron is currently Consulting Director of the Center for Understanding the Black Experience (CUBE), at Education Development Center, Inc. ... Ron's community development activities include work with the Madison Park Development Corporation on the ACT (Art, Culture and Trade) initiative in Roxbury, MA. A native of Claxton, Georgia, Ron is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Michigan State University, and holds an M.A. in Political Science (1971) and an interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Black Studies (1979) from Stanford University, the first such doctorate awarded in the U.S.


Photo available in the Morrillite Mug Shots Gallery at this site.

BALL Bredendick, Jane

JMC 1975 - 1977

Jane Ball (married name Bredendick) attended JMC 1975-1977

Student Advisor (office in basement of Snyder)

Made Puppets, Designed Program, Actor for Sears Eldridge's "In the Bright Existence"

Field Study: Traveled around Midwest assisting Betty Dickinson in Feldenkrais / Gestalt / Tai Chi Workshops

Originally wanted to major in Education or Psychology and thought maybe JMC would make campus life smaller and easier. Embraced all aspects of JMC learning & lifestyle and found most traditional MSU classes lacking.

Left JMC and MSU in protest when JMC classes were no longer offered (could have graduated in 1979 with more MSU credits, but didn't see the point)!

Joined theatre group and earned a B.A. in General Studies from Northeast Louisiana University in 1979.

Have worked in many fields, currently in a public high school.

To this day, I use the non-traditional and creative skills I learned at JMC.

Welcome emails at home: jbredendick[*AT*]


JMC '72

Info Posted at Planet Alumni (

Currently Living in: Montclair, NJ, United States
Photos available in the Morrillite Mug Shots Gallery and the JMC Then and Now Gallery at this site



Info Posted at University of Hawaii Website:

On 19 March Jane Barnwell ... joined the staff of the Pacific Collection at UH Library to work in the areas of acquisitions, reference, and instruction. Ms Barnwell has a BA in anthropology from Justin Morrill College and an AMLS from the University of Michigan. From 1985 to 1994, she was Reference Librarian and Subject Specialist for Pacific Islands Studies, Southeast Asian Studies and Anthropology at the University of Oregon. She served as Librarian at Palau Community College from 1994 to 2001.

Ms Barnwell has played an active role in the Pacific Islands Association of Libraries and Archives (PIALA) and was a founding member of the Palau Association of Libraries (PAL). Her bibliography on economic development in the Republic of Palau was published in the Fall 2000 (Vol 12:2) issue of The Contemporary Pacific. She is most familiar with current publications from the Micronesian region and is especially interested in working with Pacific Islands scholars to identify materials for Web accessible projects.
Photo available in the Morrillite Mug Shots Gallery at this site



"I am married to DeDe Bean. She can be contacted on her email ddbean[*AT*]"

(SOURCE: Email from George Doerr, December 2006)


(a.k.a. 'Shawn'; 'Chaughan')

Stewart Lachman writes (September 2002):

"I think this has to be the guy--he looks pretty similar and works at a Laingsburg restaurant...."

This Webpage includes a photo of Beauvais in his professional roles as "...a chef for Jambalaya's, 5942 E. Round Lake Road in Laingsburg."

Also, there's mention of him as a contributor to Citizens for Alternatives to Chemical Contamination:
Photo available in the Morrillite Mug Shots Gallery at this site


BEER Klintworth, Nancy


JMC 1974

I too am a graduate from JMC in 1974. ...

My sister, Phyllis, was on the planning committee to get Justin Morrill College started at MSU.

BEILFUSS Settle, Judy

23 Academy Drive
Corrales NM 87048

(505) 897-2931


JMC '70

I am a realtor and personal property appraiser. I own Landmark Estate Services and do appraisals and estate sales all over New Mexico. I have three wonderful children. I look forward to hearing from other JMC grads.
Photo available in the Morrillite Mug Shots Gallery at this site


BELANGER, Arthur (Art)


JMC 1969 - 1973(?)

I graduated from msu with a degree in pre med from JMC and got accepted the next year at the College of Human Medicine at MSU. I became a family physician and practiced in Bradenton Florida for fifteen years and then came to Johnson City TN where I now work for the VA. So I am in Tennessee and my kids are from here. The funny thing is that where I grew up in Michigan, between Saginaw and Flint on a small farm is less sophisticated and had fewer people than where I live in Tennessee. ... I recall Mike Odette who lived in Sny Phy, Jeff Jackson, George Karras and just a bunch of other folks.

In many ways living at Snyder Phillips was a tremendously unique experience that defined that time of my life as in sync with what was happening in our culture at large. We really had an experience, didn't we?

( Email(s): December 2003)

BENNISH, Michael

JMC '73, M.D. '77

"...director of the Africa Centre for Health and Population Studies, Mtubatuba, South Africe, was awarded a Distinguished Alumni Award by the MSU Alumni Association.

Besides directing the South Africa center, Bennish is an associate professor of medicine at Tufts University School of Medicine and also serves as a pediatrician at the New England Medical Center's Floating Hospital for Infants and Children. He served on the World Health Organization Expert Committee in 1999. Bennish had been a course director at Tufts and has been an active researcher with many publications to his credit. he has won numerous awards, including the 1999 Outstanding Alumni Award from MSU's College of Human Medicine.

Deeply committed to volunteer service, Bennish has served as chairman of the Infection Control Committee, Bangladesh; as founder of the Laboratory and Pharmacy Committee, International Centre for Diarrhoeal Diseases, Tufts; and as a member of the International Affairs Committee, Infectious Disease Society of America."

From: Muses (College of Arts and Letters alumni newsletter), Vol. 13, issue 2a (Winter 2001), p. 10.
Photo available in the Morrillite Mug Shots Gallery at this site


BERG, Steven L.



JMC '80

I entered JMC is the Fall of 1976 and graduated in 1980. I lived in Phillips Hall for two years and then moved off campus.

I did my JMC internship for Congressman Bob Carr and was hired as one of his Lansing district staff members when I completed it. After the Congressman lost his re-election bid, I took a job with State Senator Jack Faxon and went back to MSU for "just one year" to complete an MA in American Studies. I ended up staying at MSU for eight years and completed a Ph.D. in American Studies.

My varied career path has found me building a database on substance abuse for a treatment facility, directing the volunteer center at Kirtland Community College, doing fundraising for a non-profit in Detroit, working for an historical museum, and serving as an elected member of the West Brach-Rose School Board.

Along the way, I wrote bibliographies on lesbian/gay alcoholics, Jewish alcoholics, and spirituality in addiction. I also wrote a book on learning styles and one on Michigan quilt collections. And I've edited anthologies of high school writing.

Last year, I accepted a joint appointment in the Departments of English and History at Schoolcraft College where I also edit a feature called "Two Sides of the Same Coin" for the *Michigan Community College Journal*.

Mark Harris, one of my colleagues in the English Department, is a JMC alumni. In the tradition of JMC, Mark and I organized the first special event held at Schoolcraft to celebrate Martin Luther King Day and have secured funding from the college foundation to expand the celebration in January, 2002.

I now live in Farmington Hills with my partner, Jeremy Hall, and enjoy gardening and spending time with the dog. I pursue my artwork and am currently getting ready for a multiple-artist show that opens later this month at Harford Community College in Maryland. Samples of my artwork appear on my home page:

I had planned to attend the last JMC reunion, but had to cancel at the last minute because I was too sick to move. But I'll be ready for the 2002 reunion.
Photo available in the Morrillite Mug Shots Gallery at this site



JMC '69

(The following is excerpted from an MSU News Bulletin concerning the College of Arts and Letters' second annual Alumni Leaders Program, 2001)

This year's alumni are Jack Epps Jr. (B.A., English, 1972), Juli Betwee (B.A., Justin Morrill College, 1969) and John Scott (M.A., art, 1965).

Betwee is president and founder of Betwee and Co., San Francisco, a management consulting firm to leaders in business and industry.

"Over the past 10 years, I have learned a fair amount about innovation and the skills, abilities and work style associated with an emerging industry," Betwee said. "I hope I can share some of this experience in ways that are meaningful to the students."


  ...and here's some notes about her Alumni Leaders presentation...

"During her interaction with students and faculty, Juli Betwee, a graduate of Justin Morrill College in 1969, stressed the importance of the liberal arts educational experience and its applicability to many vocations. Although Betwee said she is still forging a path to success, she has had many opportunities to work in a wide variety of environments. She initially began her career driven by a strong social work background, but then moved into the corporate sector, where she is currently 'passionate about social change in business.' "

(SOURCE: Muses (MSU College of Arts and Letters Newsletter), Vol. 13, no. 2b, Spring 2001, p. 13)
Photo available in the Morrillite Mug Shots Gallery at this site





JMC years: 1967-1971

Personal history: After JMC I went to University of Detroit Law School. Graduated and admitted to Michigan bar 1974. 1975 joined Mich Sec of State Dept for a few months until I transferred to Michigan Attorney General Department (my ultimate goal). I was in the executive division and education division for about two years and then transferred to Criminal Division where I spent the next 28 years as the main trial prosecutor for the department. Retired in 2005 and was retired for 7 days and became the Chief Assistant Prosecutor in Jackson County Michigan for the next 8 years. Retired again, this time for 6 weeks and was asked to be the magistrate/judge for the 55th District Court. I was there for 7 years when the new Michigan AG asked me to return to the Department to run the Criminal Prosecution Division, which I did, until the pandemic when I decided to really retire and stay home. Married to my wife Susan (who was introduced to me as a blind date by another JMC member) for 51 yearsノand counting.

BOWER, Virginia L.



Postal Data:

37 Wiggins Street #3
Princeton, New Jersey


JMC 1972 (minor in Art History), and currently independent Art Historian of East Asian Chinese Art. What this means is I do research for collectors and dealers, and occasionally (usually one semester a year) teach for friends and colleagues on leave. In the last few years I've taught at U. of Wisconsin, Madison, Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster PA, Rutgers, U. of Pennsylvania, and most recently (fall 2002) back at Michigan State.

Photo available in the Morrillite Mug Shots Gallery at this site

2007 photo from China trip available in the HERE at this site.

BOYER, "Pioneer" Bob



Postal Data:

11918 N. Morton Dr.
Spokane, Wa.


JMC student, Resident Advisor, Colorful Sny-Phi Troubadour and Raconteur


BREE, Betsy


JMC 1972

Some of my best friends (still) are those who I met at JMC ...

They include Michael Darner (graduated in 1970) a successful partner in an architecture firm, as well as Larry Letavec (graduated in 1970) a happy retiree from the Federal Government. And also Carolyn Shorts ( Fermoyle) living in Mishewaka Indiana working for Indiana University; a friend of mine from high school in Ann Arbor who I followed to East Lansing in 1968.

I also was fairly friendly with John McConnell who did al ot of work on the Sheet during 1970 (I have alot of them still because we used to goof around for ideas for his "satyricon" articles. I was sorry to see so many instructors had died (I remember many of them, and still remember when Milt Powell came into class the day after Nixon got elected in 1968 in a total funk). I also would like to pay tribute to another JMCer -- Chuck Griffith -- who died of AIDs in the early 1980s.

As for me--yes i did take the cross-culturalism thing to heart. And I did parlay my Russian language studies at JMC (including a summer at Leningrad State University) into a career. After a few years of trying to figure out what to do with it, I finally attended graduate school in 1978 at Georgetown University's Russian Area Studies Program--got an MA and was hired by the federal government (the DoD to be exact) to become an intelligence analyst on Soviet military and security issues. And so I did. 27 years later and with the demise of the USSR becoming a distant memory, I am still working the issue (and am a senior analyst to boot) but in a much more interesting capacity because Russia is no longer an enemy but just an irritating complex country that still has lots of nuclear weapons. And although I am glad we won the cold war (actually the Russians lost it more than we won it) I am utterly and totally opposed to the current Iraq debacle and have been from the start, so being in Washington and working for an administration that I despise has not been an easy thing to do. Needless to say, the intelligence community is a lot different than when I started doing this work and I will be more than happy three years from now to retire.

I have nonetheless had a lot of opportunities to travel to the former USSR (and many other countries as well) and that has been great, particularly since the first time I visited was 1969. Last year I finally revisited St Petersburg and got to see the old dormitory that I and the others stayed in so long ago. Its totally gutted and awaiting reconstruction (or in the Russian parlance it is 'na remont')

I have been married, divorced, and remarried (just a few months ago) so life is good. No kids but two cute ShihTzu puppies and a nice home in Alexandria VA. I frequently have dreams about Phillips Hall --still remember the old reception area, the mailboxes, and have fond memories of long card games in Snyder with my pals, playing "We're Not Gonna Take It" on the juke box in the grill, and smoking way too many cigarettes.




Inquiry and Expression (I&E) instructor, 1966-1973.

"Every once in a while a client googles me and comes up with the JMC site, and I just visited for the first time in a long time: looks good, less informal, but more professional, and lots of material new to me. ... JMC was an important and formative experience for nearly all of us who were involved. I remember it, and people from it, warmly."

SOURCE: Email from Keven, November 2008

Photos (ca. 1973 and recent) available in the JMC Faculty Gallery at this site



AKA: "Ace"


After graduation in 73, I bounced around Lansing for a number of months, and then headed to San Francisco. I arrived there around Xmas of 73 with $35 in my pocket, and stayed for 23 years. Supporting myself as a housepainter of the Victorian houses around town, I worked for ten years as a community organizer around housing issues. I founded the San Francisco Tenants Union; organized rent control campaigns, and generally raised hell on minimal resources. By 84, I had earned a Master's in Public Administration from SF State and was managing non-profit affordable housing. Ten years ago I became a non- profit housing developer of apartments for homeless and mentally ill people. In 90 I finally got married, and have 4 children. In 97, I moved north 48 miles to the small town of Sonoma in the Wine Country. I am currently the Housing Director for Sonoma County People for Economic Opportunity, overseeing emergency and transitional shelters for homeless families; case management for homeless families; emergency rental assistance programs; Fair Housing enforcement; and affordable housing development.

MSU should not be holding its breath waiting for a major bequest; I can donate enough to get a memorial doorknob named after me.

I have observed that many of my friends have become university professors and researchers. To my knowledge, I can drop the names of Notre Dame, Wayne State, Vermont, Dartmouth, and Colorado. There seem to be a variety of attorneys as well, scattered around the country. Some people remained in Lansing, but not many. An uncertain number, like myself, went into public service, working for non-profits or local governments. I would like to hear more about this.

Photo from 1971-'72 available in the Image Gallery at this site

And check out Ace's reminiscences of JMC elsewhere in this Webspace.


From a biographical summary at Proskauer Rose LLP:

"Edward A. Brill, a partner in the Labor and Employment Law Department of Proskauer Rose LLP's New York office, is a 1972 graduate of Yale Law School.

Ed has represented employers in collective bargaining, arbitration and administrative proceedings before the EEOC, state civil rights agencies, the National Labor Relations Board and the National Mediation Board. He has also represented employers in all types of employment litigation, both in New York and a number of other jurisdictions, including Washington, D.C., Florida, Texas, Illinois, Iowa., Missouri, California, Georgia, Tennessee and Puerto Rico.

Ed also provides guidance to clients, on an ongoing basis, on a wide range of employment and labor law matters, including employee discharge and discipline, equal employment opportunity obligations, development of personnel policies and downsizing and reduction in force.

Ed has devoted a significant amount of time over the past few years representing both Yale University and New York University in connection with widely-publicized disputes involving union efforts to organize graduate student teachers and research assistants. He is a member of the National Association of College and University Attorneys.

Ed also served from 1995 to 1999 as a member of the National Advisory Committee, established to provide advice to the Department of Labor under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) labor accord. He is also the past Chair of the International Employment Law Committee of the New York State Bar Association.

Ed received his undergraduate degree from Michigan State University in 1969."

Recent photo available in the Morrillite Mug Shots Gallery at this site

BROWN, David

JMC '??

David (Dave) Brown is now Assistant Director of the MSU Alumni Association (MSUAA).

BROWN Lester, Michele



My name during my Phillips Hall days was Michele Brown. Gordon Lester and I moved to Ohio in '73 and to California in '74. We sold our ancient Volvo and bought a brand new one. Sold that one and bought a VW Bus and so on. Anyway - Gordon and I divorced and I lived in Alaska for 14 years, returning to California in '97.


aka: 'The Mystery Texan'



Paul and his wife Suzette (DEGRANDCHAMP) Buehrle currently live in the Dallas area.

Recent photo available in the Morrillite Mug Shots Gallery at this site

BURBACH, (Frederick) Jon

"Yes, from the autumn of 1968 to the spring of 1970 I was part of the JMC experience."

Frederick Jon Burbach
Assistant Professor of Art
Western Michigan University
School of Art
1420 Sangren Hall
Kalamazoo, Michigan 49008-5213


BURCON, Michael

JMC 1969 - 1971

"Graduated from a similar school within Grand Valley State Colleges, TJC (Thomas Jefferson College) in 1974.

Currently an upper cervical specific chiropractor in Grand Rapids, MI"

SOURCE: Email, December 2004

BURROW Sullivan, Margaret

(JMC's First Graduate)

JMC '68 (that's not a typo - 1968...)

"Margaret, the oldest, was the very first graduate from a special honors college (Justin Morrill College) at Michigan State University. Recently she received her master's degree from Viterbo College in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. She is a widow who lives in Decorah, Iowa, and she teaches Spanish in nearby Cresco. She has a step-son named Paul, and she is proud of her grandchildren."

(SOURCE: Brother's webpage:

Family photo of Margaret's 1968 graduation day available in the JMC Image Gallery at this site

Recent photo available in the Morrillite Mug Shots Gallery at this site

CAIN Bryant, Hester

JMC 1971 - ????

"...began in JMC and Sny-Phi in fall '71, was active in JMC college governance, roomed with Sue Pitts off campus, was friends with John McCall..."

"Hester moved to Tallahassee, Florida after JMC. I talked to her twenty years ago while she was living there."

"Today I googled and found: Hester Cain Bryant ...[in Tallahassee]..."

(SOURCE: Email from John Stick, March 2004)



JMC 1975-1979

Among the highlights of my JMC experience were all the wonderful people - both staff and students - that I met. One of whom (Beth Austin) eventually became my wife. Dr. Fred Graham officiated at our wedding in the Alumni Chapel. Dr. Graham recently helped us renew our vows after 20 years of marriage. After graduation from JMC in 1979 (with the last group to be awarded a JMC degree) I knocked around Lansing doing various odd jobs. I went on to study Biomedical Communications and work in a variety of hospitals, medical schools, private clinics and research departments as a medical/scientific photographer and imaging specialist. Eventually I attained board certification as a Registered Biological Photographer (one of only about 430 world-wide to receive this distinction). I now work as a Senior Instructional Designer having received my Masters at Wayne State in Instructional Technology in 1998. Beth and I have a daughter and son who are both in high school.

CATTO, Patricia (Patti)


"Alive and well..."

5921 Buck Quarter Road
Hillsborough, NC 27278

SOURCE: Email, February 2005

CAUDILL, O. Brandt

Summary biographical sketch available at:
Photos available in the Morrillite Mug Shots Gallery and the JMC Then and Now Gallery at this site

Photo from 1971-'72 available in the Image Gallery at this site

CHAPMAN Zischke, Judith

Recent photo available in the Morrillite Mug Shots Gallery at this site

Choquehuanca*, Joanne

(*Not known if this was her JMC-era name)


(Personnel biographical sketches, Florida Partnership for Family Involvement in Education)

Joanne Choquehuanca is one of the two new Outreach Coordinators for the Florida Partnership. Her background is Ukrainian and her husband is Inca Indian from Peru, South America. They are proud parents of three daughters: Tania Xiomara (21)/ a senior at the University of Miami in Biomedical Engineering, Eliana Dehane (18), a senior and Jeanne Natalia (16) / a sophomore - both at All Saints' Academy in Winter Haven. They have lived in Lakeland since July 1994 and have lived in various states in the US as well as abroad too. Joanne is bilingual English / Spanish and some Ukrainian. She received her BA in English /Communication Arts and Liberal Arts with a Spanish and Science / Fine Arts minors from Justin Morrill College / Michigan State University in 1970 and her MA in Social and Philosophical Foundations/ International and Comparative Education with emphasis on Bilingual /ESL and Multicultural/ LD / ED programs from Michigan State University in 1976. She has worked at all levels from pre-K through university as a teacher and professor as well as bilingual / language immersion coordinator and teacher/staff and parent trainer for several years throughout the US, Uruguay, South American and in Mexico. She loves dancing, cooking, all foods, and travel.

CHAPE, Elizabeth (Beth)


JMC student 1969-1973

"B.A., Michigan State M.P.T., Baylor University M.S., San Francisco State University"

Information as posted in the Sacramento City College Faculty & Staff Information Directory.

"P.T., M.S. (program coordinator / instructor )

Graduate of US-Army Baylor University program in Physical Therapy 1975; SFSU Health Science graduate program 1991. Areas of interest include orthopedic and neurological rehabilitation, and educational psychology. Continuing education includes 3 mo. PNF course, adult & pediatric NDT certification. Formerly assistant clinical professor UCSF Curriculum in Physical Therapy. Beth is currently a graduate student in psychology at Capella University."

Information as posted in the Sacramento City College Physical Therapy program Faculty listing.

COHN, Gary

JMC '74

"Gary Cohn has been a professional writer since his first sale, in 1974, to Damon Knight's Orbit 18 science fiction anthology. In the early 1980's he freelanced mostly for DC Comics, and co-created, with Dan Mishkin, Blue Devil and Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld, as well as creating the science fiction series Barren Earth and writing dozens of other scripts. After spending most of the past decade teaching composition, creative writing and American history at Long Island University and City College of New York and working on his doctorate in American history he returned to comics, joining Billy Tucci's Crusade Entertainment, for which he has written the acclaimed Senryaku miniseries, co-written (with Tucci) the Shi/Cyblade team-up, and edited several issues of Shi: The Way of the Warrior and the Tomoe miniseries. Gary is an ardent motorcyclist, a recreational fencer and martial artist."


Gary " now teaching English and history in a New York City high school."

- Dan Mishkin, March 2004




JMC '79

I resided in Phillips dorm for the Fall of 1974. Also participated in the JMC Mississippi River Trip of 1975 along with about 23 others.

I too graduated in (January) 1979 and was given Tim Crane's treatment of insult upon injury when *The College of Social Science* was imprinted upon my diploma. Never went to a class under college of Social Science that I am aware of.

In the years since I've done a bit of travelling, worked at power plants and municipalities, worked farms, operated county snow plows, and somehow clattered into my own home maintenance biz. Guess building sets for Balm in Gilead paid off. Thanks for that boost of faith, Sears!!

Morrillities were a huge joy in my life back then and I didn't realize how much I missed Y'all till R. Sue contacted me and I had that old home week wash over me. I have a definite warm glow in my heart for those years and when I think of the lessons I learned many of them impacted me more than I realize. I loved our lil radical subversive way of getting things done. ...

CJ and I have been together for 21 years but George Bush would not consider us married. I consider that a compliment actually. Besides living on the edge gives the relation its own strongly humming vibe. I have no idea whether CJ and I will be together for life since I consider all of us like flux, but I guess we sorta have a good start. It's been a good ride anyway and we love to laugh, so that helps.

- Email, March 2004

Photo available in the Morrillite Mug Shots Gallery at this site


Photo available in the Morrillite Mug Shots Gallery at this site

COUTTS, Douglas

Just to say hello and job well done with the JMC site. I was there 72 to 76 and I still talk passionately about how great it was. Glad you are doing this site. Thanks!

Douglas Casson Coutts

Distinguished Visiting Professor, Hunger Studies (on assignment from the UN World Food Programme)

College of Human Sciences, 356 Spidle Hall
Auburn University
Auburn, Alabama (AL) 36849 USA


SOURCE: Email, June 2011

COVINGTON-McIntosh, Rhodina


Address: 1933 N. Spencer Ave., Indianapolis, IN, 46218
Telephone: (317) 418-3054
Career: Attorney

SOURCE: Email, September 2005

COZZENS, Susan (Sue)

JMC '72

"Susan E. Cozzens recently worked as Chair of the School of Public Policy at the Georgia Institute of Technology, leaving that position September 2003 to focus on her research activities. Her current research is on science, technology, and inequalities, and she is active internationally in developing methods for research assessment and science and technology indicators.

From 1995 through 1997, Dr. Cozzens was Director of the Office of Policy Support at the National Science Foundation. ...

Her Ph.D. is in sociology from Columbia University (1985) and her bachelorケs degree from Michigan State University (1972, summa cum laude). ..."


Photo available in the Morrillite Mug Shots Gallery at this site


Attended JMC 1974 - 1979

Information as posted in the JMC group at


JMC '72

Info Posted at Planet Alumni (


Currently Living in: Olympia, WA, United States
Company: STATE OF WA
Spouse: Barbara


DEGRANDCHAMP Buehrle, Suzette



Suzette and her (JMC alumnus) husband Paul Buehrle currently live in the Dallas area.

Recent photo available in the Morrillite Mug Shots Gallery at this site

DE HAAN Sullivan,
Deborah ("Deb")



Attended JMC 1969-1973

My JMC era name was Deb DeHaan. I remember that our joke while there ('69-73) was that having a JMC liberal arts degree would qualify us for "wandering minstrel, parachute packing, and passable secretary."

Following my graduation in '73 with a degree in Journalism/French and minor in Soc. I worked for a time as aide (passable secretary) to State Rep. Jackie Vaughn (D. Detroit). Following that episode, I worked briefly as department store clerk, receptionist in a law office, continuity writer for a radio/tv station in W.Va., "Weather Girl" at the same station, reporter, producer, and anchor at the station and then, finally, landed a job as a reporter at a television station in Columbus, Ohio where I now live. While at the Columbus station, I covered the courts and some general interest stories, anchored a bit and then moved on to produce the news.

I am now director of a non-profit organization, the Ohio Center for Law-Related Education. We develop innovative law and citizenship curricula for grades k-12 in an effort to make this often dry topic bright and inspiring for kids. I volunteer for my church, for my civic association, kids' soccer team, and for various political candidates. I'm married to Terry Sullivan, a member of a small cadre of engineering students who, for some unknown reason, had been plunked down in Pete Sorg's precinct. I seem to recall that they bugged the hell out of Joe Milkes.

My memories of extracurricular JMC include body painting Pete Sorg,the student strike, People's Park, the "beach" between Snyder and Phillips Halls, the quadruple lines of state troopers lining Grand River for miles after Kent State, closing down Grand River for protests, tear gas outside the ROTC building, Pioneer Bob Boyer and his mandolin, Jackie Martling and Pillowcayse and their rendition of the Star Spangled Banner, Wickett the god of the dorm; John Sase, helping to edit and publish The Sheet in the basement of Snyder Hall and worrying that we'd be caught, peace rallies at Beaumont Tower, going coed by precinct, the doors coming down, and cramming three of us into room 369 Phillips (it's the room that backs into the phone booth and so, was smallest on the floor). I remember I & E courses on Heroes and Revolution. (I loved The Shop on Main Street but could've done without all the Fellini movies.) Science was "The Theory of Scientific Revolution." M. Belgique and M. Brown taught French. I took a great class on the impact of poverty on intellect (can't quite remember the name of that) and some fabulous sociology classes.

It was a defining time culturally, socially, and personally -- and I am grateful for the opportunity to have lived it in that place.



Attended JMC 1971-1972

I attended Justin Morrill as a freshman in the fall of 1971. Quit school at the end of 1972. But my time there, the people I met and the classes I took, had a profound impact on me.

I just found out, belatedly, about the recent reunion. And I have enjoyed looking over the newsletter which I linked onto from a facebook posting from Regina Fry - a longtime friend who I had no idea also went to JMC.

I love the "Legendary Proving Ground for Wandering Minstrels" and the definition of Wandering Minstrel. It touches home. I have wended my way through the past 30 some years making my living as a folk musician - teaching and performing - having built my first mountain dulcimer thanks to a class offered through MSU's FreeU and thanks to Elderly Instruments having started up in East Lansing in the early 70's.

I remember an upperclassman at JMC named Randy who told me the thing you learn at Justin Morrill is that you don't need to go to school to get an education! I did go back to school as a music major at MSU in the late 80's but a degree still eludes me. I have worked with two esteemed national programs - Wolf Trap Institute for Early Learning Through the Arts, Vienna, VA and the Lincoln Center Institute, New York, NY.

SOURCE: Email from Wanda, October 2009


In a September 2008 email, John Stick reported that Mark Denesuk is living in Lansing MI.

DIADIUN Leu, Debbie

Married Don Leu during graduation weekend 1969.

"I know this is the right Don Leu: he and Debby left for the Peace Corps right after graduation and were headed to the Marshall Islands."

SOURCE: Suzanne Levy, July 2002
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Diane Dickey (her name then and now), has completed one career and started several new ones. For 20.58 years, she was part of Kellogg Company's Corporate Affairs division at Corporate Headquarters in Battle Creek. Her collected works there include the Consumer Affairs "History of Kellogg Company," collected biographies of Tony the TIger; Snap!,Crackle!Pop! and others; 18 years of The Kellogg News; plus assorted speeches, Quiz show questions (i.e., Jeopardy) and Profiles of Very Important People. She also met many celebrities, including 10 Miss Americas (including Vanessa Williams BEFORE the magazine blow-up), the Voice of Tony (Thurl Ravenscroft), Lou Gossett, Jr., Colin Powell and Elizabeth Dole.

In 2000, she started a new career at Olivet College. It came to a bloody end when the hiring president was fired and her references on the board of trustees resigned.

Since then DIane writes, teaches and consults. Her latest project was to set up a VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) site in Battle Creek to help low and moderate income citizens e-file their federal and Michigan taxes for free.

She is still a theater junkie on and off stage. A full-time job with benefits would be nice, but there are advantages to escaping the corporate treadmill. No searching for cheese, no fish to catch, no 55 Rules to f ollow.

E-mail is welcome. She is especially curious about the '66-'70 classmates because truly, if you can remember, you weren't there. Does anyone remember traveling to England with Prof. Brittain, Glenn Wright and Barbara Hurrell? Has anyone invented the liver and kidney detector for gravy-based entrees?

DICKSON Huntington, Cynthia

Update: In August 2005, Cynthia moved to 921 Barker Road, Post Mills, Vermont.
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"Frank is an MSU employee currently working for the Nursing College. He's also associated with Lyman Briggs."

SOURCE: Email from Carl Wright, February 2005

DRESNER, Barbara

"I was in the first class at JMC and after graduating in '69, I moved to Toronto and started a rag tag organization to help draft dodgers and deserters. I still live in Toronto, on a car free Island off of downtown with 3 kids and my Canadian husband. I spent a lot of years being a labour mediator. I have wonderful memories of my four years at JMC, especially times with my fellow 'academic advisors'.

My email is bdresner[*AT*]"

SOURCE: Email, January 2012


Served as Director of the Field Study and Co-Curricular Programs in JMC.

Summary biographical sketch available at:

DUSZYNSKI Gutsell, Peg

JMC 1970 - 1974

(Cf. Entry for Jeff Gutsell)

"Married Jeff at the campus chapel in June, 1974; moved to Cincinnati, Ohio in 1978, earned M.A. and doctorate at University of Cincinnati. Currently am co-director of a one-of-a-kind nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the inclusion of people with disabilities in the community. We own a 105-year-old house in the city that takes a lot of time--a lot of time--and resources. Most days it's worth it. Continue to enjoy music; have learned a lot about wine; pretty competent birder, loving spring and all the flowers we used to "borrow" from the campus gardens."

Email: pegg[*AT*]


Doug Elbinger was a well-known denizen of the JMC / Sny-Phi environs in the later 1960's and early 1970's - almost always seen with a camera at hand.

Doug is now a professional photographer whose base of operations is Okemos. Check out his website at:




JMC faculty member 1970-1978

"...I was hired to initiate the JMC theatre program, but I also taught in the Inquiry & Expression core curriculum from 1970-1978 ("Making Meaning with Film," etc.). It was one of the greatest teaching/learning experiences of my life.

One of my fond memories was team teaching the Myth course with Glenn Wright, but I also taught a two term course with anthropologist Pam Holcolmb called "The Roots of Drama" and an experimental course, "Creative Environments" that had the students construct new environments within existing classrooms to facilitate the teaching/learning go on in a particular class.

Photographs from productions I directed at JMC during those years, including "Balm in Gilead," "Megan Terry's Home," "The Architect & The Emperor of Assyria," "The Bacchae," "Birds of Sorrow," "Labyrinth II," and "In The Bright Existence" among others are available for your website if you want them. At the moment, any indication of the exciting arts scene that went on at JMC seems meager at best. In fact, I may even have some video/film shot of part of these productions if that is of interest. It is my opinion that the JMC Theatre did some of the most exciting and innovative productions on campus at the time! The student actors and productions staff were wonderful -- so talented and so committed!

By the way, the last play mentioned above, "In The Bright Existence," was an ensemble developed show based on the ancient Popol Vuh of the Quiche Maya of Guatemala. Faculty from English (Carolyn Forché) and Spanish (Tom Tamandl) were involved in this first production of that show which we revived two years later as JMC's contribution to the American Bicentennial so people would acknowledge that there were important peoples/civilizations in the Americas before the Europeans arrived!!

Having been part of the first phase out of JMC in 1978, I went to Earlham College in Indiana to head up their theatre program. Then, in 1986, I came to Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota and have been here for the last 18 years. At Macalester I was hired to restart their moribund theatre program then and was Chair of the program for its first 14 years. Now I am just beginning a phased retirement program (1/2 time employment) that will continue for the next four years."

(SOURCE: Email, August 2003)




Postal Address:

P.O. Box 117-187
Taipei, Taiwan


My name (then and now) is Dennis Engbarth. After a year at Lyman Briggs in mathematics from 9/69 to 5/70, I shifted to JMC for my sophomore year, lived in Snyder-Phillips and eventually graduated from JMC in 5/73 with a major field in Chinese history and received a an MA in contemporary Chinese history at MSU in 1977. I am currently a freelance journalist living in Taipei, Taiwan, where I have resided off and on since October 1976. I currently write for the South China Morning Post (Hong Kong), Interpress Service (IPS) and other publications and hope to help other people understand current affairs in Taiwan, particularly in terms of the island's democratic transition and social movements. I do not have a personal web page, but links to articles I write can be made through Yahoo or other search engines.



Accounted For - Alive and Well (- Ed., March 2004)

FAIRLEY*, Laurel

(*Not known if this was her JMC-era name)


"I'm alive and well - a paralegal in Fresno, California, working in plaintiff's employment law. Currently attending San Joaquin College of Law. The single parent of four wonderful teenagers and young adults. A long strange trip indeed."

SOURCE: Email, June 2005




Web Page:

A graduate of JMC in 1973, Jim Fairweather recently returned to MSU as a Professor in Higher, Adult and Lifelong Education in the College of Education. After graduating from JMC, he went to Stanford and got a Ph.D., spent several years at Stanford Research Institute in educational research, and enjoyed 11 years as a faculty member in the Center for the Study of Higher Education at Penn State. A veteran of the "environmental studies" experience, his current work focuses on making quality educational experiences more widely available to undergraduates.
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FALK, Allan



JMC '69

I was a member of the original JMC class that started in 1965; I graduated in 1969 with a degree in mathematics, physics-chemistry and Russian. Not being good enough at any of those things to make a living, I went to law school at Yale, graduating in 1972, then returned to Lansing/East Lansing where all my favorite bridge partners lived, sometimes taking time from bridge to make a career as a Commissioner of the Michigan Court of Appeals before taking early retirement in 1998. Since that time I've been engaged in the private practice of law, specializing in appeals and authoring a three-volume work on tort law that seems to have actually sold to one or two people other than members of my immediate family. I've also written five books on bridge and won several North American bridge championships which, like Lt. Scheisskopf of "Catch-22", seems to make me one of the best at something of no real value to anyone. My clients occasionally win their cases as well, which JMC vets will recognize as a corollary to the monkeys-typewriters-Shakespeare theory. I now live in Okemos, MI with my wife Jacqueline.

SOURCE: Email, April 2004

FARRAND DuBreuil, Beverly

JMC 1968 - 1972

Registered at the JMC section at

No additional information available.


JMC 1972 - 1975

Registered on the JMC forum at Yahoo Groups, July 2004.

FIELD, Tracey

"Tracey Field is currently an adjunct dance faculty member at Oberlin College's Theater and Dance Department and has a private practice in Oberlin.

Tracey is the Director of the Institute for Performance Studies and a neuromuscular educator who has been active in the medical field since 1978. She has produced two videos for dancers and dance educators dealing with understanding the issues behind enhancing the technical skills of dancers and is currently adding to that collection.

She co-founded the Center for Dance Medicine with Dr. Richard Bachrach in NYC, and continues to present workshops and lectures nationally dealing in injury prevention and care and neuromuscular training.

Her clients have included professional dancers and athletes, actors, vocalists and musicians who learn how to facilitate change in their alignment and muscular patterns."

SOURCE: Online resume at:

Photo available in the Morrillite Mug Shots Gallery at this site

FIRNHABER White, Roberta

JMC Student: 1965-1969


FISHER Rutkowski, Judy

JMC Student

"Judy Fisher (who I know because she worked part time as a library assistant in the Geology Library and roomed one summer with Sue Jones, who is now my wife) is now Judy Rutkowski, married to Paul Rudkowski."

[She now lives in Oak Park MI - Ed.]

(Email from Chuck Julian RE: Death of Betty Julian, October 2004)



JMC Student: 1967 - 1973

I attended JMC from 1967 through 1973. I took a few detours along the way but I finally graduated with a degree in Early English Literature.

I hung around with a lot of people that I was pleased to know: John Yost, John (Comic Book) Stamps, Lenny Kaufmann, Mark Barnhouse, my roommate Lee Clark, Richard Levis, Richard Wilson, Richard Resco, Tom Prosper, Tom-Tom, Sue Cozzens, Sherrill Smith, Linda Schweizer and her husband-to-be Ed Gersabeck. Sorry if I skipped an important friend, but I can't list everyone. This was a diverse group because I knew lots of different people with different interests; that was part of the JMC experience for me.

I had a lot of fun sitting under the Bogue Street Bridge and wandering through Sandor Wood lot late at night in a "different frame of mind". Many of us did things then that we don't do now but if I had it to do over again, I wouldn't change much. I played too much euchre in Snyder Hall lobby, too much Ping-Pong in the basement and too many games of Acquire off campus much to the detriment of my grades. But I made some life-long friends, acquired a few hobbies that I've enjoyed for many years and finally figured out what I wanted to do.

I went to the University of Michigan and got a Masters in Library Science. Since then, I've worked at a state college and in the public libraries of Montgomery County Maryland where I've managed several branches. I married a lovely woman who I met at my first job. We don't have children, but we do have an assortment of cats and each other!

Over the years, my book, comic book and record collections have grown to overwhelming size. I've picked up a few computer skills and I annually travel abroad with my wife.

I didn't learn both of my important truths of life at JMC, but I may not have learned either of them if I hadn't been there:

  • Observe everything. Overlook a great deal. Change a little.
  • Do it once, you're a philosopher; do it twice, you're a pervert!


FOLLETTE, Daniel (Dan)

"Dan went to JMC a bit earlier than I did, I think he may have graduated in 1971. He is in Houston now."

- Cynthia Freeland, June 2002

Daniel Follette, Inc. (

"Daniel Follette, Inc. is a 25-year-old management consulting, creative and technical services firm that provides work process analysis and redesign, mission and vision based human resource analysis and allocation restructuring and change implementation programs to help shape successfulemployee response."

After finishing an M.A. in English at M.S.U., I worked for a publishing company in Okemos and moved with them to Houston to become their executive editor. In 1979, I formed my own company, Daniel Follette, Inc. We help clients shape their products, services and business processes and communicate with their customers and employees (

Most recently, we launched DFI Arts, which provides career support for emerging songwriters and performing artists. DFI performing artists include Jon Hogan and Maria Moss ( We've just released "Every Now and Then: Songs of Townes Van Zandt & Blaze Foley" (2010 ). It includes three songs co-written by Jon at the request of Blaze's sister, using lyrics found after his death (

While my interests and education at the time of JMC seemed diverse (or diffuse, depending on your tolerance for indirection), I've been amazed how almost everything to which I've been exposed has had use in life and businessムeven computer programming and logic.

I've maintained my interests in art, film and music and have had the privilege to serve on the boards of a number of organizations including The Motion Picture Council of Houston, The Art League of Houston, the International Television Association, the Museum of Cultural Arts, Houston, and the Orange Show Center for Visionary Art (; and to write for publications such as Videography and Backstage.

Maria Moss is my wife and we met in the early '80s. Music is about her fourth career, which she began after successful treatment five years ago for breast cancer. (Whispers of mortality can drive away what's irrelevant to your life, exposing what is core to your values.) Previously she had worked for arts organizations, as a New York Times reporter, as editor of two city magazines, and as a communications consultant to dot-com startups. Music has been the most fun. There are a bunch of videos of Maria and Jon and other great players at:


FORCHÉ, Carolyn

Carolyn Forché, poet, editor, translator, and activist, teaches writing at George Mason University in Virginia. Born in Detroit, she graduated with a B.A. in 1972 from Justin Morrill College, a residential college at MSU, devoted to the liberal arts.

Her first volume of poetry, Gathering the Tribes (1976), won her the Yale Series of Younger Poets Award. In 1982 she received the Lamont Award of the Academy of American Poets for her second collection, The Country Between Us, now in its fifteenth printing. Her most recent book of poetry is Angel of History (1994). She was the editor of the highly acclaimed Against Forgetting: Twentieth Century Poetry of Witness (1993). Her translations of the poet Claribel Alegria include Flowers from the Volcano (1982) and Sorrow: Poems (1999).

Ms. Forché received a Lannon Literary Award (1990) as a writer of literary excellence "whose work promotes a truer understanding of contemporary life." In particular, she was cited for her "concern with the freedom of the individual spirit" and her "ability to transmute her personal experience into sharply defined images that speak to the heart of everyman."

SOURCE: MSU Library Special Collections website entry for Carolyn

Home Page:

"Carolyn Forché teaches in the MFA Program in Poetry at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia."
Photo available in the Morrillite Mug Shots Gallery at this site



"SUSAN FREEDMAN is MSU Global's Program Director for personal enrichment, developing the new Horticulture Gardening Institute among other lifelong learning experiences. Susan consults with organizations seeking to leverage their intellectual capital in new ways via the Internet and the new wireless technologies. She has worked with Case Western Reserve University, The George Washington University, The Open University of the United Kingdom, The University of Michigan, cultural institutions and corporate Internet start-ups. She provides creative strategy, knowledge architecture, new business and strategic relationship consultation. She worked for a number of years in Los Angeles as a television and film development executive and independent producer. She is a graduate of Justin Morrill College and the Honors College at Michigan State University."




Postal / Phone Info:

Department of Philosophy
University of Houston
Houston, TX

(713) 743-3205 (phone)
(713) 743-5162 (fax)


I left JMC in 1973 and attended the University of Pittsburgh for graduate studies in philosophy. After learning classical Greek and writing a dissertation on Aristotle, I went on to my first job at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. I moved from there to Houston and my current position at the University of Houston in 1986. I'm now a full professor and have been a director of women's studies and an associate dean. I'm about to publish my fourth book which will come out next February (2001) with Oxford U Press. (See website for details.) I have maintained contact with four or five other JMC grads, and coincidentally ran into JMC 1972 grad Dan Follette here in Houston when we discovered each others' secret pasts while serving on the board of an arts organization. I would like to hear from others who remember Sny-Phi, the Grill, the student strike, Russian class, or Joel and Glenn's famous "myth" class. You can see how well I've aged by visiting my website at
Photo available in the Morrillite Mug Shots Gallery at this site


FUCHS Shahar, Frankie


"Most people who know me today cannot imagine my colorful explorative demeanor in college. I have lost track of all those similar souls at Justin Morrill ..."

Frankie currently resides in New York - married with 2 children.

SOURCE: Member profile posting at





"For over thirty years I've been involved in language, training, and writing services. My freelance career has been very rewarding, and I'd recommend it to anyone with writing talent, foreign language aptitude, flexibility, and a sense of humor. I've done research in some of the world's great libraries, both in person and online, and have acquired substantial computer proficiency along the way. ...

My Humanities background certainly prepared me for an ever-shifting job market."

GARD, Robert

JMC: 1970 - 1973

"I attended JMC from 1970 -1973, then moved to Chicago for law school (I wanted to continue in Elementary Education, but the parents wouldn't go along with that, as they had this unnatural worship of the legal profession)

I attended John Marshall Law School in Chicago until June of 1977, then I worked as an Associate Attorney at Abramson & Fox in Chicago from 1977 through 1992, when I left Abramson & Fox (that firm dissolved a year or two ago) for the small immigration law "boutique" firm of Azulay & Azulay, in Chicago. This firm is now known as AzulaySeiden Law Group, and is the largest immigration law firm in the Midwest, with offices in several U.S. cities, as well as in Manila, Philippines and Belgrade, Serbia.

At JMC, my favorite course was a political "simulation game" with Professor Harold Johnson where the small class took on the roles of U.S. and Soviet arms control negotiators. I found myself spending more than 10 hours each day studying and preparing for negotiating sessions, coming away from this course with a real appreciation of the complexity and interconnectivity of the issues. A close second favorite was the film appreciation course. Freshman "official" roommates were Len Kimball and John Thomas, but I've lost track of those guys. I remember that Len came from a real small Michigan town, and he had never met a Jewish guy before, so he used to introduce me as "This is my roommate, Rob, he's a Jew." There was no malice there, just curiosity. Len would go home every weekend (starting on Thursdays, and ending on Tuesdays) to visit his dirt bike and girlfriend, in that order, and his brother would drive him back and push his wasted butt out on the circular drive outside the dorm, and John and I would go downstairs to retrieve him.

Definitely some great memories, and some outstanding anti-war demonstrations (kids today have no appreciation of tear gas.) My older brother, Steve Gard, attended Justin Morrill also, but he transferred to University of Michigan (to follow his girlfriend) soon after I got to MSU. My best memories with Steve at MSU were from the 3 day MSU version of Woodstock in 1969 or 1970, and his strange off-campus "apartment" in a huge ramshackle house, that could only be accessed through a window off the fire escape (it was a lot of fun watching my parents try to visit him there.) The apartment was vintage 60s with nasty matted shag carpeting and large wooden spools from electric company cables as tables and bookshelves made from stolen lumber and stolen milk crates."

(From a follow-up email ...) "Another great memory was a weekend outing on the top of a huge hill in traverse city. The guy hosting that event on property owned by his grandmother had done the event each year for select friends, but in 1972 or 73, he opened it up to anyone who could get there, and several hundred showed up to the mountaintop. I tried to get my 67 Mustang up to the top, but buried the rear axle in sand, so I had to have some guy in a pick-up give the car a nudge. That pick-up was very handy for hauling people and kegs of beer up the mountain. My last year on campus was spend in my girlfriend's room in Philips Hall, so my official roommate in Snyder had the room to himself. During my freshman year, our next door neighbor was a twenty-something grad student from Turkey with a car and a willingness to do beer runs, so the third floor wing where I lived was party central, 24/7. I almost succumbed, but a few scary meetings with my French teacher, where I was threatened with academic failure were sufficient to get me back on track, and I did just fine thereafter."

GARDNER, Michael (Mike)

JMC 1971 - 1974

Mike currently lives in Michigan. He's married with 2 children.

(SOURCE: Personal profile posted at



JMC 1965 - 1969

" My name is Alex Gaynes, a member of JMCs first class, 1965-1969.

I reside in Tucson, Arizona. I can be reached at 2344 E. Speedway Blvd., Tucson 85719; I been lawyering since 1972 (J.D., Cornell, 1972), am married with two grown children, and am married to a woman (Patricia Taylor, also a lawyer) with five grown children. Together we are raising a 9 year old.

My mug can be viewed at with my 2004 and 2005 State American Legion baseball teams. I'm the old one with the USA Baseball shirt."

(SOURCE: Email, October 2005)


JMC 1965 - 1969

"I saw my name on the list and wanted to let you know that I am very much "found". I am serving my third term as a state Senator in Ohio, and as a board member of the National First Ladies Library, the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center, and Heidelberg University.

My home address is 514 Hedgegate North Court, Tiffin, Ohio 44883.

My office address is: The Ohio Senate, The Statehouse, Columbus, Ohio 43215.

(SOURCE: Email, July 2009)


Attended JMC 1972-1976

(Information from entry at the Justin Morrill College category at



Attended JMC 1971 - 1975

Currently a digital artist involved in photoimaging.
Photos available in the Morrillite Mug Shots Gallery and the JMC Then and Now Gallery at this site


GREEN Woodward,
Kelly (Patricia)


Attended JMC 1966-1970

(Information from entry at the Justin Morrill College category at

GRIMES Munsell, Susan

Michigan Civil Service Commission


"A former five-term state representative, Susan Grimes Munsell, of Howell, is serving a term ending December 31, 2008. As representative, Ms. Munsell chaired the House Regulatory Affairs Committee and was a member of the Human Resources and Labor Committee. Ms. Munsell is a self-employed Certified Public Accountant with a BA from Michigan State University and an MBA from the University of Michigan.",1607,7-147-6881_9672-19902--,00.html

"Susan Grimes-Munsell beamed as she walked past dozens of longtime friends to accept her award as Howell Citizen of the Year at the annual Chamber of Commerce dinner Wednesday night. ... Grimes-Munsell, a local accountant and former state representative, is the 43rd recipient of the award that honors community activists in Howell. ... Grimes-Munsell serves on the board of LACASA, an anti-violence organization, and chairs the capital campaign to build a new domestic violence shelter in Livingston County. She's also a member the chamber's board of directors, the Howell Downtown Development Authority and the Huron Valley Girl Scouts Council. ... Grimes-Munsell grew up in Royal Oak and moved to Howell as a teen-ager. She earned a bachelor's degree in tourism from Michigan State University and a master's degree in business from the University of Michigan. ... As a state representative from 1987 to 1996 she worked extensively on school funding reform.

SOURCE: Detroit News, January 2000
Photo available in the Morrillite Mug Shots Gallery at this site





Attended JMC 1974-1979.

In the late '70s I left MSU to become a VISTA volunteer in Lansing and, later, Toledo and Cincinnati. From there I moved on to Columbus to work for the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME). Lots of contract talks, strikes and organizing campaigns. Many amusing experiences. In 1985 I took a job with AFSCME in Los Angeles office, but eventually moved back east. Long story. In 1989, I left the union to help on a mayoral campaign in Cleveland and stuck around to be hizzoner's speechwriter. Short story. I moved to Washington the next year to take a job with United Mine Workers. Many more amusing experiences. During the Clinton years I was speechwriting director for the Secretary of Agriculture and, later, for the Secretary of HHS. I went on to work for the House Democratic Whip David Bonior. Great guy. More recently I've been on the staff at the Center for American Progress ( as speechwriter and director of editorial services. I write articles now and then, mostly for The American Prospect, and stay involved in union-related work. My wife, Vivian and I live in Maryland with our beautiful little daughter. Having kids really does change everything.
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Attended JMC 1966 - 1967

"Betty's roommate in her freshman year, Lynne Guitar, married my brother. When they got divorced, she went back to using her maiden name. She only attended JMC for one year."

(Email from Chuck Julian RE: Death of Betty Julian, October 2004)

"Lynne Guitar, a Fulbright Fellow, earned her PhD in History and Anthropology from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, as well as a Master's in history from Vanderbilt, and two BA's from Michigan State University (one in history and the other in anthropology). She is an independent historian and anthropologist in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. She has taught at El Colegio Americano de Santo Domingo, guiding educational tours, and writing two series of books about the Ta地o, one for children and one for adults, among other diverse projects. She is currently the Resident Director of the Council on International Education Exchange's program in Spanish and Caribbean Studies at Pontificia Universidad Catolica Madre y Maestra in Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic. She is an editor with the Caribbean Amerindian Centrelink ( and a member of the editorial board of Kacike: The Journal of Caribbean Amerindian History and Anthropology (, where she has also served as the guest editor of an immensely popular special issue on "New Directions in Ta地o Research." Guitar is a gifted lecturer, who has spoken on the Ta地o and Dominican popular culture across the US, in Europe, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Martinique, and Mexico. Her publications include articles on the Ta地o and Dominican history and culture for a wide variety of encyclopedias, for an upcoming collection edited by Jane Landers titled Slaves, Subjects, and Subversives: Blacks in Colonial Latin America, to be published by the University of New Mexico Press, in Native Peoples, and academic journals including the Bolet地 of the Museo del Hombre Dominicano, Revista Interamericana, Ethnohistory, and Colonial Latin American Historical Review. Guitar and her work were recently spotlighted in Deep Sea Detectives, a documentary aired on the History Channel."

(Email from Chuck Julian, September 2008; the webpage from which this biographical summary was extracted is


JMC 1979

"I'm Ann Gumpper, a proud Justin Morrill graduate, in fact, from the last graduating class in 1979. I started in Theatre with Sears Eldredge, and am still a set designer and painter. Thank God for JMC, it kept me sane in a nutty world."

Ann lists her current location as Duluth MN.

SOURCE: Email, May 2005


JMC 1970 - 1974

(Cf. entry for Peg Duszynski)

"After graduating, married Peg Duszynski at the campus chapel, and Dr. Fred Graham officiated.

After 18 years in newspapers, spent 13 years in software technical writing and Web development. Now in marketing. Hey, everyone's gotta make a living.

Now living in Cincinnati, Ohio."

Email: jeffgutsell[*AT*]

SOURCE: Email, December 2004

HAIMES, Barbara

JMC, 1972

"Barbara Haimes graduated in 72. In 71-72 she taught a course on China that is listed in the course section of the site. She has been working as a chef in San Francisco, and is now teaching at the City College of San Francisco, in the Culinary Arts and Hospitality Studies department, where her faculty blurb reads:

Barbara earned a B. A. in Chinese Studies from Michigan State University. She has over twenty-five years' comprehensive hospitality experience in the San Francisco Bay Area. She began as a culinary apprentice (including class work at CCSF) and then worked at several of Northern California's most notable restaurants, including Chez Panisse, Square One and China Moon Café, where she created many of the restaurant's signature dishes. Then she moved to the Front-of-House, managing Zuni Café. Next she added a focus on wine. She directed the wine programs at China Moon Cafe, Vertigo and Stars and has been the Wine Director at Café Rouge in Berkeley since 1999. She remains actively involved with the restaurant community as a trainer and consultant. She is involved with Slow Food, tastes regularly with the Wine & Spirits Magazine Tasting Panel, has written for the magazine and led seminars pairing Italian wines with Chinese Cuisine at VinItaly-Shanghai in 2006. She shares industry experience daily in class with both humor and passion. She began teaching at CCSF since 2005.

SOURCE: Email from John Stick, September 2008




Linda Hachadorian Minter is alive and well in Okemos MI.

HALL, Dennis J.



Attended JMC 1965-1969.

One of the original 400 that began in JMC in the fall of 1965. Graduated with a field of concentration in French, Journalism and English. Earned a Masters in Public Admistration from Western Michigan University. Worked at Michigan's State Capitol for five years upon graduation (Administrative Assistant to a State Senator); moved to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and spent another 24 years trying to help protect the natural environment of Michigan (our farmland, sand dunes, wetlands, wilderness and natural areas, and our wonder Great Lakes, and the thousands of inland lakes and streams). When the current Governor entered the scene apparently no one cared about protecting anything, so I was placed into a corner until I retired in 1997. I continue to spend some time in Michigan, but enjoy traveling to France, California and Washington D.C. I can be reached at halld2572[*AT*] any time!

Photo available in the Morrillite Mug Shots Gallery at this site


There's only one 'Halvangis' identified by various Internet search engines, and he's the Student Activities Director at Winston Churchill High School in Livonia Michigan.


Chuck Cook emailed me in September 2004 to advise me there was evidence of Bill Halvangis at:




Attended JMC 1973-1977

East Lansing was like the tarbaby for me when I graduated, and I stayed for a year, not too sure whether I was holding on to it or it was holding on to me.

I made my way to grad school in Comparative Literature at the University of South Carolina in Columbia, by way of Washington, DC. Spent some time in Germany and finished an M.A. in American Literature, married Paula, had children (Brian and Jordan), and left South Carolina to return to Michigan to teach at a small community college.

Somehow another fifteen years passed. I now teach at Schoolcraft College in metro Detroit. My children are 25 and 20; the youngest is a junior at the University of South Carolina in Columbia.

How pleasant to recall East Lansing and the people of Justin Morrill College.

 HARRISON Ellsworth, Jill


JMC '71

After graduating from JMC in '71, I went to Syracuse University and snatched up a Masters and Ph.D. in short order. Then I worked in various professorial and administrative jobs at Syracuse, the Educational Policy Research Center, SUNY, Castleton State College, and Southwest Texas State University. I did the usual stuff, academic publishing about distance and adult learning, etc., etc.

Then I wrote a best-selling book about doing business on the Internet and left academe behind, opting for the wild and wooly (ok, ok, ok, lucrative too) domain of business and the Internet. I have worked with companies like IBM, Microsoft, Unisys, Ameritech, Schering-Plough and others, as well as writing Net related books. (Keeps me out of pool rooms at night.)

Currently I live in Texas by way of New York and Vermont.

Jill's reminiscences of JMC can be found elsewhere in this Webspace.
Photo available in the Morrillite Mug Shots Gallery at this site


  The Winter 2003 edition of the MSU Alumni Magazine reports that Jill Harrison Ellsworth (MSU '71) passed away in Big Spring Texas on October 21, 2002.


"Currently, I am in the final stages of completing a Ph.D. in Art History at Binghamton University in New York. I teach several Art History courses at the State College at Oneonta, New York and at Hartwick College, also located in New York. My dissertation, entitled " Choreographying the City: A New Assessment of Ambrogio Lorenzetti's Image of Dance included in the Good Government Fresco in the Palazzo Pubblico, Siena," should be completed by the end of the year."

SOURCE: Email, September 2005

HAWKINS, Robert P.



Postal / Phone Info:

2317 Middleton Beach Road
Middleton, WI 53562
608 231-1087

Attended JMC 1965-1969

After leaving JMC & MSU, I did graduate work at Stanford and received a Ph.D. in Communication in 1974. Faculty at U. of Wisconsin since 1973 except for visiting jobs at Murdoch U. in Australia and UC Santa Barbara, and Fulbright/sabbatical in Sweden and Santa Cruz. Married Suzanne Pingree (met at Stanford) 1970. Three children: Paisley, Ray & Haley. Very busy research and teaching, but also sail, garden and eat/cook well.

HEISS, Sandy (Sandra?)

"Sandy Heiss (JMC '73) - married Bill Patterson, divorced in 1978. Married to Bill Thomas, former professor of HealthCare Administration at U of M. Currently living in Maine with two children."

(SOURCE: Posted to Yahoo JMC Forum: Bill Patterson, March 2003)

HERN Goldstein, Beverly A.

Attended JMC 1965-1968

Attained a doctorate, has 3 kids, lives in Ohio.

Information posted on the JMC section at

HETMANSKI Picken, Suzanne

Attended JMC 1967-1970

I was browsing your online JMC Veterans' Directory --I, too, attended JMC from Sept. 1967 - Sept. 1970 and would like to be added to the directory, if it is still active.

My name when I attended JMC: Suzanne (Suzy) Hetmanski. I am now married (married Sept. 1970 - present) to an MSU Graduate (BS Geology, 1969), Cyrus S. Picken, Jr. Have two children , 3 cats and one bird.

I worked at the MSU library from 1973-1980. Started out as a Library Clerk and worked my way up to Serials Cataloger.

I am currently Systems Librarian for the Washington (that's DC) Research Library Consortium where I play with library software and such.

I began at JMC as a Russian major and then decided to major in Geography. I remember Lorraine New (she was my RA during the summer of 1969). Karen Bratcher was my roommate, I believe from 1968-69. I remember the People's Park (though, it was not exclusively at JMC thing) and having guys (how scandalous) living in Phillips Hall.

My husband and I live in Crofton, MD and have fond memories of MSU.

SOURCE: Email, March 2009


Attended JMC from circa 1974/-'75 until 1977

JMC attendance is mentioned among the biographical data in The Accidental Jurist, accessible at:

HINEY, Esther

"Esther Hiney was living in a kibbutz in Israel but that was years ago, and I've lost track."

(Email from Jason Wanger (Reynolds), June 2003)

HOFFMAN, Max R., Jr.

Max R. Hoffman, Jr. is a shareholder practicing in Butzel Long's Lansing office. He is a graduate of Michigan State University (B.A., cum laude, 1969) and the University of Michigan (J.D., 1973). Mr. Hoffman concentrates his practice in the areas of Health Care Law; Health Care Fraud; Professional Licensing; State Agency Practice; Administrative and Regulatory Law; and Civil Law. Mr. Hoffman is a former Assistant Attorney General, State of Michigan (1973-1983) and Special Assistant Attorney General (1983-1986). During his tenure with the Attorney General, he served as counsel to various licensing boards, including the Board of Medicine, Board of Dentistry, and Board of Pharmacy. He organized the Attorney General's Medicaid Fraud Unit, which is now the Health Care Fraud Division. He has defended physicians, clinical laboratories, hospitals, pharmacists, dentists, medical suppliers, and others, in both state and federal prosecutions for health care fraud. He has represented licensed health professionals before all the major licensing boards. He is a member of the State Bar Health Care Law Section and American Health Lawyers Association. Mr. Hoffman is a Fellow of the Michigan State Bar Foundation and is past President of the Ingham County Bar Association and Administrative Law Council of the State Bar of Michigan. He has lectured for several years at the Institute for Continuing Legal Education's Annual Health Care Law Updates and at the Continuing Medical Education Seminar on Health Care Fraud & Abuse.

Full biographical summaries available at:
Photo available in the Morrillite Mug Shots Gallery at this site



1270 N. Livernois
Rochester Hills MI


JMC '70

After graduating JMC Michael went on to the Detroit College of Law, starting his practice in 1974. The Hohauser Law Firm is a boutique specializing in any insult to the human body. Professional activities over the years have included many State and local Bar committees as well as the Board of Directors of the Oakland County Bar Association, one of the largest private bars in the Country. Michael served as President of that organization in 2000. That same year the Women's Bar Association recognized Michael's contributions to the legal profession with its annual award. Subsequently, Michael served 2001 to 2007 as Commissioner of the State Bar of Michigan. Over the years Michael served in several capacities in the community including nine years as a Trustee of The Lighthouse of Oakland County, a broad based human services organization, also serving as Vice President and President of that Organization. Michael was the 2004 recipient of the Sanford Rosenthal Memorial Award for Professionalism and Integrity. Michael has also served as a member of the National Association of Bar Presidents, an Adjunct Professor of Product Liability Law at University of Detroit Mercy College of Law and of Medical Malpractice Law at Cooley College of Law. Michael is the author of numerous published professional articles. He has written a number of collections of poetry, a work of children's' fiction and a libretto. Michael and Susan Hohauser married in 1968 and are the parents of three grown children. The couple are also very close to their three grown nephews. They have five grand children/niece/nephews. The couple live in Rochester Hills with an overweight cocker spaniel, Dottie Yum Yum Tickle-belly Dressia.


"President of Stony Point, an accredited member of the Public Relations Society of America and its Counselors Academy, and a certified crisis communication consultant. In 1998, he was named Pacemaker of the Year by the Central Michigan chapter of PRSA, its highest individual honor. ... Prior to founding the agency, Mark was corporate director of public relations for Ingham Regional Medical Center in Lansing, Mich. ... Before that, Mark spent 14 years as senior editor for the national magazine, Medical Economics. ... He won four awards for journalistic excellence, including the Jesse H. Neal Award (the business press equivalent of the Pulitzer Prize) ... In the mid-70s, Mark was public relations director for Borgess Medical Center in Kalamazoo. There, he created the campaign materials for a successful, three-year $20 million development effort; handled news media situations involving natural disasters, a nursing strike, and governmental criticisms; and produced a weekly PBS radio talk show. He's a magna cum laude graduate of Michigan State University's Journalism School and Honors College."


Photos available in the Morrillite Mug Shots Gallery and the JMC Then and Now Gallery at this site



U.S. Ambassador to Venezuela, 2000

U.S. Ambassador to Brazil, 2002

MSUAA Magazine article (1999):

Professional Summary (2000):

From HC Connections (MSU Honors College magazine), August 2002:

"...Donna Hrinak (1972) was sworn in as the U. S. Ambassador to Brazil in March, 2002. Hrinak is moving to Brazil after serving as ambassador to Venezuela (2000-2002), Bolivia (1998-2000), and the Dominican Republic (1994-1997). She was the first woman ambassador appointed to each of the four countries where she has served. In 2001, she was awarded the College of Social Science Outstanding Alumni award for outstanding service to her country and high achievement in her profession. Ambassador Hrinak was also awarded the MSU Alumni Association's Distinguished Alumni Award at Homecoming.
Photo available in the Morrillite Mug Shots Gallery at this site


HRUSKA, Thomas

JMC Instructor
Now Professor in the English Dept., Northern Michigan University

"Dr. Hruska is interested in contemporary literary theory, especially as it applies to narrative, the novel in particular. Although fairly well versed in the 18th and 19th century novel as well as the 20th century British and American novel, he is also interested in contemporary fiction and the crime novel."
Photo available in the Faculty / Staff Gallery at this site



Rear Admiral
Judge Advocate General
U.S. Navy


I was a member of the initial class starting in 1965. After almost 28 years in the Navy, I retired in 2000. I'm now the Dean and President of the Franklin Pierce Law Center in Concord, New Hampshire.

I'm married to the former Paula Smith. We met when she was President of the Pi Phi's and I was one of the pushers on the winning team for the Junior 500 (remember that event?).

My email is jhutson[*AT*]

An MSU Alumni Association magazine feature story on John can be accessed at:
Photo available in the Morrillite Mug Shots Gallery at this site


INMAN-Hoffert, Linda

I was at JMC in 1966-67, taking French and rooming with the famous Simone P. Joyaux. I married my eighth-grade sweetheart, but am recently widowed. I have three children - 36, 27, and 24 - and two grandchildren. I retired from United Airlines last year after 35 years. I "don't do numbers" so took undergrad classes for 38 years. I finally braved math and received a BA in Brit and Amer Lit from California State University - with more undergrad credits than anyone in the history of the world! I am now in the MA program, planning to finish the course work by my 57th birthday in December, 2004.

The website is very interesting. I still march for peace, but now in the streets of San Francisco. Does that mean that this gentle grandmother who marches with Seuss' Butter Battle Book is one of the reasons JMC closed?

ISHINO, Catherine

Attended JMC circa 1973-1974.

Associate Professor of Graphic Design
University of Minnesota Duluth
1201 Ordean Court
10 University Drive
Duluth, MN 55812

Email: cishino[*AT*]

Teaching Area: Graphic Design- motion graphics

Scholarly Interests: Digital video and DVD first person oral histories- Modernist graphic designers; Diversity in Design; Interdisciplinary Design

Photo available in the Morrillite Mug Shots Gallery at this site


IVEY, Bill

JMC 1969 - 1972

"In fact I was not a student in the JMC program. I only lived there after fleeing Brody dormatory for a better intellectual life. I knew many of the persons listed, and lived in the Charles Street house with JMC people [Kaufmann, Strunk, etc.]."

SOURCE: Email, March 2005


JMC 1969 - 1972

"Just stumbled into the JMC website. I was in JMC from Fall '69 through Spring '72 (living in Snyder Hall, rooming with George Kallas.

My website with a lot of info on me is

"I still talk to Bill Mechanic about once a year. George Kallas is now my CPA."

SOURCE: Email, April 2005

JACKSON, Richard


JMC Field Study Office staff, approximately 1971-73

The Rev. Richard "Dick" Jackson ... served part-time on the Field Study Office staff, approximately 1971-73. His role was to facilitate student-initiated courses by running brainstorming groups, several of which came into being through his efforts. In 1973-4, he took a sabbatical from JMC and his position with Campus United Ministries, spending the year at the Koinonia Community in Southern Georgia with his family. He returned to East Lansing to run a church-based low income housing project, and subsequently had a career as a pulpit minister in Ohio and western Michigan in congregations with strong social justice ministries. He retired a few years ago and spends much of his time woodworking, gardening, volunteering for local organizations, and, with his wife Marcia, adoring their first grandchild.

SOURCE: Email from Rivkah (Erika) Walton, 19 May 2003




JMC student 1973 and onward...

Mark Jaede attended JMC from 1973 until later than he cares to admit. His field of concentration was literature and he did JMC's intensive program in Spanish. Partly due to the influence of fellow JMCer Aubrey Marron, Mark got caught up in politics and intermittently pursued a career as a political hack until he finally followed his heart back into academia in the 1990s. He received a Ph.D. in History from the State University of New York at Buffalo in 2002, and is now an assistant professor teaching US and Latin American history at St. Cloud State University in Minnesota. Mark is married to Kathleen Bies- Jaede. They have two children, Colin and Glenna.



Dates of JMC attendance 9/67 - 6/71

Current Occupation/Employer

State of Michigan, Family Independence Agency, Bureau of Juvenile Justice. Administrator: Director of Reintegration and Gender Specific Programming.


Graduated from J.W. Sexton High School in Lansing, Mi., BA (Justin Morrill College) Michigan State University; MA (Guidance and Counseling) Eastern Michigan University; ABD(PhD) (completed coursework and preliminary examinations/did not complete dissertation), Counseling Psychology, University of Michigan.

Other community position(s) held:

Board of Directors: Ozone House, SAFE House, Soundings for Women; member of NAACP, Ypsilanti Political Action Committee.

Community Affiliations:

Lincoln Consolidated Schools, trustee Board of Education; Ozone House; SAFE House; NAACP; Soundings for Women; Huron Valley Girl Scouts; Michigan Association of School Boards.

I thoroughly enjoyed my JMC days!!! I'd love to be able to return to the late '60s...My favorite professor was Fred Graham!

I'm basically the same person...I think, I care, I do. I'm a hippie/Black Panther turned social worker/bureaucrat. I administer six, low security residential treatment programs for juvenile delinquents in five of Michigan's communities. I've also worked with abused and neglected children; lectured at Eastern Michigan University; supervised social work interns for the University of Michigan; worked as a family therapist; pumped gas, sold encyclopedias, cars, vaccum cleaners ,and picked worms.

I'm "significantly attached" to my partner of 23 years, Lynnette. We adopted a sibship of three in 1987, two boys and a girl. My children are Ahkeem, 22; Quan 19, and David 18. All three are in the process of "finding themselves"...These three cause me to reflect/review/evaluate my thoughts, beliefs, feelings and attitude all of the time. I have come to understand that change and growth are good for the soul.

and email to the Editor)

Photo available in the Morrillite Mug Shots Gallery at this site

JOHNSON, Harold S.


JMC Political Science Professor, 1967 - 1979

All of this does take us back a number of years. I have remained in contact with Charley Roberts. He looked me up when I resettled in DC in 1986. His wife's family also lives here in Hamburg. Small world! Charlie sent me word of Lou Anna Simon's appointment with the link to your Web Site. Thus I decided to tune in. I belong to two other Yahoo Groups associated with revitalization of our village so it was easy to link up. ...

I have not been in contact with many people from those JMC days, but I remain close to John Duley, Paul Hurrell, Anne Goatley House (Jim's widow who has since remarried), and have seen both Fred Graham and Milt Powell once or twice when back in Michigan. I have returned for the wedding of Katie Goatley - in a real sense representing her father - and to visit on the U of M campus for various alumni functions at the Ford School for Public Policy. I left MSU to obtain a Masters in Public Policy from the school the awarding of which lead to my career with the Bureau of Labor Statistics in DC. I served as an economist and operations research analyst in quality management for the Consumer Price Index, the International Price Program, and the Employment and Unemployment Statistics. I was Quality Coordinator for the latter office. When I retired in 1997 I was awarded the Commissioner's Distinguished Service Award.

I am pleased you recall Politics '68 - the simulation of the then republican national convention. ... I would find it hard to oversee a similar simulation now as the whole convention environment has changed. They are now large rallies, endorsing events already in place. My special feelings regarding current events are shaped by my having a PhD with an emphasis on international law and organization and having left MSU after two years with a joint appointment as a professor of racial and ethnic relations. ...

My political outlet currently is on the local scene as a member of the village's economic development committee and a member of a group called Imagine Hamburg. The latter raise funds to support revitalization projects associated with a state reconstruction of US Route 62 scheduled late 2006. I function as a facilitator for the citizen's group coordinating activities. The final design includes four roundabouts very much a pilot in New York State. My work included overseeing the development of a survey instrument and coordinating the interviewing of 218 businesses along the construction route.

... JMC is so very much the focus for your group as alumni of MSU. It shouldn't be lost. It is a way to project the feelings and image into the future. Much of what took place in JMC has since found its path into liberal arts programs nationally.

As noted, I am back in the village of my birth. I guess part of my energy is to help its heritage find purpose in this new century. I also feel that quality of life seems to have a better chance at the local level. It is something we can keep out of the hands of some of the bigger business enterprises.

(SOURCE: Email of 22 June 2004)

Vintage photos available via the JMC Faculty / Staff Gallery at this site

JONES Woodard, Beth Ellen

JMC Student

"Beth Ellen Jones, (my sister-in-law) daughter of Professor Gomer Ll. Jones of the Music Department and Helen E. Jones of the Main Library at MSU is now Beth Woodard. Beth is a librarian in Arizona. ... She is divorced from Jim Woodard but kept the last name. ..."

[She now lives in Gilbert AZ - Ed.]


(Email from Chuck Julian RE: Death of Betty Julian, October 2004)

JOYAUX, Simone P.

"Simone P. Joyaux, ACFRE, is an internationally recognized leader in the philanthropic profession ュ as a consultant, volunteer, writer, and teacher. She is the recipient of Rhode Islandケs 2003 Outstanding Philanthropic Citizen Award and the 1987 Fundraising Executive of the Year Award.

Joyaux provides consulting services in fund development, board and organizational development, planning and personnel. Clients ュ located throughout the U.S. and in other countries ュ include all types and sizes of not-for-profit organizations.

Simone speaks internationally about board and fund development, strategic planning, management and organizational development issues. She presents all over North America and has presented in Mexico, Australia, and at the International Fundraising Congress held annually in The Netherlands. Simone serves as a faculty member for the Master of Arts in Philanthropy and Development at Saint Maryケs University, Minnesota.

Her book Strategic Fund Development: Building Profitable Relationships That Last, now in its second and expanded edition, is considered a standard in the sector. Fundraisers from various countries use the book.

In 1994, Joyaux was one of the first to achieve the credential of Advanced Certified Fund Raising Executive (ACFRE). She is one of a small group worldwide holding advanced certification in the profession, accomplished through a rigorous peer review process that demonstrates an advanced level of fundraising knowledge and professional competency.

Ms. Joyaux has 30 years experience with not-for-profit organizations. As staff, she has served as an executive director and chief development officer. As a volunteer, she has served on numerous boards of directors, in the capacity of president, development and nominating committee chairs, and director-at-large.

In 2000, Joyaux founded the Womenケs Fund of Rhode Island and serves as the board chair. The Womenケs Fund is part of the global movement that seeks to level the playing field for women and girls. Joyaux has led the Womenケs Fund in the development of its values and mission, organizational structure and volunteer recruitment, grantmaking guidelines, fundraising efforts, and transition to corporate independence.

For Simone, philanthropy is both an avocation and vocation. She volunteers an average of 10 hours per week while working full time. Simone and her husband contribute at least 10% of their income to charity annually and have bequeathed their entire estate to charity."

SOURCE: Email, August 2005

KAUFMANN, Leonard Email:


JMC student 1967 - 1969

I was in JMC from 67 to 69 and drifted in and out until 73 when I left for good. I left in 69 because I could not focus on schoolwork. I was having way too good a time. I really only remember one instructor for his quality which was Tom Hruska who taught I&E my 1st quarter at JMC in 1967. No one else stands out in my memory. What I do remember, VIVIDLY, was the music, the people and the times. It all came together for 2 glorious years in JMC.

(SOURCE: Email to Editor, January 2003)


Recurrent (though sporadic) reports put Rick Kibbey in the Lansing area to this day. Here is the latest report:

"Another sighting of Rick Kibbey in the local Lansing press City Pulse (our alternative rag to the formal Lansing State Journal owned by Knight Ridder Group). There is a discussion of encouraging him to run for City Council. The newspaper can be found at: _www.lansingcitypulse.com_ ( . It is in Vol. 4, Issue 23, January 12, 2005, beginning on page 4 "Swiveling season opens for Council seats" and continuing on page 4. Has a picture of Rick on page 4."

(SOURCE: Email from Dennis Hall, January 2005)

"I was doing a little searching on the internet, stumbled across the JMC alumni webpage, and noticed that the information on Rick Kibbey (my father) was a little sparse. Having heard him for many years wax fondly on his times at JMC, I feel fairly confident that he would be interested in filling out his profile a bit. He does live in the Lansing area (he has for over 20 years), and he can be reached at kibbeyri[*AT*]"

(SOURCE: Email from Jesse Kibbey, August 2006)

KEEVER, Tom Dale



Snail Mail:

400 West 43rd Street
Apt. 30-O
New York, NY


(212) 594-2286


After two decades in New York and regional theatre and several years as an international touring stage manager I returned to school in 1996 to pursue a PhD in Theatre at Columbia University. I received my M.Phil. last spring after passing my Orals and now have only my dissertation (only!) to finish. In the meantime I teach Logic and Rhetoric (an awful lot like I&E!) at Columbia and theatre literature and history at Fordham University and Marymount Manhattan College. More detail can be found on my webpage.

KLEHE, Joachim




I'm a product developer for SBC Communications in San Antonio, TX.

I occasionally update my blog at


JMC '74

"Michael Kobernick, MD, was appointed Medical Director for Molina Healthcare of Michigan. Dr. Kobernick is responsible for leading all medical management initiatives for Molina including clinical quality within the provider network, overall medical expense, policy formulation, administration -- as well as quality, utilization, case and disease management functions. He also ensures the quality of preventive and educational strategies for Molina's members.

Dr. Kobernick has over 20 years of medical management experience. He has worked for St. John Macomb Hospital as the Vice President of Medical Affairs and the Senior Vice President and Medical Director of Great Lakes Health Plan. He is board certified in Family Practice and Emergency Medicine and is affiliated with St. John Macomb Hospital as an attending emergency physician.

He received a Bachelor of Zoology and Doctor of Medicine from Michigan State University. He later completed his Master of Science in Health Service Administration from University of Detroit Mercy."

SOURCE: Molina Healthcare Release, 16 July 2002

Photo available in the Morrillite Mug Shots Gallery at this site


JMC '76

Married to JMC veteran Jack Mcullough. See the entry under Jack's name.

SOURCE: Email from Jack, June 2004




Postal / Phone Info:

425 East 51st Street, Apt. 3B
New York, NY 10022

Home: 212-308-5813
Work: 212-650-2184


JMC student 1965 - 1969

I was a member of the original class that started in JMC in 1965 and graduated in 1969. Immediately after graduation, I enlisted in the Peace Corps and spent three years in Cameroon (West Africa) teaching English in a French lycee. I came to New York City to visit friends afterwards, and -- thirty years later -- I'm still here. Eventually I obtained in MBA in Finance from New York University, and I am currently the Deputy Chief Planning and Budget Officer of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.


Excerpted from an email of 19 February 2003:

"...- wanted to let you know I still exist - I have lived in Alaska since 1978 - am currently unemployed - most recently served as the Assistant Commissioner of the Department of Administration for the State of Alaska - due to a change of Administrations, my politically appointed position came to an end."

KOTTMAN-Stevens, Rebecca

Attended JMC 1971-1973, Graduated 1975

Later attended Georgia State University, 1986.

(Information from entry at the Justin Morrill College category at







JMC student: 1965 - 1969

I graduated Justin Morrill College in June of 1969. I was one of the original "Justin Morrill Pioneers"....

When I started, they offered second year French, second year Spanish, third year German, and first year Russian. I was a scaredy-cat, so I took French (I had had it in high school), and now wish I had taken Russian instead. I'm of Czech ancestry, and I had already known many of the vocabulary words. However, I was afraid I wouldn't get good grades, and, to me, grades seemed to be what it was all about at the time.

...The first-year "Pioneers" were what you might call "conservative, but kooky", but the second year brought in an avalanche of Hippies. I came from a very small (pop. 450) conservative, old-European-values village, so that was a pretty good shock to me. However, I had a roomate who was pretty "far out", and I admired her intelligence, her political philosophy, and her guts. I've been calling myself a "closet hippie" ever since--still too conservative to be an activist or to do anything avant-garde, but I secretly admired those who were.

LACHMAN, Stewart

('Stu' during JMC era)

JMC '73

"I always appreciate hearing from old acquaintances from my JMC days. Email me at lachmanz[*AT*]"


R. Dale Ladig is currently Director of the Residential Life Office at Bemidji State University in Minnesota. His office email address is given as:


Photo available in the Morrillite Mug Shots Gallery at this site

LANG, Brad (Bradford)

Denizen of JMC Sny-Phi Environs, 1970's

"Bradford Lang majored in English. Hung out at JMC playing cards. I was in the Carter-Lang band with Brad and Wayne Carter(a cousin of Jimmy). Brad lives in Huntington Woods about three miles from me. He worked at Ross Roy advertising for awhile. Last timeI saw him, about a year ago, he was making a living doing day trading. His wife works at a bank. They have two daughters."

- John Sase: Email, March 2004

"Brad Lang is a musician, professional writer, published novelist, and lifelong movie fan who has hosted the Classic Movies site since May, 1997. ...

Brad has appeared in dozens of plays and has written a musical which has yet to be produced. Before joining About, he was the host of The Screen Door, the movie "venue" on the Firefly Network. He has compiled a list of his 200 favorite movies of all time, cross-referenced by star, director, and year of release. He is also the Guide for About's Metro Detroit site.

Brad attended Michigan State University, where he majored in English. His multi-media development skills are self-taught."

- Lang's Online Bio at:

LARSON, Alfhild

JMC / MSU 1966 - 1970

"After high school I spent two years at Justin Morrill college at Michigan State University. I became very involved in the anti-war movement, and left school, traveled a bit, and eventually came to live in a commune in St. Louis, where we were involved in an alternative school in a ghetto neighborhood, a draft-counseling service, a variety of community activities, a small bakery. I then worked for a year in Washington DC in an alternative social service agency - I was a carer for six teenagers who were court wards living in a group home. I then traveled again and took a rather different direction, doing a pre-med curriculum at University of Washington, and then medical school in San Diego. I did pediatric residency, starting in San Diego, finishing up in Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada. I practiced pediatrics in Halifax for five years - taking one year off in 1986 to accompany my husband and our two children on a sabbatical to Jamaica. Towards the end of 1989 we all moved to Hobart Tasmania Australia. After a difficult battle to get my qualifications recognized, I found a wonderful job as pediatrician at a centre for children with disabilities. My marriage broke up, and I've been single since 1992. My children after finishing high school decided to return to Canada to go to university - son Ian (turning 24 in August 2004), at York University in Toronto, and daughter Ingrid (21 in July 2004) at U of British Columbia in Vancouver. So when an opportunity came along to become Head of General Pediatrics at the IWK Hospital - where I had trained and been on staff back in the 1980's - I took it. I've been back in Halifax since January 2004, and while the weather certainly is difficult compared to Hobart, I'm very happy with the decision. My hobbies include classical music - both listening and playing - hiking, bird watching. Oh, and of course there is my cat Pepper. I think he has forgiven me for the trauma of the move across the Pacific, but I'm not entirely sure."

(SOURCE: Bio summary posted at




Attended JMC 1969-1970

I still play harmonica and I have made a living packaging drugs... After graduating with an MDSS degree from MSU in '73, I went back to State after getting married to a former Spartan who was a social worker and took classes at the Packaging School there. I got an engineering job with a drug company in '76 and have been doing this kind of engineering ever since. I now work for Pharmacia out of Kalamazoo, Mich. We now have 2 great high school daughters that keep us both busy. One is considering MSU.

Now to locate my side of Snyder, I was on the 3rd floor north side. I do not remember many names but I do recall many, many faces. I was part of the infamous PIPS class that was like 50% of my freshmen credits. I wondered if you remember PIPS? (Personal Interpersonal Studies?) Some of the people from that class were the dean's daughter Amy, Cindy Freeland, Howee ?, Alan Prichett (who died of AIDS about 20 years ago), and others. I did make some friends from that class but do not know the whereabouts of anybody anymore. It was an interesting class. I chummed with Chuck House and a few others from that side, PIPS and people who studied Russian (I was fascinated with the USSR back then) I also remember the "student architecture class" where we designed classes and dorms from a student POV. We moved around SNY\PHY like a herd trying to change rooms and all kinds of other stuff.

In the end I left JMC because I had problems coping with the change from my prior life. But the following sophomore year I took a path even more bizarre. I kinda consider it an embarrassment now but if the college years are meant for learning about self and one's place in the world, that's how I used them. I noted you recalled my Krishna incident.

Someday I tell myself I will write a book to recall all this stuff. Not sure who would read it.

I kept looking for stuff and ended up full circle back basically to where I was when I entered MSU only JMC and others there allowed me to see life in a completely different manner.

LEININGER Pycior, Julie



Attended JMC 1966-1970

Associate Professor of History at Manhattan College and author of LBJ and Mexican Americans: The Paradox of Power. I live with my husband and two kids (one away at college) in Hastings-on-Hudson, NY.

At JMC I roomed with Grace Higginbottom, first in Mañana House, as we called it, on the third floor of Phillips. Judie Maxwell down the hall introduced me to Woodie Guthrie's music and to Ingmar Bergman. Lorraine Weir and Betty Caruso, right across the hall, were from Dowagiac and soon returned to their small town. Phyllis Beer and John McConnell and George Briscoe and I would sing all the way home to Snyder-Phillips, in harmony, from Gomer Llewyllan Jones' University Chorus class. Theresa (Tammy) Mahder was also in the chorus and was my roomate after Grace. Gary Jones went to Canada to avoid the draft (of course), then one day showed up at the Phillips cafeteria, just to say hi, then vanished. People who were in the Resistance had their phones tapped by the FBI. Terry White floated in and out of JMC, and then there was the Snyder resident from Chihuahua, Chihuahua, Mexico, Juan Francisco Javier Felix Muñoz. Doug Elbinger played "While My Guitar Gently Weeps", while his brother Lee Elbinger made news at Oakland U. for, I think, undressing onstage. Glad to be in indirect connection with one Robert Parker Hawkins, and to see that he's listed here, as well as Kelly Green. I also recall Mike Luce, Brian Selinsky, Art Whitmore (Whitman?), Ron Bailey, Betty Julian (who held "T" groups), Velma (Ryan?), who married fellow-JMCer Tom (last name?). Was Tom Prenderville in JMC, or just in Snyder? What I want to know, though, is what ever happened to Tom Riley (Thomas F. Riley: JMC 1969, Detroit's Cathedral High, 1965). I bummed around Europe with JMCers Sheryl Smith and John Shoemaker, summer of 1967. Greg Simon ran into us in Paris (and later went to Woodstock). We who came in 1965 and 1966 emphasized foreign language, speaking them in the dorms, etc. You had to if you were going to face Dr. Calvo at nine in the morning! Does anyone remember our Europe trip orientation weekend, when an MSU Russian prof. pretended to be a Soviet apparatchik? Then there's the time Stevie Wonder visited a friend at Snyder and played the piano in the basement.

Web Page:

Recent photo available in the Morrillite Mug Shots Gallery at this site

LESTER, Gordon




I was Michele (Brown) Lester's husband at the time, known as Gordon Lester.

I was part of the Snyder-Phillips world from 1969 - 1973, when Michele and I moved to Ohio and then California, where I completed a B.A. in English at Cal State, Sacramento.

We divorced and I moved back to my family home in Kentucky in 1984, where I earned an elementary teaching certificate and then an M.A. in English Education at a place called Morehead State, in eastern Kentucky.

Along the way I worked as a fifth grade teacher and adjunct English instructor at the local college, before moving on to nearly ten years of teaching English/Communication at Marshall University, in Huntington, West Virginia.

While there, I drifted into Web design, putting my college's classes online. This led to a career change in '98, when I moved to Lexington, Kentucky and became a full time Web Developer at a publishing company specializing in Thoroughbred racing sites.

I remain basically the same guy I was then - only older and wider, as they say.

Michele and I are in fairly regular contact to this day, and it is a delight to see this monument to one of the greatest groups of people the fates ever randomly gathered together in one place and time.

Glad to see you all survived the aftermath of our time in Nirvana.

LEU, Don


"Donald J. Leu, Jr. holds the John and Maria Neag Endowed Chair in Literacy and Technology at the University of Connecticut's Neag School of Education. He has a joint appointment in the departments of Curriculum and Instruction and Educational Psychology.

Don completed his B.A. at Michigan State University in Soviet Studies. He received an Ed.M. in Reading and Human Development from Harvard and a Ph.D. in Language and Literacy from the University of California, Berkeley.

Don first began teaching in the Peace Corps, where he taught English as a Second Language (ESL) in the Marshall Islands of Micronesia. Returning to the San Francisco Bay Area of California, he taught as an elementary classroom teacher and a reading specialist for the primary grades. ...

Since 1987, he has been exploring effective ways to support children and teachers in the new literacies of digital technologies for information and communication....

Since 1991, he has explored the new literacies of networked technologies for information and communication such as the Internet. ...

Don teaches graduate courses in literacy education at the University of Connecticut, conducts research on reading and writing instruction with Internet technologies, and works with children, teachers, and school districts to support the transition to the new literacies of the Internet...."


LEVIS, Richard

(non-JMC SnyPhi resident 1971), now professor of physiology at Rush Medical College, Chicago.

From a 1997 research summary posted at:

"Richard Levis is interested in ionic channels, voltage gated ionic channels, signal detection and electrophysiology. He has developed a number of innovative techniques to investigate the behavior of ion channels. ... Dr. Levis has also been involved in the development of an instrument which detects and measures single channel currents in real time. Amplitude information, mean open an closed times, and histograms of open and closed durations are presented in real time, allowing far more rapid and efficient experimentation."


JMC, 1965-1966

I attended JMC in the 1965-66 year (first one)....Brian Lindberg, aka "LA" (i came from Los Angeles and those Michigan barbarians in the dorm stuck that moniker on me... Ididn't really mind).... My roommate's name was Dave ...?....I worked in the cafeteria kitchen upstairs, first washing dishes, then pots and pans (you got more for that: $1.40/hr.!), then cooking for breakfast.... Roll out of top bunk (those dorm rooms were too small to break the bunks into separate beds...we tried... man, that was Spartan accommodations) at 6 a.m., stagger up the stairs, make my own breakfast, then cook hundreds of eggs for everyone else, all done at 8 a.m.

A lot of very outstanding teachers (i didn't appreciate it at the time.... Greatest impact: a prof in the music dept. (his father had helped develop the Esperanto language,, I recall), whose love of music was absolutely contagious. Thank the gods for such people....).... In the dorm, listening to Rolling Stones, Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel.... Burgeoning counter-culture.... Zeitgeist magazine... Ice hockey on the frozen river in winter, unmatched spring euphoria (my god, will it ever come?), then, back to California (UCSB) to finish school, gradually and eventually, between significant diversions....

I am on Facebook.

(Email from Brian, August 2012)


From a summary posted at:

"Andy Lininger, LAc, is a licensed acupuncturist practicing at the Natural Care Center at Woodwinds. For the past 30 years he has demonstrated a commitment to health and wellness practices. In the early 1970s, he was active in the development and management of the Twin Cities Food Cooperatives, an organization dedicated to serving its community with high-quality organic foods. From 1986 to 1991 he mentored under Edith Davis, the founder of the Minnesota Institute for Acupuncture and Herbal Studies (MIAHS), in a tutorial program in acupuncture. Lininger received his diploma in acupuncture in 1991 and passed the National Board Examination the following year. In 1996 he received his certificate in Herbal Medicine from MIAHS. He served on the Board of Directors of the Acupuncture Association of Minnesota from 1992 through 1996, acting as its president that final year. During that time the Association succeeded in establishing licensure in acupuncture under the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice through legislative action. Lininger practiced within biomedical alternative medicine clinics at both Hennepin Faculty Associates and in the HealthEast Healing Center before joining the Natural Care Center at Woodwinds. At the Natural Care Center he provides acupuncture and Chinese medicinal herb formulas. Lininger is also a faculty clinician for Northwestern Health Sciences University, mentoring student interns in patient management and treatment. He is credentialed with the HealthEast health care delivery system and sees patients within Woodwinds hospital. Lininger believes that the foundation for wellness lies in encouraging people to take an active role in fostering their own health."
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(203) 788-9050

JMC 1972 - 1975, BA (History) from MSU, 1979

I was in JMC from fall, 1972 to Spring, 1975. Lived in Sny-Phy. Dropped out of school in April, 1975, was ill for quite a while, returned to school in summer, 1976 and switched majors to History. Got non-JMC MSU BA in 1979, then Master's in Labor and Industrial Relations from MSU in 1981.

Am presently a Human Resources executive living in Ridgefield, Connecticut, have been here 13 years. Just outside of New York City. Previously lived in Wisconsin and Illinois working as manufacturing plant human resources manager before moving to a VP job in Connecticut. Been married 20 years, have three sons - 18, 16, and 12. 18 year old will be starting college in this fall,(2001).

Pretty boring life here in Connecticut though 2 years ago I started a second, weekend (non-paying as of yet) career doing stand up comedy in various Manhattan comedy clubs. Sort of a late bloomer in adult life. First ate chili at age 29, learned to swim at 28, started singing in choirs at 29, learned tennis at 35, skiing at 40, sailing at 45, now learning something about show business. If I win the lotto and/or am able to retire early, I plan on doing acting/comedy full time. Maybe I'll make Sears Eldredge proud yet !

Would love to hear from Sny-Phy'ers/JMC'ers - maybe get together and visit if you live in NYC/Connecticut areas.




Postal / Phone Info:

Fred Little
PO Box 614
Palisades, NY

Fred Little
Graduate Admissions &
Program Coordinator
School of Architecture
New Jersey Institute of Technology
University Heights
Newark, NJ


Following my departure from East Lansing in 1979, I trained as a chef in the Monterey Bay region of Northern California until 1984, when I returned to East Lansing to serve as R. Glenn Wright's assistant director for the 1984 Clarion Writer's Workshop in Science Fiction and Fantasy. Half my paycheck went to pay a long overdue MSU student tuition tab, which enabled me to at last pop loose my undergraduate transcript and enter the University of California--Santa Cruz, where I completed a B.A. in Literature/Creative Writing. Annie Gerard, who I had met at Clarion, trailed me across the country in a blue VW Vanagon full of doberman pinschers. Two years later, with one fewer dobie and a six-month old daughter, we came back east and enrolled in Columbia University's School of the Arts, where we each earned an M.F.A., fiction for her, non-fiction for me -- on the basis an excerpt from my dissertation ("Paradise with Misdirections: A Reconstructed Memoir") I was awarded a New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship in 1990.

My association with Columbia continued in a variety of forms: ghostwriter for the Dean of the School of Journalism, student of Japanese language culture and religion, admissions administrator in the School of General Studies -- the undergraduate division of Columbia for "non-traditional" students, and Associate Director of the Donald Keene Center for Japanese Culture. Throughout this same period, I have also maintained regular practice of a variety of martial arts including iaido, judo, jujutsu and tai chi chuan and most particularly, aikido, a gendai budo, or modern martial way which emphasizes strategies of non-resistance, non-aggression, and harmonization as responses to conflict.

Since November of 1998, I've served as Graduate Program & Admissions Coordinator for the New Jersey School of Architecture, a self-governing unit within NJIT, the technology and research campus of the State University of New Jersey. The only public school of architecture in New Jersey, the NJIT SOA is the fastest growing school of architecture in the United States. As a Justin Morrill alumnus, I was particularly attracted to NJIT's SOA because in addition to providing prospective architects with the technical and theoretical training necessary for professional practice, the SOA is also deeply engaged with the redevelopment and remediation of urban sites in the Northern New Jersey and New York Metropolitan area.

And check out Fred's capsule history of JMC elsewhere in this Webspace.
Photo available in the Morrillite Mug Shots Gallery at this site


LOW, John



JMC 1974 - 1978

"I was enrolled in JMC from '74 to '78 and graduated that year. If I remember right I was the JMC student representative to some faculty-student senate my senior year.

I went on to the U of Michigan Law School and then got licensed in Michigan and practiced law for 17 years. In 1998, I went back to school, got a second B.A. in American Indian studies from the U of Minnesota (I love Big-Ten schools, I guess) and then got an M.A. in a Social Science program at the U of Chicago. I then taught at the lecturer level at universities around the Chicago area for several years.

In the Fall of 2004, I enrolled in the Ph.D. program in American Culture at the U of Michigan where I remain safely sheltered from much of the rest of the world. I guess I took this life-long learning thing way too seriously. Anyway, life has been a heck of an adventure so far, and I hazily remember my years at JMC with great fondness. I hung out mostly with Kevin Daugherty, my brother Joe, and Mike Royer. I also remember being in a couple of plays that Sears Eldridge directed."

SOURCE: Email, November 2004


I didn't attend JMC but I lived in Snyder Hall from 67-70 as an art student (Kresge Hall being so conveniently close and my hs best friend a JMC student also living there). It was great. I have forgotten so many of the real names of people in that group in that era that I wonder if anyone will recognize these: Oz (Ozimandius), Carol (who became his wife), Jim McLean (sp)Jim (Servis? a poet), Sylvia Novak, Kathy Vujea, Ernie Sjogren, Wes Prostman,Mary Frier (my roomie), Dave Brigode. We took meals and went to protests together. Hung out in the grill downstairs, went to concerts on campus. Dave B and I both moved to San Francisco in 74. It would be fun to hear from old colleagues!

MAHDER Scheusner, Theresa Ann

JMC '69

"I'm from the MSU class of '69. We were the first freshmen in Justin Morrill College. Theresa Ann Mahder was my maiden name. My nickname was Tammy. I am married to Dale Scheusner since 1971. We have two sons. I live in Springfield, MO."

(SOURCE: Email, September 2004)


AKA "Jackie the Jokeman"

NOTE: Jackie "The Jokeman" Martling's Photo Page includes multiple pictures of him rocking (e.g., with JMC's circa 1970 'house band' Pillowcayse) in Snyder-Phillips.


JMC 1970 - 1974

Married with 2 children, living in Minnesota.

(SOURCE: Personal profile summary posted at


JMC '73 or '74

"John McCall ... 20 years ago was working as a stockbroker for a major firm in the Detroit suburbs, and should be easy to find.  He was also very active in college governance, as well as campus theater. He graduated in '73 or '74."

(SOURCE: Email from John Stick, March 2004)


"Harriet McConnell ... is living in Germany, where she and her husband run a natural fabrics import business, travelling often to China. I last saw Harriet around 1993 (?) when our families shared a vacation house on Penobscott Bay in Maine for a week."

(SOURCE: Email from Carrie Waara, November 2004)


"I'm in Boston. I went from JMC, to a year teaching English in Greece, to Harvard and came out 4 years later as an architect. I have a firm and partners and employees ( I also have been a professor of architectural history at Boston College and a lecturer at Harvard for the last 26 years, and more recently a landscape painter ( Also I'm a democrat, gourmand and a francophile."

Email: mcwinchest[*AT*]

(SOURCE: Email from John, August 2005)



20 Towne St
Montpelier, Vt. 05602-4231


JMC '76

"When I was looking for a college there wasn't much that really impressed me, except JMC, so I went farther away from New York than almost anyone I knew. It was definitely the right thing to do. While there I made great friends, few of whom I am in contact with now. I also met Becky Kobran during our fall term, and we've been happily married since 1976. Thus, going to JMC literally changed the course of my life.

When I was at JMC I did my field study at the Tenants Resource Center, a tenant counseling agency upstairs from the Unitarian Church. That got me started in doing housing advocacy, which I continued through the rest of my college years, working at the Tenants Resource Center and on two rent control campaigns. I kept doing tenant advocacy work when I went to law school at University of Michigan and when I graduated in 1979 I went to work at Legal Aid of Western Michigan in Grand Rapids. After four years in Grand Rapids Becky and I got the feeling that if we didn't make a move soon we'd be there forever, so we moved to Montpelier, Vermont, where I've been a lawyer at Vermont Legal Aid since 1983. I've continued to specialize in landlord-tenant law, and now I'm also the director of our Mental Health Law Project.

Becky and I have two sons, John, twenty-one later this month, who's a senior in Technical Theater at the University at Albany, and Adam, 17, who is a junior at Montpelier High School."

(SOURCE: Email, June 2004)

Photo available in the Morrillite Mug Shots Gallery at this site


JMC '69

"I was absolutely astounded by your tribute to JMC. I I was in the first class and graduated in 69. ... [T]hank you so much for jogging many wonderful memories with your incredible project.

SOURCE: Email, October 2005


Attended JMC 1966-1971

Later attended USC, 1972-1978.

(Information from entry at the Justin Morrill College category at

MCGOVERN Mowris, Cheryl

Attended JMC 1966-1976

My husband Eric Mowris and I have been living in the Atlanta GA area for nearly thirty five years now.

MCIVOR Ryder, Bobbi



Attended JMC 1967-1973

I am a JMC grad, yes, I actually graduated....I think it must have been in '73, and was known as Bobbi McIvor at the time...I think I also used the aka of Eloise Roberta McIvor, originally from Ann Arbor, Michigan. I was at JMC, off and on, from '67 to '73.

I now live in Buda Texas, just south of Austin and am CEO of the National Center for Farmworker Health.

... JMC was a fabulous experience. No other like it, and it prepared me for almost anything...


JMC '73

"William M. Mechanic, Los Angeles, chairman and chief executive officer of Fox Filmed Entertainment from 1993-2000 and head of his own production company, Pandemonium Films, who received his bachelor's degree in 1973.

During his tenure at Fox, he led the studio to No. 1 in worldwide box-office gross with such films as "Titanic," "Cast Away," "X-Men," "Moulin Rouge," "Independence Day," "Planet of the Apes," "Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition," "Braveheart," "Mrs. Doubtfire," "Speed," "True Lies," "The Full Monty," "The Thin Red Line" and "Minority Report." Under Mechanic, the studio also released "Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace." Fox also produced five of the top 10 best-selling soundtracks in 1998. Under Mechanic, Fox films garnered 50 Oscar nominations, including five for best picture.

Prior to Fox, Mechanic served Disney Studios in many posts, including president of international distribution and worldwide video, where he grew the division from $30 million to $3 billion a year and accounted for 15 of the top 20 all-time best-selling videos. He has won numerous awards, including the Crystal Spartan Award for Excellence in the Film Industry. He serves on the board of governors for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and on the board of counselors for the University of Southern California Film School."

SOURCE:: MSU Today, October 18 2002
(list of Alumni Distinguished Award recipients)

Photo available in the Morrillite Mug Shots Gallery at this site

Additional Online Info on Bill Mechanic:



JMC '73

"Carol Mechanic, Los Angeles, senior vice president of programming at Showtime Networks since 1998, who received her bachelor's degree in 1973.

In a very competitive industry, Mechanic's responsibility is to manage programming communication across all of Showtime's constituencies and is the primary liaison between the programming group and other divisions within the company. Before 1998 she held various sales and marketing positions and became the first woman in charge of a region. Mechanic began her career with HBO as an account executive.

Mechanic currently serves on the board of directors of Women's Information Network Against Breast Cancer. She also served on the California Cable Television Association board of directors, and on the boards of Southern California chapters of Women in Cable and Telecommunications and the Southern California Cable and Telecommunications Association."

SOURCE:: MSU Today, October 18 2002
(list of Alumni Distinguished Award recipients)






(Attended MSU 1967-71; JMC)
(Major: Social Work/Psy)

Came to MSU from a small town near Dallas, TX, specifically for the JMC program. While there, I was the co-chair in a movement to make the dorms co-ed. Several clever people took the hinges off the doors between Snyder and Phillips-- however, dorms never became officially co-ed (only unofficially!). However, for a little dorm/program, we did get maximum attention from the administration for a short while (until we left for summer break).

After MSU, went to West Virginia University and obtained a Masters in the Social Work, doing field placements in rural Appalachia. Then lived in Boston and central Mass. area doing clinical social work, first with drug abusers & AA, then in community placement of retarded adults. Some 5 years later, married and moved back to Dallas, TX where I went back to Southern Methodist Univ. and obtained MBA. Definitely, I was a big supporter of the university education system! Changed fields, going into food products marketing and then commercial real estate-- management, brokerage & valuation. Have stayed in commercial real estate valuation and about 5 years ago start a solo practice in valuation, consultation and litigation support in Dallas, Texas. Since moving back to Dallas, have been divorced and kids live with mom who moved back to Mass.
Photo available in the Morrillite Mug Shots Gallery at this site



"I felt I should write in because I just discovered the JMC site you manage and had loads of fun looking at it. Haven't thought about those years in quite some time, certainly not in such detail.

I was surprised to notice that there was an entry for me stating that I was a teacher in Traverse City. I have never even been to Traverse City so I have no idea where that came from. Or who submitted it.

What I am is an acupuncturist which I have been practicing at since 1994. Currently I am living back in my old home town of Norman, OK, cohabiting with someone I was smitten with in HS who is a professor here and looking after my 91 year old mother. Never thought I would return to this reddest of red states but am here for good reasons. Oriental medicine is a good gig for me as I am able to do real practical service to others outside of an institutional setting and feel intellectually stimulated on a daily basis.

Still wonder what became of so many of those great dreams/visions/hallucinations we experienced when we were young. Things have not progressed as far as we might have hoped I am sorry to say."

(SOURCE: Email from Mark Mills, November 2008)

MINDEN, Katherine (Kit)



Phillips 1974-75 and Snyder 1975-1976

Graduated MSU in 1978 with a BS in Natural Resources.

"I live in Fredericksburg, VA with my husband of over 20 years, our teenage son and our Boston Terrier, Bowser.

I write and publish fairy tales under the name Kit Greenleaf, and I publish poetry and short stories under my given name. I founded and teach the Fredericksburg Writer's and Fredericksburg Poetry Workshops. My publishing company is greenleafteapublishing[*AT*] I'm performing as a story teller with my own tales. It's a lot of fun. I'm even writing stories to perform at tea parties for adults. Being a folk singer at JMC continues to serve me well, even when I can no longer play the guitar.

My family and I all are recovering from Lyme disease. I am the director of a lyme and immune system support group. Email me if you need kitminden[*AT*] Basically, if someone is suffering from multiple immune system problems - allergies, infections, Crohn's, lupus, fibromyalgia, MS, and so on, they should be checked using the new test for Lyme disease done by Bowen Labs - Lyme is contagious through human body fluids - more often passed this way than by tick bite! So anyone can get it and have no idea. It is endemic in the US - you cen get it anywhere. Checkout for info.

I am involved in various political issues. Still a liberal, believing in social responsibility, peace and humanhood. Still an environmentalist. Still believe that positive change can and will happen. Check out the United Farm Worker's site - there are some new boycotts. Sign up for email from ETAN to keep up on the situation in East Timor. Ben and Jerry, the ice cream guys, run a pretty good website at

SOURCE: (Update) Email of November 2005


Professional Summary:
Photo available in the Morrillite Mug Shots Gallery at this site



Carl E. Koch Professor of Economics
University of Notre Dame

Home Page:

"Philip E. Mirowskijoined the Notre Dame faculty in 1990 as the Carl E. Koch Professor of Economics. Before that time, he was a professor at Tufts University for nine years and on the faculty of the University of Santa Clara from 1978 to 1981. During the time he was at Tufts, he was also a visiting faculty member at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and at Yale University. He was graduated from Michigan State University in 1973 and received master's and doctoral degrees in economics from the University of Michigan in 1976 and 1979. Since joining Notre Dame, he has held a joint appointment in the History and Philosophy of Science program, and he has been a visiting professor at the University of Paris Sorbonne, the Tinbergen Institute in Rotterdam, Holland, and the University of Modena, Italy.

Professor Mirowski's research interests include examination of the philosophical foundations of economics, including comparisons to the philosophical and historical development of physics; comparative practices of quantitative measurement across the sciences; science policy and funding; the history of economic ideas; and the impact of the computer upon economics. He is the editor of several books, including The Reconstruction of Economic Theory, Natural Images in Economics: Markets Read in Tooth and Claw, Science Bought and Sold and The Collected Economic Works of William Thomas Thornton. He is the author of several others: More Heat Than Light: Economics As Social Physics and Machine Dreams: Economics Becomes a Cyborg Science. He is also widely published in scholarly journals and is a member of the editorial boards of History of Political Economy and the Journal of the History of Economic Thought. A member of various professional organizations, including the American Economics Association, the History of Science Society, the Royal Economics Society, the Philosophy of Science Association and the Society for the Social Studies of Science, Professor Mirowski also serves as a referee for the National Science Foundation and the National Endowment for the Humanities. He was honored in 1998 as one of 20 economists of the "younger generation" chosen to be profiled in Michael Szenberg's Passion and Craft: Economists at Work."

Photo available in the Morrillite Mug Shots Gallery at this site

MISHKIN, Dan Email:


JMC '75

Freelance writer, primarily comic books. I've written a large number of superhero comics, including Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Hawkman, as well as science fiction, fantasy, horror, humor, westerns and others. Co-creator (with JMC alum Gary Cohn) of Blue Devil and Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld, and creator of Creeps. I've also done medical writing, particularly in the field of hospice and palliative care, primarily with my wife and JMC alum Karen Ogle. Karen and I worked on two CD-ROMs for patient and family education: Easing Cancer Pain and Completing a Life ( We have three children.

Photo available in the Morrillite Mug Shots Gallery at this site


MOORE, Joseph P. III


Home Page:
And check out his 'Jay's Leftist and 'Progressive' Internet Resources Directory' at:
Photo available in the Morrillite Mug Shots Gallery at this site


MORGAN, Robert C. (Bob)

Attended JMC, 1973 - 1974

I was a student in the College during the 1973-1974 academic year. I had John Jursinic, Don Dragt and Frank Ingram for Russian language,

NOTE: Bob is now head of the East Central Europe Section, Germanic and Slavic Division, of the Library of Congress.


Info Posted on Planet Alumni (

I have been doing my thing as always

Currently Living in: Mayville, MI, United States
Occupation: Journeyman Welder Mechanic
Company: Leaseway Motorcar Transport Co.
Spouse: Pam

Michigan State University - Class of 1982

NASH, Phil



Attended JMC 1968-1972

I was grateful to JMC from the beginning because my high school grade point was marginal for MSU, and JMC was desperate for more males. I think that's why I got in. Once there, I thrived. I was not one of the movers and shakers at JMC, just part of the mix. I was a language buff, taking Brown and Belgique's intermediate French in freshman year (68-69) and Tamandl and Marti's introductory Spanish in sophomore year (69-70). I majored in French and had both Spanish and German as backups. I still speak fluent French, but never made a nickel on my language skills. I spend a year at University of Michigan in graduate French studies, but tired of academia (grad school at U of M was SO BORING compared to JMC) and decided to work in the restaurant biz for a few years -- earned enough in tips to take the modified "grand tour" of Europe via bicycle for seven months in 74-75. This also turned out to be my honeymoon to my life partner, Bob Janowski, who I met in Ann Arbor.

We settled in Denver, where I used my JMC-acquired experiential learning skills to help organize Denver's first gay community center (now lesbian, bisexual and transgender are included in the name), and served as its first director from 77-80. I also helped reorganize it in the late 1990s after it almost died an ugly nonprofit death.

In 1980, I decided I really wanted to be a writer, so I began working for a local gay newspaper, then at the local "alternative newspaper," then for respectable business and lifestyle publications. I was prolific but poor, so I got a real job writing for a nonprofit business group. Later I went on to become a speechwriter and communications advisor to former Denver Mayor Federico Pena (Clinton cabinet secretary for transportation then energy), then worked for a Denver philanthropist who become one of Clinton's ambassadorial appointments. For awhile, it seemed like everybody I worked for looked so good they climbed the ladder, leaving me to look for another job.

In the mid-late 90s, I had my own one-person communications consulting practice, working mostly with foundations. I took a job as Director of Communications with Rose Community Foundation in 1999. My "official" bio is at their Web site:

Bob and I have an old Victorian home near downtown Denver, and we spend most weekends at our mountain home in beautiful and quirky South Park. (Yes, there really is such a place.)

Going to JMC was one of the smartest things I ever did. I still remember the part of JMC foreign/field study preparation where they dropped you off in some remote little town and tell you to spend the day finding out what the place is all about. Since then, I've never been afraid to walk into an ambiguous situation and figure it out. I also think Inquiry and Expression (I had Keven Bridge for two terms) was one of the most beneficial courses I ever took. It prepared me to write my way into, around and through anything in life and work, and do it with a little bit of soul. ET, VOILA,... I've even made a career of Inquiring and Expressing. Even make enough to go to French-speaking countries now and then to keep up my otherwise useless language skills.
Photo available in the Morrillite Mug Shots Gallery at this site


NAKAS, Kestutis

AKA: "Tony"



Attended JMC 1971-1975

I was at JMC from 1971-75.

JMC was the BEST possible place for me to have been at that time.

Keven Bridge gave me confidence and self esteem as a writer.

Jim Yousling blew my mind by opening the world of film and the outer limits of art and culture.

Sears Eldridge was a humane, compassionate theatre artist, expert in guiding and shaping young talent.

I am deeply grateful to these and all the faculty and students who shared in this great experiment.

I became a theatre person doing avante garde theatre in NYC before becoming atheatre professor. Spent the 90's in New Mexico and am now at Roosvelt U in Chicago.

NELSON, Charles

JMC '70

"I must be around here somewhere!

Half Moon Bay, CA


NEW, Lorraine

JMC '70

"I am Lorraine New, who graduated from JMC in 1970 and got a Master's from UM in 1971. I married George Gregory, an MSU grad in 1973, before we both went to Wayne State for law school. He is in private practice and I am the manager of IRS Estate Tax in Detroit. We have a son who has started the other JMC, James Madison College, this fall. I have fond memories of JMC and greatly encouraged my son to find something similar."

NOELLERT, William A.

From a professional summary posted at:

"Dr. Noellert specializes in international economic analysis and trade litigation support. He supervises a staff of economists, trade analysts, statisticians and other professionals that provide economic analysis and litigation support for Dewey Ballantine LLP's international trade clients.

From January 1978 until July 1981, he was an international economist in the Trade and Investment Policy Division of the Bureau of International Labor Affairs, U.S. Department of Labor. Dr. Noellert was responsible for economic analysis and policy formation with respect to international investment and multinational enterprises (MNE) including matters involving the Overseas Private Investment Corporation, codes of conduct for MNEs in the OECD, ILO and UN and trade-related investment problems with Mexico, Canada and Japan. He participated in negotiations on investment and trade, such as the U.S.-Canadian talks to limit investment incentives in the North American automotive industry and negotiations with Singapore on a bilateral investment treaty.

From May 1977 to January 1978, Dr. Noellert worked in the Office of the Chief Economist at the Small Business Administration (SBA). He performed industrial organization analysis related to SBA size standards and helped develop a methodological framework for industry analysis of the parameters of small business success (i.e., entry, growth, profitability) to assist the SBA loan program.

Dr. Noellert is a co-author of The Microelectronics Race: The Impact of Government Policy on International Competition (Westview Press, 1987) and of Steel and the State (Westview Press, 1988). Dr. Noellert received a Ph.D. (1984) and M.A. (1975) in Economics from the American University. He earned his B.A. (magna cum laude) in Political Economics from Michigan State University in 1973."

NOVAK Turchyn, Sylvia

JMC '71

Based on the return address of an email received in January 2005, Sylvia is now affiliated with the University of Indiana. (Ed.)





I'm a choreographer and dancer living in NYC. I walked into my first dance class during my years at NYU as a dare from David Block. I'm still friends with Bonnie Sue Stein. Our kids go to the same school in the East Village. Times have changed, but I hope all of you out there still adhere to a pass/fail grading system, and remain independent thinkers!

(Email: July 2004)

OGLE, Karen

JMC '74

Karen is a physician and professor of Family Practice at MSU, and director of MSU's Palliative Care Education & Research Program. Her clinical practice is currently in geriatrics, and a major focus of her work has been in pain management and end-of-life care. She chaired the Governor's Commission on End-of-Life Care. She produced two CD-ROMs for patient and family education along with her husband, writer and JMC alum Dan Mishkin: Easing Cancer Pain and Completing a Life (


Postal Address:

4025 Saline Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15217



Instructor in anthropology specializing in Native Americans, 1975-77 (or was it 76-78?) I think the latter.

Now generally known as Pam Oestreicher, Pammyo, or Mom.

Attended MSU as an undergraduate from 1965 to '69; graduate student from '69 to '81, with various sojourns as shown below. Got MAs in history and anthropology, and finally Ph.D. in anthropology/ethnohistory. Married Dick Oestreicher, former chair of SDS chapter on campus in late '60s and relatively well-known radical crazy, in 1972. He published The Paper, led various demonstrations, organized the national convention of SDS on campus, led first SDS demonstration on campus (kiss-in in the lobby of Holmes Hall protesting PDA regulations). I was fired from my TA-ship in history for assisting in the Kent State strike (by the prof., not by the department - was paid all semester and never had to complete my incompletes.) Thus, I am of the same generation as the first classes at JMC and witnessed/participated in most of the same events.

Dick and I did our share of wandering about after the Justin Morrill days. Went to Arizona for two years, where Dick taught labor history at ASU and I worked as the undergraduate advisor in the College of Architecture. Then back to MSU for a Dick job in James Madison College; Dick had finished his Ph.D., and I worked on my dissertation and taught some classes for anthro. Finally, on to Pitt where Dick got a wonderful job in labor history and popular culture. I have done a little of everything. Taught some classes on Native American History; edited the publications and journals for the Historical Society of Western Penn; edited an economics journal; ran the Center for Neuroscience at Pitt (don't ask how I got that one - I still don't know); helped run a middle school mathematics education project. Then, in 1994, I junked academia to run my own business - building on Dick's and my 25-yr habit of buying and selling historic junk (photos, documents, pins, ribbons, etc.). I published a 2x year catalog of social history: women, blacks, Indians, the West, labor, the Left, the Right - well, you get the idea. It did well, but was so much work that I nearly died.

After I finished my dissertation in 1981, I got pregnant with our first kid Daniel. (Medical miracles abounded with this one.) He was pretty sick most of his early years and finally diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency at age 4; at that point, he was the size of an 18 mo. old. Daily injections of synthetic hormone for the rest of his childhood (until age 16) brought him to 5'4" and the vision of health. He now attends Loyola University of New Orleans as a jazz/music therapy major on full scholarship, bless him.

We adopted Jonathan from Peru in 1991, right in the middle of the Sandero Luminoso's most ferocious campaigns. Spent 7 harrowing weeks in Lima to get him out. He was about 4 at the time. What a gorgeous kid! Smart, funny. As adolescence hit, however, so did the aftermath of his early abandonment and abuse. He has depression, borderline bipolar, reactive/attachment disorder. Been hospitalized twice for suicidal ideation and violence. He's now getting pretty good care, and we are certainly believers in the modern meds, so things are looking up. He's in ninth grade, so we are optimistic that he may still graduate HS and go on to bigger and better things.

FInally decided to sell the business about a year and a half ago because Dick was having health problems (neurological like MS but not clearly diagnosed yet!) and our second son Jon began to have serious psychological trouble. Not working now, and it's a strange experience. I spend most of my time on Jon's situation, quilting, trying to bring a little beauty into things.

We love Pittsburgh - affordable, relatively safe, decent schools, fine healthcare. Don't imagine we will go anywhere for some time. There are plenty of chances here to work for social justice, fight unjust wars, and try to produce ethically-sound kids.

And check out Pam's reminiscences as a JMC instructor elsewhere in this Webspace.


"Dale Orrin, dancer/teacher/choreographer, died in the fall of 1989. There was a NY Times obit in Sept. 1989."

(Email from John Stick: September 2008)

ORRIN, Donna

"Donna Orrin, Dale's sister, is a memeber of the State of Michigan Mental Health Committee, and received a MSW from U of M."

(Email from John Stick: September 2008)




I am alive and well and my unaccounted for state is greatly exaggerated. I am currently living with my wife and two children in Wilmette, Illinois. ...

(Email: December 2003)

OWEN Sorensen, Kathy

Currently living in Decatur Illinois.

SOURCE: Suzanne Levy, July 2002


Dr. Pankhurst is a noted scholar of the societies of Russia and the Post-Soviet region. He teaches on this topic, as well as on sociology of religion and political sociology. He also has developed a teaching and research specialization on Islam and Islamic societies, with special interest in Egypt. He has co-edited two books of original articles on Soviet society, Contemporary Soviet Society (1980) and Understanding Soviet Society (1988) and has contributed articles to several other scholarly collections and professional journals, including Sociological Inquiry, Religion in Communist Lands, Journal of Family Issues, and Journal of Church and State . His co-edited book, Family, Religion and Social Change in Diverse Societies (2000), has recently been published. He has served as peer reviewer for many professional journals, including the American Journal of Sociology, Journal of Family Issues, Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, Sociology of Religion, Review of Religious Research, and Soviet and Post-Soviet Review . He has received research grants from the International Research and Exchanges Board, The Center for the Study of World Religions at Harvard University, The Ohio State University, the Kennan Institute for Advanced Russian Studies at the Smithsonian Institution's Wilson Center for International Scholars, and Wittenberg. With this support, he has carried out research at Leningrad and Moscow State Universities; the University of Sofia, Bulgaria; Keston Institute in the United Kingdom; American University of Cairo (Egypt); and the Library of Congress. Pankhurst received his B.A. from Justin Morrill College of Michigan State University and was awarded his M.A. and Ph.D. from The University of Michigan. He also completed additional graduate studies at Leningrad State University and Harvard University. He joined the Wittenberg faculty in 1984.





I attended JMC from 1974-1978, majoring in communications and marketing research. After a year with Burke Marketing Research in Cincinnati and a couple more at the U of Michigan-Dearborn, I returned to MSU to get a MA in advertising. After that I returned to the Detroit area to take a job with Chrysler's (now DaimlerChrysler's) advertising agency and have worked in research and account planning at various incarnations of that organization every since. Currently, it's called BBDO-Detroit, part of the Omnicom communications empire.

I've been interested in AKC dog events and Bull Terriers since I was a teenager; and I fulfilled my field study by spending a summer with Bull Terrier breeders in England. My website is devoted to my adventures in that arena.

NOTE: Cleo's terrier site is at:

Photo available in the Morrillite Mug Shots Gallery at this site


Assistant Executive Director
Washington State Association of Counties
206 Tenth Ave SE
Olympia, WA 98501



JMC '77

I attended MSU from 1973-1977, graduating from JMC with "American Cultural Studies" as my concentration. Living at New Community Co-Op in those Jimmy Carter days of energy "malaise", I became very interested in energy policy. JMC allowed me to combined that interest with my coursework and experience in journalism and public relations - for my senior project I developed educational materials on energy conservation for MSU's agricultural college and Cooperative Extension Service.

I stayed in the Lansing area for a few years to do political and public policy work with a group called Michigan Citizens Lobby. I almost went to Bowling Green State University to pursue graduate work in popular culture, but became hooked on public policy and ultimately went west to get a law degree from the University of Washington. Following a clerkship with the Washington Supreme Court, I returned to my interests in energy policy as Committee Counsel to the Energy and Utilities Committee of the Washington State Senate. After a brief sojourn in labor and employment policy, in late 1990 I landed as the land use and environmental policy lobbyist for the Washington State Association of Counties, where worked my way to Assistant Executive Director before leaving in fall 2005.

Now with an MPA degree, I am consulting in public policy ( and teaching occasionally at The Evergreen State College, the West Coast copy of JMC (and a state school, no less). My courses there have JMC-like names: "Shaping Policy: Lawyers, Lobbyists and Activists" and "We the People: Evolution of Our State and Federal Constitutions."

I have been married to Sally Reichlin since 1992 and, in addition to Sally's three children, our daughter Sophie came into our world in 1998. Sophie is the joy of our life and like her dad enjoys hiking, climbing, and baseball. Sally, a Yalie, is an artist and full-time mom.


Photo available in the Morrillite Mug Shots Gallery at this site

PARROT-Carson, Tina

JMC '74

Info Posted at Planet Alumni (

Currently Living in: Pittsburgh, PA, United States
Occupation: Writer
Company: Freelance
Spouse: John S. Carson





Sny-Phi resident, 1967 - 1970

Bill Patterson (non-JMC 71) healthcare consultant, Nashville. Married - one child.

"I am Bill Patterson, one of the bridge-playing grill rats (along with Lee Clark (non-JMC), Debbie Henry (JMC), Richard Levis (non-JMC), John Clark (JMC, I think)- most others already mentioned)."

(SOURCE: B. Patterson posting to JMC Yahoo Forum, March 2003)


"I found David Payson ...He is now Associate Professor at Keene State University (New Hampshire) in the Department of Communication, Journalism and Philosophy. He teaches communication and journalism.

His blurb on the Keene State website says:

David Payson earned his Ph.D. in Radio, Television and Film Studies from Northwestern University and joined the department in 1996.

Subject Areas: Professor Payson teaches media related courses across the Communication and Journalism curricula that fall into two general categories: theory oriented courses in Comunication and Journalism that explore the participation of media in the continuing dialogue that shapes social values and beliefs in contemporary societies; lab oriented journalism courses in radio and television news production.

Research Interests: Professor Payson has two primary research interests: the representation of minorities and other disenfranchized groups in entertainment television programming; the production of documentary and instructional video.

His picture:"

(SOURCE: Email from John Stick, November 2008)

PEET Edmunds, Carolyn

JMC '71

"...owner of the Spotted Dog Cafe in Lansing was one of 18 women in Michigan to receive an award from the State Women's Commission and the Women's Bi-partisan Caucus of the Michigan House of Representatives on Women's Entrepeneurship Day."

From: Muses (College of Arts and Letters alumni newsletter), Vol. 13, issue 2a (Winter 2001), p. 6.

PEREZ, Argelio Ben




Argelio B. Perez is a consultant affiliated with a number of private and public organizations including University Associates Consulting and Training Services, the Institute for Educational Leadership, and Learning Designs, Inc. He has a diverse background in public administration with substantial experience in supervision, fiscal management, legislation/regulatory monitoring, staff development, planning, and reorganization. He is also principal of Transformations, a Lansing-based consulting firm, specializing in leadership development, organizational change, team building, and facilitation. ...

Ben has been a teacher, principal, and senior executive in urban school districts (Detroit and Lansing), city government (Lansing), and state government (Michigan Department of Education) for thirty years. He also was a senior consultant with the Collaborative Leadership Center of Michigan State University's College of Education offering opportunities for training in the change process, facilitation, and research in leadership development. Ben is affiliated with the Institute for Educational Leadership as a senior consultant in Leadership Programs and Governance...

For the past 20 years, Ben has served as co-coordinator of the Education Policy Fellowship Program, affiliated with the Institute for Educational Leadership, Inc. in Washington, DC. ...

He earned a BA in Education from Justin Morrill College, at Michigan State University, and an MA in Classroom Teaching from the College of Education, at Michigan State University. In 1991, he was awarded the Institute for Educational Leadership's National Leadership Award.
Photo available in the Morrillite Mug Shots Gallery at this site


PHILLIPS Wood, Patricia


JMC 1965 - 1969

I started at JMC in 1965 and graduated from JMC in 1969. I presently live in Potomac Falls, Virginia with my husband and 2 children.

SOURCE: Email, January 2003

PINKUS (-Cohen) Reiss, Kathryn


MSU-1968- 1972-(JMC 1968-1970 or 1971 College of Social Science 1972)

Attended JMC 1968-1971, transferred to School of Social Work ( couldn't do double major & graduate on time), graduated from MSU 1972. [ did the marriage, mom- 2 kids, divorce, practiced Social Work on & off about 17 years]. Went back to Xavier University in Cincinnati for Master's in Health Services & Hospital Administration. I am now the Project Manager for the HRSA CAP Program with Jackson Health System in Miami, FL.

Excerpt from July 2002 posting to the JMC Yahoo Groups forum:

I guess lots of those JMC era values stuck with a lot of us. I am currently a Project Manager for the Miami, FL Community Access Program - we are an infrastructure program to link underserved populations to health care access. (In Miami that usually means undocumented). My kids (ages 20 & 24) complain about my Social Work type of values, and want to know why I am not a hospital administrator in a for-profit health care organization!

Additional notes, August 2006:

I lived in Phillips- I don't remember if the first room was 201- but it was the Russian House & my first room mates were Susie Schilling & Judy ( Current last name is Bjorn).

PINO, Chris


I have been married three time - finally with one now that can stick (we waited 16 years to actually get married).

I got real close to a double PhD from Yale in Clinical and Experimental Psychology but decided I didn't like the work and changed paths but may still go back.

Have worked in an out of the music industry a lot (and still do a bit) - my wife has been nominated for three Grammies.

Have explored alterative lifestyles since JMC - polyamory and leather.

I own an awesome piece of land in Southern Utah on the Green River where we hope to build a small ranch and retire some day:

I still love science fiction but have converted it (I guess like my music) into my profession. I have worked for NASA now for 7 years and hope to for the rest of my career if I am VERY lucky and avoid a wide variety of bear traps. I am the top computer person for space operations (shuttle, space station) and also working some on the computer underpinnings for our new flight system. I would like to finish my career there working on the psychology of people living on the Moon and traveling to and living on Mars.

I would love to hear from some of my old grill rat friends.

PITTS Marshall, Susan


I started in JMC in 1971 and graduated 1975; lived in Phillips for two years. I was the first person to graduate in Women's Studies from Michigan State. I not only had a concentration in Women's Studies, I received the first certificate in Women's Studies from Michigan State, and was the student member to the committee that got the certification passed. My activities included working in the Sny-Phy Cafeteria, JMC library and as a JMC academic advisor and serving on JMC and university-wide student governance.

I loved JMC! Had a great time, met wonderful people. Haven't thought about it in a long time. Sears Eldridge was the theatre prof who had a wonderful influence on me. John Reid (who also happened to be my 6th grade teacher!) was a great influence. I took video production with him. Betty Dickenson sponsored me in an independent writing project in which I discovered that religion more than gender influenced my early childhood development. I was in the Russian language program in 1971-1972. Other names will come to me if I take a little time to remember.

My name then was Susan Pitts (Sue Pitts). My roommate in Phillips was Linda Slade. I was friends with John Stick, Donna and Dale Orrin, Dan Mishkin, Karen Ogle, Gary Cohn, Jack McCullough, John McColl. I remember Carrie Waara from our first JMC "T-group". I noticed that John Stick listed me under my former roommate's name: Hester Cain Bryant. My boyfriend was Dennis Tanabe. Dennis is a lawyer in Yreka California. I have run into other people throughout the years. Through the ashram I lived in Indiana, I arranged for Sears Eldridge to bring some students from Earlham College to Bloomington Indiana for a Festival of Bhutan. I ran into Art Estey who was a professor at University of North Carolina in Raleigh Durham area back in 1978 or so. I attended Hester Cain Bryant's wedding in D.C. back in the 1970's and visited her back in the 1980's several times in Tallahasee. I last saw Linda Slade (married name ミ Horn) back in the early 1990's in the Seattle area. I think that she still lives in Edmonds Washington.

My name now: Susan Marshall.
My email: Susan[*AT*]

I was a Vista Volunteer in Lansing Legal Aid 1977-1978. After travelling and living on the east coast (including running into John Stick and Heidi Halla (separately) in Vermont) in an intentional community in Putney Vermont, I moved to Indiana and graduated from Indiana University Law School in 1983. I received a MBA from Simmons College (only all women's MBA program in the world) in 1990. I practiced law in Boston, MA until 1993 and in Portland, Oregon 1993-1998. I am still a licensed attorney, but for the last ten years I have worked in various non-profit and government settings as a manager/executive director. I am now the Acting Executive Director of the Feldenkrais Guild of North America. I have also taught hatha yoga at various locations 4-5 times/week, including through the Movement Center in Portland Oregon for the last ten years. I also have been an Adjunct Professor of negotiation at Lewis & Clark Law School since 1995.

PLATT, Nancy


I was at MSU from 1966-69. I started out in the University at large, pursuing a major of No Pref, till I discovered JMC and joined up.

If it's true that if you can remember the Sixties, you weren't there, I'd make a good case history. From every other time in my life I have photos, writings, drawings, and numerous friends and acquaintances. From my years at JMC I have two friends and some pictures of Gentle Tuesday. But it was a formative period, where I found my own little niche for the first time.

I went to Boston in 1969, neglecting to graduate before leaving. I ended up coming to London in 1971, and stayed. Since then I've worked in and around the film industry, latterly as documentary director of TV and educational films. My "filmography" makes distressing reading - AIDS, drugs, child abuse, alcoholism, rape - but I've managed to stay in work as freelancer for nearly 20 years.

In what seems like no time at all I've gone from greenhorn to old-timer in the industry, and now I fill in between films by teaching directing to the new newcomers.

Photo available in the Morrillite Mug Shots Gallery at this site




I attended JMC from 70-73. I still think about Lennie Isaacs frequently, who was by far my favorite teacher at MSU. The programs which most influenced me were the Encounter Groups and the Clarion Science Fiction Writers summer program.

Bio: Past president - Arizona Trial Lawyers' Assoc.; ATLA Sustaining Member & Leaders' Forum; Arizona State Bar Board Certified Specialist in Injury & Death Litigation; shareholder in Plattner Verderame, P.C.; Martindale-Hubbell "AV" rating; listed in The Best Lawyers in America. Representing injured individuals.

Photo available in the Morrillite Mug Shots Gallery at this site


POWELL, Milton (Milt)



Phone: (517) 351-1032

I stayed in Justin Morrill until 1981, through the years when we offered degree programs for returning adult students (one of the those students, Tony Benavides, is now Lansing's Mayor) Then I went to the American Thought and Language Department where I was Associate Chair from 1987 to 1994. In 1983 Sue and I lived in Tsu, near Nagoya in Japan, where I taught at Mie University.

I retired in 1998 and though we still live in East Lansing we travel a lot -- China, Korea, Japan, New Zealand, Fiji, Cook islands, Kenya, Egypt and frequent trips to Spain and Italy.

I still play keyboard with the Geriatric Six Plus One and on home football Saturdays you'll find me in the portable band shell at the northwest corner of Spartan Stadium. We play for two hours before each game.

I have lunch nearly every Friday with Fred Graham and John Reed. Justin Morrill veterans are welcome to join us; just fire off an email when you expect to be in town

Photos available in the JMC Faculty / Staff Gallery at this site


POWELL, Toby Jay


tjmapowell[*AT*] tjmapowell57[*AT*]

JMC 1967-1972

I finished my second foreign study for JMC in Zurich, Switzerland in August, 1972 (the first was in Guadalajara, Mexico). My head over heals love of all things Carl Jung led me to Chicago Theological Seminary/University of Chicago (MA);where I was able to do graduate work with Mircea Eliade and Paul Ricouer. I also was associate director of the Chicago International Seamen's Center managing the drop in center at Navy Pier.

I returned to my home town, Grand Rapids, Michigan (actually Cedar Springs, MI) and worked as in professional and continuing education with Grand Valley State Colleges. I returned to school and got an MSW and embarked on a career in clinical mental health social work. I worked at a variety of clinics, Port Huron, Michigan, Lansing, Michigan and environs. I have been a practitioner in outpatient therapy since 1980. I spent 13 years as a medical social worker with a long term acute care hospital.

My best friend from JMC is Carol Horning, now retired from a career with USAID. I am Facebook Friends with Betsy Bree, Mark Holoweiko, Marty (McDowell) Guerin and others.

I live with John, my partner of 31 years, in Lansing Michigan


JMC / MSU 1965 - 1970

"I am am "Orginal" from JMC 65. I graduated in the winter of 70 with a degree in History with a minor in Anthropology and a Teaching Certificate. I returned to Louisville that summer to serve in the Teacher Corp. which provided me with a free masters degree at the University of Louisville and my alternative service from the draft. I taught fifth grade in Teacher Corp. and continued until 1987 in elementary school. I switched to middle school for six years and moved to the local high school where I finally got to teach in my major. I also enjoyed coaching baseball and quick-recall(team Jepordy) during my final ten years, until I retired at Christmas time of 2003.

I now work part time at the local Junior College as an advisor. Along with teaching I also owned trained and bred harness horses from 1974 until 1989. Our local harness track was bought out by Churchill Downs which didn't make it feasible time wise after that point. I was President of the MSU Kentuckiana Alumni Club for ten years and a member of the MSU Varsity Alumni Club, which has kept me in contact with the University.

I appreciate the fine liberal arts education I received at JMC and I still truly believe the University made a huge mistake eliminating JMC from campus. Along with the education the memories of great friends like Scott Braley, Al Falk, Tom Riley and Tom Baldwin all added to a special time. Playing Keyboards with 'The Off Hour Rockers" and "Pillowcayse"(The Snyder Hall House Band) with Jackie Martling was a rare experience to be able to make music, meet people, have fun and make money doing it.

I still live in Louisville with my wife Meryl and enjoy bowling, golf and of course Churchill Downs. Go Green!"

PURDIE, Camille Cichy



Cell: (248) 766-4214

JMC 1972

Camille is currently Director of Marketing and Communications at Crittenton Hospital Medical Center in Macomb County Michigan.


RAU, Tom

Currently an MD with Coeur D'Alene Pediatrics in Idaho.

SOURCE: Suzanne Levy, July 2002

RENNIE Young, Christy

JMC '75

Currently a legal professional in Atlanta GA.

SOURCE: Email, May 2003



JMC '74

Ms. Rentschler practices a wide spectrum of commercial real estate law, and represents national end-users, commercial developers and individual investors in commercial leasing & sale transactions. Drawing on 9 years as Vice President & Regional Counsel for CB Commercial Real Estate (1987-1996), Ms. Rentschler continues to represent several commercial brokerage firms on brokerage practice issues and in broker defense and litigation. Prior to joining CB Commercial Real Estate Group she was a partner at Walkup, Shelby, Bastian, Melodia, Kelly & O'Reilly, a premier litigation firm.

Hastings College of Law, University of California (J.D., 1977)
Michigan State University (B.A., 1974)

The above is excerpted from Judi's professional summary at her workplace Website:

Photo available in the Morrillite Mug Shots Gallery at this site


"In 1996, Reynolds became the Director of Broadcasting for Michigan Radio. His many accomplishments include running California Public Radio, one of the largest public radio network news organizations in the country. He has also hosted and produced reports for Michigan at Risk, a public affairs program for Michigan's public television stations. In 2000, he helped create Great Lakes Television and now serves as Executive Director. Reynolds is also Director of Broadcasting for Michigan Public Media."

Great Lakes Television Website (

"Reynolds comes to the U-M from Michigan Public Radio in Lansing, where he has been executive director since 1984, and Michigan Public Television where, as an executive producer, he created a monthly public affairs documentary series titled "Michigan at Risk" for the state's seven public television stations. ... "While building and managing two statewide public radio networks in Michigan and California, Donovan has raised millions of dollars in support of radio and television projects from corporate, foundation and government sources," said Lewis A. Morrissey, director of special projects... A graduate of Michigan State University and a former Michigan Journalism Fellow, Reynolds' background includes three years as executive director of California Public Radio and three years as bureau chief in the Sacramento News Bureau of California Public Radio. Reynolds has received numerous awards in broadcasting, including honors from the Detroit Press Club, the Governor's Arts Award and the 1994 Clarion Award from Women in Communications Inc., for the best public affairs program for "Michigan at Risk: Talking Heads." He also earned 10 Michigan Emmy nominations between 1989 and 1995 for "Michigan at Risk."

The (U of M) University Record, December 5, 1995

Photo available in the Morrillite Mug Shots Gallery at this site


RICHARDS, Ronald (Ron)



Postal Info:

Dept. of Physics and Astronomy
B.P.S. Bldg.
Michigan State University
East Lansing MI


JMC 1976 - 1979

Hello, I was in JMC from the spring of '76 until it was disbanded. I lived in Sny-Phy for a bit less than 3 "years" (JMC field study) I'm still here in town (E.L.). Being a true JMC member I do mechanical engineering for a group in the MSU Physics-Astronomy Dept. even though my degree was in Studio Art.

I lived in Sny-Phy from Fall of 75 to spring 78.

Janet Pletcher (also on the list) is my wife and although she had friends in JMC I'm fairly sure she was not enrolled in JMC.

SOURCE: Emails of April 2004

Photo available in the Morrillite Mug Shots Gallery at this site

RICKS, Michael G.

(Excerpted from artist biographical data for ceramics in the Kraemer Library at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs)

Education: B.A. Justin Morrill College, Michigan State University University of Leningrad, Leningrad, USSR (St. Petersburg, Russia)

I have spent a great deal of my life visiting the ruins of Asia, Europe and Africa and the stone reliefs of these cultures have been an influence in my work. The other strong influence is my love of Post Modernists. I have found in "raku" ceramics a medium, that creates the feel of "great age" and allows me to combine my love of ancient art, especially Asian, with Post Modernists color and movement to create unique sculptural tiles as well as large unusual vessels.

Entering the art world fairly recently after a succcssful corporate career and a great deal of time collecting art, I have found in ceramics a feeling of accomplishment that did not exist in my former life.


Riethmiller*, Susan

(* Not known if this was her JMC-era name)

Attended JMC 1966-1967, graduated 1970

(Information from entry at the Justin Morrill College category at

ROHMAN, D. Gordon


Dean of Justin Morrill College, 1965 - 197?

Dean Rohman retired from MSU in 1994, but continues to teach mainly in MSU's non-credit adult Evening College.

ROBERTS, Charley


JMC '69

Photo available in the Morrillite Mug Shots Gallery at this site

ROBERTS VanHaften,


JMC 1969 - 1973

Photo available in the Morrillite Mug Shots Gallery at this site

ROBERTS, Michael

I went on to law school at American University, a career in DC law firm life, and now in-house as GC with Crowley Maritime. I appreciate you keeping some shred of our college life alive!

(Email from Michael, September 2012)

ROCK, Marcia


"Marcia Rock (JMC '72) married Richard Levis, divorced in 1977, became VP for Revlon in NYC. Still lives there - East Side, one child."

(SOURCE: Bill Patterson, March 2003 posting to Yahoo JMC Forum)



Accounted For - Alive and Well (- Ed., March 2004)

ROSEN, Steve


JMC Student 1967 - 1970




JMC Student 1966 - 1970

Photo available in the Morrillite Mug Shots Gallery at this site


MSU Student; Snyder Resident: Fall 1971 - Spring 1973

I was a student at MSU my Jr. & Sr. years (Fall '71 - Spring '73). While not a JMC major I was a resident of Snyder Hall. Naturally was friends with many JMC students, in fact I married one 16 years after graduation, I guess those JMC relationships lasts. I did have the experience of one JMC class, t a second quarter of I&E, w/ Ms Dickenson. So while not totally intimate with JMC I do have an up close and personal relationship with the program

ROSENBURY, Jessie Disbrow

"Jesse Rosenbury (Disbrow) is alive and well in North Carolina."

"Jessie first moved to NYC where we were frequently in touch. She then moved on to Washington, DC and where she worked as a office manager for a group of psychiatrists. Then on to North Carolina where one of her sisters is living."

(Email from Jason Wanger (Reynolds), June 2003)


"Went to JMC '70 - '74. Graduated '74."

Email, June 2005

RUDIN Albaugh, Patti

"I was in Justin Morrill College briefly, in 1965, and lived in Phillips Hall with Joyce Henry. (We're still in touch.) My name was Patti Rudin, and I was a French major. After a slow start getting my B.A. (10 years), I finally saw the academic light and ended up with a Ph.D. in Instructional Technology from Ohio State. I love it when the Spartans beat the Buckeyes, but alas it doesn't happen often! I am a professor of Education at Otterbein College."

(Email, July 2003)



J.D. - Univ. of Michigan Law School 1977

Current residence - Lansing. MI


  • Recorders Court - Detroit
  • State of Michigan:
    • Legislative Service Bureau
    • Public Service Commission
    • Corps & Securities Bureau
    • Office of Financial and Insurance Services
Currently retired from State service and practricing law in Lansing

(SOURCE: Email message to Editor, September 2006)



JMC '75

I remember moving in to Snyder-Phillips in the fall of 1971. The ceilings were painted black, the walls were dark purple. I lived on the third floor. Men came and went as they pleased and were frequently using the shower. We asked that they announced themselves.

I remember spending a lot of time hanging out in the grill - the card players were there, there was always a group watching the road runner or Saturday night live.

The classes were thought provoking. I think I actually took a class called "what is reality" and "lying with numbers", but I became fluent in French - which was my objective at the time.

(SOURCE: Email message to Editor, February 2003)


Biographical Summary:

SARGENT, Carolyn

Curriculum Vitae (downloadable as Microsoft Word file):

SASE, John


Web Site:

After leaving E. Lansing, I did the street scene in Detroit, crashing where I could living as a nomadic minstrel playing my songs for whoever was interested. Started and ran a funded arts space named the Freezer Theatre in the inner city. Acted, poetry reading, and played in a number of bands and recorded some 45s and a couple of LPs. Went back to school. Earned an MBA, an MA in economics, a BA in music, and a PhD in economics finally in 1992. Have taught college for about 22 years. Started a small consulting business three years ago, doing a lot of work for attorneys, crunching numbers for court cases. Been married since 1986. Julie and I have three kids, 11, 8, and 3 years old. Still play music, (mostly folk and classical guitar and string bass).
Photo available in the Morrillite Mug Shots Gallery at this site


SCHILLING Keats, Susan

  • JMC, '70
  • MA in Russian, Michigan State, '73
  • PhD in Russian literature, Brown U., '82

Currently employed as substitute teacher in the public school system in Ventura, California.

Previous employment includes two years as a computer programmer for GTE Data Systems (now Verizon) in Marina del Rey, Calif.

Married to John P. Keats, MD (ob-gyn), with four children--3 boys, 1 girl, born between 1982 and 1990.

SCHELKE, Jonathan (Jon)

Jon Schelke pursued a career in education in the state of Michigan.

"Jon Schelke has been a high school principal in Michigan and worked for the school district too."

(Email from Jason (Wanger) Reynolds: 28 March 2010)

SCHMID, A. Allan

Taught economics in JMC, 1965-1967

SCHMITZ Vollmer, Joanne

Attended JMC 1967-1971

(Information from entry at the Justin Morrill College category at




Postal Address:

2043 Fairmount
St. Paul, MN


  • (h) 651-690-4522
  • (o) 651-733-1834.

(Writing instructor at JMC 1966-67, 1969-78)

Since leaving JMC, I've been a speechwriter, first at Chrysler for three years, then at 3M for close to 19 years. Married to graphic artist Claire Lewis, with a daughter, son and stepson, all in college now. When the last one graduates in 2003, I'll retire and look for something else to do.

SCHULTZ, Wendy Lynn

Biographical Summary:



JMC 1965 - 1968

Hello. I was at MSU 1965 -68 and knew many people in JMC. Still in contact with several of them. ... Also would like to find Erica Abrahamson, have lost touch.
My e-mail is aoschulz[*AT*]



JMC '72

After graduating from JMC, I attended the University of Michigan and obtained an A.M.L.S. in 1973. I married Edward Gersabeck (lived in Snyder Hall 1969 and was Jeff Thompson's room mate). We stuck around East Lansing/Lansing until 1982. I worked at the new and fledging Thomas M. Cooley Law School from 1973-1977 and then I was hired at the M.S.U. Libraries to fill in for Beth Shapiro's position as Urban Policy and Planning Librarian while she was doing her course work for a Ph.d. After that I worked at the Business Library until 1982. In 1982 Edward finally finished his doctoral work in entomology and we went to southern Mexico (Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas). Ed worked on the government's screwworm program and I was Director of the Library at Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey - Campus Chiapas. My not so wonderful Spanish (even though I studied it for one year intensively in JMC) became fluent and I am thankful to Prof. Scholberg/JMC Spanish instructor. We lived in Mexico (and loved it!) until 1989. From there we were sent back to the Washington, D.C. area where we live in Silver Spring. We have one son Alexander, who was born in 1987. I worked at the University of Maryland at College Park, McKeldin Library for 5 years. Then I took a great part time job at the Department of Justice Libraries in the Tax Library. Currently, I accepted a position in the Antitrust Division and continue using not only my legal research skills, but also there are fascinating business research questions there. Ed is involved with international programs to control insect pests - mostly veterinary/medical problems. He travels to the Carribean, Mexico, and other fabulous places.
My e-mail is lindaschweizer[*AT*]
- but specify in the subject JMC if you don't want me to delete your message.

(Email: 19 June 2003)


JMC 1965 - 1969

"I was a member of the first class 65-69. It's great to learn about what folks are doing and to remember details about the JMC concept that I'd forgotten. ... I don't think I really realized the extent to which I've been trying to recreate the JMC experience for our students till I signed on to your website. Thanks so much."

(Email: 16 June 2003)

Sue is currently President of the George Meany Center for Labor Studies at The National Labor College.

You can view her President's Message at:
Photo available in the Morrillite Mug Shots Gallery at this site



JMC 1965 - 1969

"I was looking up some info on an old friend (Karen Sepanski) and came across our JMC MIA list. I wasn't sure if the Karen I knew is the same Karen on the MIA list--she worked in my studio in Birmingham MI for a time, and perhaps the topic of JMC never came up.

Karen (if she is the same Karen on your list) has been a glass artist of note, based in Detroit for 30 years. She also teaches art in the Detroit or Wayne County school system."

(Email:from Mark Talaba, March 2008)


3830 S. 530th E.
Greenbank, WA 98253
(360) 678-4168


JMC '69

I have been an examiner responsible for Macedonian for the International Baccalaureate Organization for the past four years. I have been an adjunct professor of language and literature at Skagit Valley College, Whidbey Island, Washington state, USA, for the past fifteen years. I hold a B.A. from Michigan State University's Justin Morrill College, an M.A. in Slavic linguistics and a Ph.D. in Slavic languages and literature from the University of Washington. I am the author of one book in Slavic studies, a number of shorter studies and literary translations. In addition to my academic research, teaching and writing, I have occasionally worked as a translator for U.S. AID programs for Macedonia. I have made over 10 visits to the Balkans over a 30 year period, visits ranging from one to six months, for family and professional reasons. My most recent visit was in August of 2000 for the 4th North American Macedonian Studies Seminar, held in Ohrid, Macedonia.


  • Ph.D. Slavic languages and literature, University. of Washington, 1993
  • Macedonian language and culture seminar, Skopje University, 1984, 1989
  • M.A. Slavic linguistics, University of Washington, 1987
  • Bulgarian Slavonic Seminar, Sofia University, summer 1986, 1991
  • Teaching certification, K-12, Michigan State University, 1974
  • B.A. anthropology, Justin Morrill College, Michigan State University, 1969
  • Summer quarter Russian program, Leningrad State University, 1967


  • International Baccalaureate Organization, Cardiff, UK, Examiner, 1997-
  • Skagit Valley College, Whidbey, adjunct professor, Language & Literature,1987-
  • USAID-sponsored Global Education Services program, Negotiation Training for Macedonian Union Leaders, Seattle, WA, Interpreter, January-February, 2001.
  • USAID-sponsored World Learning Services program, Domestic Violence Awareness for Macedonian Participants, Corvallis, OR, Interpreter, March, 2001.
  • South Whidbey Tilth, Langley, WA., Education Director, 1996-2001.
  • Novosibirsk State University, language instructor, winter-spring, 1993
  • Mariner High School, Mukilteo, Russian instructor, spring, 1990
  • Department of Slavic Languages, University of Washington, Research assistant. 1986-87
  • Cascade Community Center, Seattle, Social Services assistant., 1978-80
  • Detroit Public Schools, Bennett Elementary, ESL teacher, 1974-75

Photo available in the Morrillite Mug Shots Gallery at this site





JMC '72

Here's the quick bio:

  • MA (+PhD coursework) MSU Comm 1974
  • 75-76 asst professor, Arizona State U
  • 76-77 research analyst, PACE (a market research co)
  • 77-83 senior research analyst, Ford Motor Co
  • 83-90 market research mgr, Volkswagen of America
  • 90-01 senior vp/partner, Allison-Fisher International (market research and consulting)
  • 01 retired (or sabbatical) -- sold the company

1972: married Karen.

We have two sons: KC (21) and Kevin (16)


"Ruth Seymour (M.A., Wayne State University ) is a Lecturer of Journalism and Cross-Cultural Communication. Ms. Seymour is the recipient of a Detroit Press Club First Place Award for Feature Writing and a Gold Medallion Mass Media Award from the National Council of Christians and Jews. She served as Director of the Poynter Institute's "Push the Edges" Project to increase the cultural diversity of the mass media. While working on her doctorate in Mass Communication and Intercultural Communication at the University of Michigan she maintains an active program of research and publication."


Photo available in the Morrillite Mug Shots Gallery at this site


JMC 1975

After graduating from JMC in Dec., 1975, I went on to earn a master's in Library Science at University of Illinois. After working just a couple of years in Illinois, I was able to move south and defrost.

I have been in Franklin County, North Carolina, since 1981. I've been the county library library director, a librarian on the faculty at Louisburg College, and am presently a middle-school librarian. I've had a really great time being a librarian (for over 30 years!) and living in a small town. I was always more comfortable in smaller organizations, so the JMC experience was great for me. I'm happy to be rooted in a community where I interact with folks of all backgrounds, and I know families over several generations. My family was nomadic when I was a kid, and I was never interested in that lifestyle as an adult.

I'm always happy to hear from JMC people.

Recent photo available in the Morrillite Mug Shots Gallery at this site



JMC 1969

After leaving JMC I went to University of Illinois in Comparative Literature. Finished the Masters and about half the PhD coursework when I just ran out of steam. Terrible academic job market, and the realization that I didn't like research and writing - I liked reading and talking about it with the huge population of arrogant weirdoes like myself. I never found another academic community like the one found in 67 through 69 at JMC.

There follows a period that Amy Uphaus aptly called 'career limbo.' I sold clothes, then managed clothing stores. (I know, I know) In the mid 80's the company I was with finally discovered training. It was like finally finding a new home. I trained management and sales until 1991 when they laid off our department and soon went broke. One of the highlights was doing a great deal of management training with our Japanese licensees. The most fun I've ever had while working.

Married my high school sweetheart in 1979, but ten years later we realized we were better off as best friends. So we separated in 1989 and resumed being friends.

After the layoff I was hired by the outplacement company that had been hired to assist in my search. Since then I have worked with a variety of outplacement companies as well as providing management training both as an employee and a contractor.

Needless to say this is the golden age of outplacement. I am currently working the end of the massive Nortel layoffs here in Dallas. My next planned move is to go back to academia, but as a placement director for an MBA program. Basically the same work I've been doing, but with participants who are happy to have gotten a degree instead of just having had their lives blown up.

Also planning on getting the hell out of Texas. I've been here since 1984 and to misquote Mann in The Magic Mountain, "God forbid it should be eighteen years."
Vintage photo available in the JMC Image Gallery at this site (Kevin Fulton's photos from the '67 JMC picnic).


SHELDON Levy, Suzanne




Attended JMC 1965-1969

I was one of the original class who entered in September 1965. I majored in history and worked Sunday mornings at the desk in Phillips Hall and later at the MSU Library. After graduation I married Alan Levy, a physics/psychology major I met at freshman orientation and hung around with all four years at MSU. We moved to New York, where Alan worked on a PhD at Columbia in social psychology and I worked at the New York Public Library and attended Pratt Institute. I received my MLS (master of library science) in May of 1971. I spent one year as the acquisitions librarian at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, something my JMC career really prepared me for. Then we moved to Durham, NC, where Alan was hired to teach at Duke. I ended up being the state documents librarian at the NC State Library in Raleigh for two years, then went to Chapel Hill as the Cataloger in the North Carolina Collection at the UNC Library.

In 1981 we moved to Fairfax, Virginia, where I became the Virginia Room Librarian at the Fairfax County Public Library, a job I still fell challenged by every day. I work with local historians and genealogists in addition to the general public, students from George Mason Univ. which is right up the street, and local school kids. I have been a judge at the regional National History Day competition.I get to use my history degreein a setting I love. Who could ask for more? Alan works for the Food and Drug Administration in the Office of Food Safety and Applied Nutrition. He does a lot of consumer research and statistical anaylsis.

We have two boys, Ben (24), now living in DC, and Joe who starts high school in the fall. I have been active in local historical, genealogical and library organizations along with the PTA. I even served on the Fairfax City School Board for four years.

I keep in touch with Kathy Owen Sorensen, my roomie in 226 Phillips, and Jan Swartz Wilford and Linda Taylor Hahnert, my freshman roomies in 22. I occasionally hear from Suzanne Rogers. Last summer I had a wonderful visit from my French brother from my fall 67 semester in Besancon. He teaches English and looks almost the same as he did then. I still think about Cynthia Wilford, my buddie from girl scout camp, who died of Leukemia a few years after graduation. Her cousin, Peter married Jan Swartz. And one of my high school classmates, Susan Dummer, married Tom Rau. At one point they lived down the street from my sister in Lander, Wyoming! Very small world.

I sang in the Chorus under Gomer Jones with some of my JMC friends and his daughter Beth. What a joy that was. When I retire I want to do some more choral work.


Attended JMC 1968-1970

Also attended University of Michigan, 1970-1972, Western Michigan University, 1973.

(Information from entry at the Justin Morrill College category at

SINCLAIR, Charles ("Chuck")

"I found myself tonight on the list of JMC veterans missing in action. There were more MIA's than I would have guessed there were ever JMC students, based on my limited exposure to them - I never lived on campus and didn't spend much time there except in class. I don't expect to hear from anyone, but I thought I should at least put myself on the list of the living..."

Email: sinclaircr301[*AT*]

SIROTKIN Butler, Deborah



JMC: 1966 - 1970

"I was in the Justin Morrill College Russian program and went to Leningrad State University with it. Ultimately, though, I did not graduate from Justin Morrill, but from the honors college. I am now an appellate attorney in Massachusetts with two children, and married."

(SOURCE: Email to editor, March 2003).

SMITH, Kenneth Durham



I attended Justin Morrill College from September 1976 - August 1979, majoring in Literature and Philosophy. After graduating, I worked in a number of jobs: cooking/waiting at El Azteca, and a bit of carpentry, building, home remodeling, until I stuck my thumb in a table saw and decided that professional building wasn't a good match.

My wife, Sharon Neyhus (a graduate of James Madison) and I ended up finally in Seattle. I worked for lawyers, then took a deep breath and went to work at Microsoft on a short term contract to do technical support. Sherry worked in social service agencies until she switched to working in the theater. In September 1998, we (including 2 year old daughter) moved to London for 12 months so that Sherry could do a Masters in Theatre Administration. 18 months later, we were still there. Nearly 8 years later, we are STILL here, holding indefinite right to remain status.

We have since added a son to the fold, who is now nearly 3 and absolutely MAD about baseball. Sherry is working for the National Theatre, I have just finished an MSc in Health Informatics and am working for the Great Ormond Street Hospital.
Photo available in the Morrillite Mug Shots Gallery at this site

Another - larger - photo of Ken morris dancing

Brief Bio on WWW:

SMITH Dodea, R. Sue



I'm R. Sue (Smith) Dodea and I was part of the JMC community from '72 through graduation in June, '76. I lived in Phillips Hall during freshman and sophomore years, then off campus. My "Field of Concentration" was "Writing and Literature" which gave me the advantage of time spent with John Reid, Glenn Wright (both JMC) and Arthur Athanason (English); those are indelible impressions. John gave me confidence, Glenn gave me a toehold into the world of Virginia Woolf and Arthur gave me Tennessee Williams. Those alone were worth 4 years at MSU. I eventually followed my heart to Bowling Green State University where I earned my Master's in Popular Culture (studying the social impact of Rock and Roll). This is the crux of my educational, intellectual and social interests. Along with other work experience, I have inadvertently developed a career in Michigan's non-profit sector where I contribute through development and communications efforts. As of Spring '05 I work on behalf of the Michigan Paralyzed Veterans of America, visit us at Visit me any time at, the site built by my husband, Mike Dodea. You can write me at RSUE[*AT*]DODEAS.COM or RSUEDODEA[*AT*]HOTMAIL.COM

Visit me any time at, the site built by my husband, Mike Dodea.
Photo available in the Morrillite Mug Shots Gallery at this site





The following excerpted from an introduction posted to the JMC Yahoo Groups forum, July 2002...

Today I am a full-time German translator, self-employed. I remember one time in a publication, maybe the sheet, there was a claim that a JMC education suited one only to become a wandering minstrel. Actually, as a freelance translator, a few years ago I bought a motor home and traveled around, working my way across the country. I know I am a late bloomer - never had a van in the old days...

But my experience at JMC was a big support to me in raising my own child, my daughter who is now 24. JMC really let me see a big old world and not get tunnel vision when it came to my kid...

Had I not had the moral support in working toward my own life view and maturity at JMC, I don't think I would have had the courage to take the stands I have.

SORG, H. Peter


I attended JMC from 1967-71, followed by a two-year stint in the Teacher Corps. My wife Vicki and I have three girls and live in Woodinville, WA. I'm a lawyer with Lane Powell Spears Lubersky in Seattle.
Photo available in the Morrillite Mug Shots Gallery at this site



Possibly attended JMC; lived in Phillips 1973 - 1975

"Linda Spangler got her MD from the med school at UC San Francisco in 1985. She has a general practice in San Mateo, California."

(SOURCE: Email from John Stick, September 2008)

STANFORD, Merry (Mary)

Attended JMC 1968 - 1972

"I got married to Mark Ludke in a local Baptist Park on graduation day, 1972, with John Duley officiating. Chris Engelhard played the flute, the kids fished and played frisbee, and I remember one little girl squatting to take a pee in the midst of the celebration, shocking my grandmother.

We went to Champaign-Urbana, where Mark got a master's degree in dance, and I got one in special education and early childhood with a really special group of people at the Colonel Wolfe School in Urbana. It wasn't long before we split up, though, and we lost touch. I believe he is now living in the Minneapolis area, but can't say for sure.

I moved back to Lansing, and spent some years being a teacher for children with serious emotional difficulties, until I married again and had two rambunctious boys. My husband, Dan, and I were active in the Catholic peace movement, and lived on an untaxable income for awhile to protest the great portion of our taxes that was being spent on armaments. Eventually we got poor enough that I went back to teaching to pay the bills, and started writing protest letters instead. In time, I left teaching to become the director of family strengthening programs for a child abuse prevention agency, and learned how much I didn't know!

So I went back to school, got another divorce, got another masters degree (this time in clinical social work), and married a Canadian who is, of course, a very nice man. Peter and I have been happily married now for 14 years, and the boys are (mostly) grown and (mostly) off on their own.

I work at the Michigan Department of Education as a consultant for health and character education (read education focused on teaching social-emotional skills and building positive school climates), have a very part-time clinical practice, and am active in the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).

There are pictures of my sweetie and me at:"

Email: Merry.stanford[*AT*]

STEARNS, Robert L., Jr.

Attended JMC 1971-1978

(Information from entry at the Justin Morrill College category at

STEIN, Bonnie Sue

Contact in NYC:

239 E. 5TH STREET, #1-D
NYC 10003



Attended JMC 1972 - 1976 or 1977


  • Betty Dickenson, loved her, she taught me to write.. I still remember her comments..
  • Glenn Wright, had an independent study in writing with him..
  • Jim Yousling, film, film, films, and more films.
  • Tamara Harrod. French french and more French.. Je suis une etudiante du monde...
  • Sears Eldridge. Sent me on a field study year to Japan, where I wrote 100 pages of journalistic blabber, which then earned me 15 credits.. what a great deal!

I remember making movies, which I still have. 8 mm. now in fragile condition. Working on environmental theater with Sears. and more...

So what do I do now? I am exec director and producer of GOH Productions, in NYC., where I have lived since 1979. Acted, danced and performed in various experimental works in NYC and on tour in Asia, East Europe, USA. Now involved in exchanges between some of these countries, including work in Belgrade, Sarajevo, Tokyo, Tallinn, Prague...


JMC, 1969

I am David Stevens, BA 1969; I am one of those listed as MIA. I went on for my MA at Kent State in 1970 (yes, I was there, hiding under a VW) and my PhD from Bowling Green State U in 1973, serving as a Woodrow Wilson Fellow in the process. I became a theatre professor for 20 years, then became an attorney. I retired in 2009 and live with my wife Carol, a retired English professor, in Illinois. JMC was the perfect undergraduate experience for me, and among other things it made passing the language exam for my PhD a snap.


John Stick was a professor of law at Tulane University. In an online forum archive appears the following posting from 05/22/01:

"I recently retired early from Tulane University where I was a professor of Law and Philosophy. My research interests scattered within legal and political philosophy, and included modelling the structure of legal and moral reasoning. ..."

The URL for the full message is:

According to an email from John in May 2003, he currently lives in the vicinity of Santa Fe NM.

A photo of John among the Sny-Phi 'Grill Rats' can be found in the JMC Image Gallery.

John's email address is: johnstick[*AT*]

STOCK Trevarthen, Linda

JMC '68 - '70, dually enrolled for the next year or so, then eventually transferred to College of Education, from which I graduated in '73 and also earned an M.A.

Manager, Testing Services
MSU Counseling Center
207 Student Services
(practically right across the street from Phillips Hall!)


STONER Castle, Bari

7-13400 Princess St.
Richmond, BC, Canada
V7E 6R5



JMC student 1973 - 1975

Hello! My name is Bari Castle. When I attended JMC (1973-75) my name was Bari Stoner. Aubrey Marron was my room-mate, and she is still in East Lansing,involved in City politics.

My JMC years were a blur of late nights ,bagels and deadlines. I lived in the Communications Co-ordinator Office much of the time, putting out the student newsletter, and got to know most of the night-hawks when I was guarding the door as night receptionist. Highlights for me included JMC productions of "Balm In Gilead" and a Noh version of "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance", as well as a MSU production of "Marat/Sade". I suppose I studied too.

I left JMC in 1975 to be an actress based in California, then found myself in Canada. I completed my BA at the University of Toronto, and then continued my schooling from there. I was Ordained as a minister in the United Church of Canada , and have served churches in Alberta and British Columbia. I am now married and still a minister at Ryerson United Church in Vancouver: a left wing, gay-friendly and politically involved church known for its trend-setting ways.

I remember with gratitude the challenge and support of Dr. Fred Graham who encouraged thinking about old things in new ways. I also remember confronting Roger Stimson about his abuse of power in the classroom. I guess JMC was a profound influence after all.



JMC '73

During the 1972-73 academic year I edited JMC's "The Sheet," and I compiled it and distributed it with the help of many other of MSU's experimental finest. I was one of the fortunate when the draft for Vietnam ended just before my graduation. Still, I followed the pathway I had laid to the University of Toronto in Canada. While there, in addition to earning a MA in English Literature, I had the honor and privilege of wedding Roberta A. Doutlick, also a JMC student. Like some of the best things in one's life, and to my lasting regret, our marriage floundered and ended three years later.

Unable to find a teaching position, I went to work on the assembly line at Buick Motors in Flint, MI. I published a small magazine, "Gray Sky Review," and started exhibiting my photographs around Michigan (including an exhibition at MSU). Then, in 1982, as one of the masses put out on long term layoff by General Motors, I relocated to Kansas City, MO, and started a business as Stornello Graphic Design and Photography that morphed into Stornello Architectural Photography. I also continued exhibiting my personal images.

Tired of hearing about increasing illiteracy in the United States, I decided to do something about it in 1992 and went back to college to get a degree in English Education. While enrolled at the School of Education, University of Missouri at Kansas City, my professors persuaded me to continue and get a Ph.D. To make a long story short, I did the study and research to earn an Interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Urban Leadership and Policy Studies in Education/ Economics/ Political Science/ Sociology. It was a course of "interdisciplinary" study as distinct from "multi-disciplinary" - by virtue of five years study with Dr. Morteza Ardebili and the acquisition of a global theory (emerging out of the rigorous development in philosophy instigated by Roy Bhaskar in England).

I graduated from UMKC in 1998, taught graduate courses in the School of Education, rhetoric courses at Rockhurst University, did ethnographic research, directed a research/evaluation project of community action and drug prevention programs in Jackson County, Missiouri, and put together a summer scholars program in social science research for undergraduate students before I departed UMKC. I also published some articles, and a book, "Social Hegemony and Educational Inequality."

Dr. James Sturgeon, director of my Political Economy Seminar, introduced me to the Mondragon Cooperative Movement in the Basque region of Spain. I have continued to study Mondragon, and as the executive director of The Open Institute in Flint, Michigan, I am busy trying to persuade the city's dispossessed and distressed that there is a real alternative to poverty and rapaciously exploitative fascism/capitalism. The Open Institute is also engaged in providing social research, program evaluation, and educational services to government and not-for-profit agencies and organizations.

In addition, I direct a weekly study group in U.S. history and social policy; and I am still marching and marching for peace and social justice.

STRICKLAND Hillis, Karen

JMC 1970

".Attended JMC 1967-1970 as Karen Strickland. Glenn Wright was my advisor. I graduated in summer 1970 and married Jay W. Hillis, non-JMC (lived in Snyder, roommate of Bill McGarvey). Divorced, MS in Computer Science-USC, live in Tampa, work at USF.

I kept my ex-husband's name and while I attended JMC as Karen Strickland, I have since been known as Karen Hillis."


JMC / Sny-Phi, Late 1960's and very early 1970's

"Ted is many things... a husband, father, builder, musician, teacher, and purveyor of making the extraordinary seem unremarkable in his understated demeanor."

- Interview with Ted in Recording Engineer Quarterly, 2001

Ted is currently a teacher at the Upland Hills School in Royal Oak MI.

"Ted Strunck has been teaching with us since 1989. Ted is a professional musician and a professional builder. He teaches the oldest group at our school and is committed to preparing them for their next placement. The comprehensive units that he designs are large practical building experiments that challenge his students on many levels. His group has built a 160-foot bridge, a stained glass window, and a solar greenhouse. Ted has earned a B.A. and a teaching certificate from the state of Michigan. He has also earned postgraduate credits in music and writing instruction."

- Upland Hills School Staff Page:
Photo available in the Morrillite Mug Shots Gallery at this site


SWARTZ Wilford, Janice


I asked my sister several times to submit information for the JMC website. She told me she's too busy but I should feel free to submit info on her behalf. If she doesn't like what I wrote, she'll have to submit her own version! Submitted by her loving sis, Darlene Swartz Hubsky.

Jan graduated from JMC in June 1969 with a JMC major and a teaching certificate. Unfortunately, she discovered during her student teaching senior year that teaching was not for her. Little late to change things. So she graduated, got married in August 1969, and spent the next two years in Germany with her husband Peter while he finished his tour in the Army. Jan and Pete live in Sunfield, MI. She has worked a variety of jobs/careers including many years as a manager with the Michigan Farm Bureau. About 2 or 3 years ago Jan accepted a management position with the Michigan Department of Agriculture. She is Program Manager for the Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program. (You can find out more at if you want.) Jan and Pete have two children. Becca, another MSU grad, lives and works with her husband Robert in Columbia MO. Jake, a U of M engineer, works in California doing rocket science.

Jan would love to hear from friends. You can email her at tillyrew[*AT*]

SWARTZ-Hubsky, Darlene R.


I graduated from MSU and JMC in June 1973 with a double major (JMC and Social Work). In September 1973 I was hired by the State of Michigan to work as an employment counselor in Saginaw. I continued in this position until several internal and external departmental shakeups occurred. I was assigned to a training capacity in July 2001, given training coordination responsibilities in December 2001, and as of December 2002 officially hired as the "Training and Events Coordinator" (also known as a Human Resource Developer). I am responsible for researching training needs, developing training, teaching, contracting with trainers, and all of the logistics that go with training. I absolutely love it!

I spent the '70's and '80 active in state employee union activities (MSEA and UAW Local 6000) and held various offices including statewide secretary - treasurer, chief steward, labor-management chair, primary bargaining team member, and secondary bargaining team chair. I married John in 1977 and have two children. My son John (born 1979) graduated from the University of Michigan (how little influence we sometimes have on our children) with a major in Natural Resource Ecology Management. He currently works for the U.S. Forest Service in Gaylord MI and has his eyes on working for them out west in the near future. My daughter Elizabeth (born 1988) is the delight of my middle age! She got her dad's musical talents and plays piano and clarinet, sings and dabbles with composing and arranging music. I continue to collect figural salt and peppershakers when I have time. My collection, numbering about 2500 is a delight, but collects more dust than anything!

SWEENY, Corbin

Howdy - ain't lost 't'all - been living in Eugene, OR for thirty years. The west is the best.

(SOURCE: Email from Corbin, July 2009)

(TAGGART) Johgart, Steve



JMC '75

My name now is Steve Johgart, the last name having been created when I was married in is a combination of my "maiden" name and my then-wife Nancy's maiden name, Johnson. I kept the name when I was divorced in '97 both because I like it and because it's the last name my kids (Sean and Abra) have, and I like having the same last name as the kids.

What do I do now? For money I index doctoral dissertation abstracts for ProQuest Information and Learning (which old Ann Arborites still call University Microfilms). For domestic life, I'm a full-time single dad (my ex died in '98) homeowner. For fun I emcee folk festivals (Farmfest and Blissfest), focalize ol'-hippie Rainbow Gathering-related stuff, contra dance as often I can, play with my Macintosh computers, and generally enjoy laughing with life's more absurd aspects. I do indeed look back on them ol' JMC daze with nostalgia, though how managed to survive the thick paisley haze of smoke is something of a mystery...but hey, it sure was fun!
Photos available in the Morrillite Mug Shots Gallery and the JMC Then and Now Gallery at this site



"Me - Mark Talaba - married 24 yrs.; was a glass artist 1971-1988 (Birmingham MI), Marketing Exec. 1989-1995 (Philadelphia, PA), CEO of RealTime Technologies, Inc. (a software co.) 1996-2006; currently VP Marketing/Sales of an early-stage software co., and still living in Philadelphia area."

(SOURCE: Email from Mark, March 2008)

TANABE, Dennis

"Dennis Tanabe was well known for playing a polished version of "Rhapsody in Blue" on the basement piano to small but enthusiastic audiences from 71-75. He was, a few years ago, an attorney in Yreka, CA..."

(SOURCE: Email from John Stick, March 2004)


"Good God it wasn't a dream!

Recently, in an unguarded moment moment, I made a comment to one my interns about my "dark and sordid past". The next day she asked me "and what exactly is an Anesthesia House?". We always worried about Big Brother, but it turns out little sister and Google was the future.

The website brought back many warm memories of my too short time at JMC and Sny/Phi. ...

After leaving E Lansing in the spring of 72, I ended up as a surveyor in Chicago and Detroit. That kept me outdoors, fit and reasonably happy for most of the intervening years, with a detour into mechanical design for the Big Three(complete madness).

Married, 9 year old daughter, aluminum sided ranch, Grateful Dead and DIY speakers.

Currently working as a survey tech for the City of Rochester Hills,MI where I'm known for telling people "stop punching buttons, turn off the damn computer and THINK""

Email: MLTaunt[*AT*]

SOURCE: Email, April 2005

TAYLOR Hahnert, Linda

Currently living in Longwood Florida.

SOURCE: Suzanne Levy, July 2002


(JMC student: 1968 - 1970)

"I am the Wendy S. Thomson, that attended JMC 1968-1970. I left to sail off on my family's freighter, ended up in Miami and completed my undergraduate degree (BBA) at the University of Miami. After a couple of years I moved to Tallahassee, where I worked during the day and pursued my MS at Florida State University at night. My company moved me to Chicago prior to completing my degree, so I finished it at the University of Chicago. In 1979 I moved back to Michigan, got a job at GM, got hitched and started a family, and subsequently became a single parent. I now have 2 sons and am guardian of a girl... son #1 is 18, a senior being recruited for college football (are you listening, MSU??) Young lady is 17, son #2 is 16. I currently work for EDS and am working on my second patent. In between all of this I have sung across Italy and with the DSO (among other venues), have raced sailboats, remodeled homes, had a literary agent in New York (once upon a time), been on 3 Boards (Chairman of one of them) and have been a rabid supporter of my son's VERY SUCCESSFUL ;-) high school football team...

So you've found me out....."

(SOURCE: Email from Wendy, October 2004)

TODT, Michael A.

(JMC student: 1965-1969)

"Graduated in June, 1969, a member of the first class that began in September, 1965. Married for 31 years and currently live in Morgantown, WV. As I remember JMC, that experience allowed me to think critically about the world around me and more important, to work at jobs and live my live in a way that makes the world a better place in some small way. Those days as the entering class were exciting as the curriculum was being developed yet challenging to keep pace with the high expectations of the faculty to develop academically, socially, and emotionally. That experience is part of my soul!

It's been a good run so far. Education: MA (1972), PhD (1981) in Organizational Psychology and Change from University of Chicago; PhD (2011) in modern U.S. history from West Virginia University; Career included VISTA Volunteer, organizational/management consultant, psychology professor, hospital CEO, history professor, private practice clinical psychologist. "


(SOURCE: Email, November 2011)



Home Page:


JMC 1967 - 1971

"Greg Turner - 1967-71 still a close friend - lives in Ypsilanti and works for the Wayne County School District as a maverick intrapreneur cum IT systems administrator."

(SOURCE: Email from Mark Talaba, March 2008)


UPHAUS Piersma, Amy
Photo available in the Morrillite Mug Shots Gallery at this site




"JMC from 1968-71. Finished up with an Anthropology degree in 1972. Married. 2 kids. Small town, upstate NY. Teaching HS for 25 years...Anthropology, Archeology, Sociology, Psychology, Government. Green Party. Soccer fan. Walking is good. Last new car is a 1990 Caravan. No vices left. Used them all.. Don't get around much anymore."

(SOURCE: Email of 25 August 2003)

Vogel*, Deborah (Deb)

(* Not known if this was her JMC-era name)

JMC 1973 - 1976 "Deborah Vogel is the Director of The Institute for Performance Studies. She is a neuromuscular educator who has been active in the medical field since 1978. She co-founded the Center for Dance Medicine in New York City with Dr. Richard Bachrach, and presents workshops and lectures nationally, dealing in injury prevention and care and neuromuscular training.

... Deborah is currently on faculty of the Theater and Dance Department at Oberlin College, as well as at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music."

A full resume (in PDF / Acrobat format) can be accessed at:

Photo available in the Morrillite Mug Shots Gallery at this site

WAARA, Carrie

JMC 1972 - 1976

"Carrie Waara was the name I used in those days, though some called me by my given name, Carol. I transferred to JMC from James Madison after my first year, so tenure at JMC was 72-76, during which I earned an additional BA, majoring in Chinese Language. My JMC "major" was called "Comparative Cultures," a brilliant word-play thought up by Milt Powell to encompass my (extremely) multidisciplinary studies at MSU."

(Source: Email, November 2004)

From a personal summary Webpage at the Castleton State College website:

Carrie Waara teaches courses in World History, Chinese History and Culture, Japanese History and Culture, Modern Pacific Asia, Women's Studies, and History, Memory and War. She delights in the close student-faculty interaction made possible by small classes and a small campus, and believes whole-heartedly in the value of liberal arts education for the new millennium. She mentors History Honors students and others who appreciate her high expectations for students' learning, critical thinking and writing. She also believes that history is fun, and thoroughly enjoys expanding her creative use of historical fiction and film, multi-media and hands-on, interactive assignments.

She earned her Ph.D. and M.A. in history at the University of Michigan, where she specialized in Chinese history, with minor fields in Japanese and European history. Her undergraduate studies at Michigan State University's James Madison and Justin Morrill Colleges included broader fields in the history, art history, philosophies, and languages of Asia and Europe.

Academic interests include women's studies and feminist theory; cultural studies; issues in twentieth-century public memory, nationalism, and war; problems of representation and reproduction in art, publishing and mass media; problems of race and racism; and globalization, modernity, and social justice....

Photo available in the Morrillite Mug Shots Gallery at this site

WALTER, Robert

AKA: "The Red Menace"


Photo available in the Morrillite Mug Shots Gallery at this site

WALTON, Rivkah M.
(Erika J. Walton)


JMC '74

After my halcyon days at JMC, I spent a challenging year at Koinonia, a liberation-theology intentional community in southern Georgia. Fate took me next to Chapel Hill, NC, and about three years of exploring my artistic bent and traditional Jewish practice. In 1978, I moved to the liberal Mt. Airy section of Philadelphia to be part of the Jewish Renewal community and to attend Tyler School of Art, specializing in Jewish Ceremonial Art. Metalsmithing did not pan out as a career path, but I've capitalized on a natural ability for organizing things and a deeply-held imperative to improve the world -- and become a crack generalist for small, understaffed nonprofit organizations trying to do just that. The latest incarnation was as founding director of the Institute for Contemporary Midrash (, publishing a journal an offering training programs at the intersection of art, psychology, and sacred text. On the side, I have become a specialist in Bibliodrama, a form of improvisational theater. After a good six-year run, I am considering (once again) what comes next.

WANGER (Reynolds), Jason



Attended JMC 1966 - ????

Jason Wanger later changed his name to Reynolds. ...

My current information:

Jason Reynolds. I changed my name to Reynolds when I learned my father was not my biological father at all.

1225 SW 12th, #907, Portland, Oregon 97205.


Executive Director of the Oregon Consumer League.

Inventor: for people with writer's block.


(Email from Jason: Latest = September 2012)

WEIL, Michael E.

1202 Greendale Ave
Needham MA

(781) 444-9950


Attended JMC 1965-1966

I moved to the U.S. from Germany - experiencing more than a little cultureshock - in 1965 specifically to attend Justin Morrill College, then dropped out of MSU (for non-academic reasons) and left East Lansing in the summer of 1966 for a succession of higher learning misadventures in Worcester and Boston, Massachusetts. Eventually realizing that living required money, I clueslessly entered the corporate workforce via United Fruit (Chiquita Banana) in 1968 and compounded my error by prematurely getting married the following year. We did welcome a son (Adam) in 1976 and a daughter (Aimee) two years later, adding some authentic joy to an otherwise rather tense co-existence. In 1977 I went to work for my wife's father's small specialty adhesives company - an ultimately very regretable move - and remained there as the (continuously stressed-out) logistics manager until my doctor strongly advised me to go on mental disability leave early in 2000. My wife and I had already separated in 1988 under painful circumstances and were officially divorced in 1990. Not too surprisingly I also date my sobriety to that fateful October day in 1988 and have been in recovery and a very grateful member of both AA and Al-Anon since then. This new life served me especially well in March of 1995 when I managed to survive having a heart attack (ouch) and passing a kidney stone (double-ouch) the same week. Prior to that, on Halloween (Iove the irony) of 1992 I had married my current wife Monica - and this time I knew I had gotten it right - and her companionship has meant the world to me, both during my various health challenges and of course otherwise. Although I am now on SSI (Social Security Disability) I prefer to consider myself retired, since in addition to being medically excused I also know that wild horses couldn't drag me back to the kind of misery I had experienced "on the job." Meanwhile, Monica has begun her own business as a management consultant and remains, as she has always been, an all-around fantastic person. My son Adam (27) took his philosophy background into the wine retail field, my daughter Aimee (24) is applying her education degree as a pre-school teacher, and my stepdaughter Katt (24) has channeled her energies into the childrens' apparel industry. I keep myself both content and busy with writing, movies, reading, movies, walking, movies, and travel; my favorite avocation is obviously no secret. My wife Monica and I both also love to travel, and while she was enrolled in a masters program in France she discovered the delights of Paris; I subsequently joined her for a couple of very enjoyable extended visits, and we wouldn't mind going back again. All in all I have a lot to be thankful for, and make a point of reminding myself of that every time I begin to complain about my life. The mantra I'm trying my best to adopt these days is "acceptance and gratitude."




JMC, '75

"Field of Concentration: Classical Studies/Film

Currently Office Manager for company developing software for Labor Union dues management, dispatch, organizing, grievance and training school.

Varied employment history: photographer, AV tech, housepainter, newspaper reporter

Married, 2 children

Olympia WA"

(SOURCE: Email, October 2004)


AKA: "Randy the Dwarf", "Chucky Garage"




I attended (or more properly - lived) JMC from 1969 through 1973, finally getting my degree in spring 1974 after resolving an incomplete on an experimental film. In the ensuing years and decades I've been a rock musician, draftsman, design engineer, cartoonist, adult / continuing student, tenured civil servant in two different countries (USA and Sweden), assistant professor, information technology consultant, human factors engineer, cognitive scientist, self-employed consultant, and (as always) a surrealist provocateur. Since returning from Sweden in 1993 I worked at or supporting the Air Force Research Laboratory at Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton (birthplace of immersive virtual reality and Murphy's Law, as well as the legendary repository for the Roswell aliens' remains). I finally retired in 2019.

I always attribute my mercurial skill set to my JMC experience, and I like to think my creatively all-over-the-map life trajectory exemplifies the intended outcomes of a JMC education. The longstanding recognition of JMC's value to my life is the reason I created and maintain this Webspace.

You can check out my reminiscences of JMC elsewhere in this Webspace.


WHITE, John F.


JMC 1969 - 197?

John currently splits his time between South Haven (Michigan) and the Chicago area.

Photo available in the Morrillite Mug Shots Gallery at this site

Additional photos can be found on the 2002 Reunion Legacy Page at this site

WHITE, Mark E.




When I graduated from JMC, inspired by Glenn Wright and Al Cafagna, I prepared for a career as a starving writer. Instead I got an MD and joined the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) hoping to travel to exotic places as an epidemiologist. We ended up in Little Rock, Arkansas and then Fort Collins, Colorado, where I specialized in the 6 or so people who get bubonic plague each year. I completed an infectious diseases fellowship at the Peter Bent Brigham Hospital. Over the years, I worked in Queens, New York; Manila, Philippines; and Kampala Uganda for CDC, the Salvation Army, World Health Organization, the Rockefeller Foundation, and Makerere University, where I was an Associate Professor.

When the People Power revolution happened in the Philippines, I moved to Manila and worked training epidemiologists for the Department of Health. How could anyone resist the chance to be part of a non-violent, middle class revolution? We were on the slopes of Mount Pinatubo caring for evacuees when it erupted, sending 100,000 people pouring into the roads out of town, carrying their belongings. I remember trudging through the cold rain in the northern mountains amidst the wreckage after 300 people died in an earthquake in the northern mountains. There was every kind of health problem from measles to cholera, typhoid, and we collected blood from the monkeys that carried the Reston strain of Ebola virus.

In JMC I married my fellow-JMC student, Roberta Firnhaber. Before we separated we had two children, Alex and Daniel, both of whom are now taking classes at the Harvard Extension in Boston. A few years later I married Felilia Mendoza, a Filipina who died in 1998 of complications of breast cancer. Now I live in Atlanta with my wonderful wife, Shelly Ahmann, a general surgeon and a friend for many years. She works for Kaiser and I direct CDC's international epidemiology training. I find myself a bald, graying overweight bureaucrat looking for money for new programs or visiting ones that are in need of repair.

Through it all, my friend Tom Keever, a JMC'er, has patiently pursued the theater craft in New York with care and focus that inspired me through many hard times.

I feel like I went to bed when I was 15 years old and woke up as an old man. I wonder if that starving writer will ever appear -- or is this all there is? And, if now is the time that our generation is running the world, how come Republicans control Congress and the White House?


JMC / Sny-Phi Denizen; Guitarist for JMC's House Band (Pillowcayse)

"Larry began playing guitar back in his college days at Michigan State University. His first band in East Lansing was Pillowcayse, one of the most popular fraternity and bar bands around the area. They had a reputation for becoming part of the party rather than just playing at the party, which is no big surprise when you consider that the leader of the band was the outrageous Jackie "The Joke Man" Martling of the Howard Stern show. As a member of Pillowcayse and later Midnight Sun, Larry was a fixture of the MSU music scene for 10 years. When he returned home to Decatur, MI, he played in several bands alongside Ken West, including Flight and Hatz. A few years after those bands, Screamin' Bob and the Band at Hand formed and played in the local bars for around 10 years. After taking a break for a couple years, the band has been reincarnated as Screamin' Bob and the Borderlyne Band, and Larry is enjoying performing more than ever!"


Photo available in the Morrillite Mug Shots Gallery at this site

WILLIAMS Mayhew, Janice

4915 Country Drive, Okemos, Michigan.

Email: jmayhew[*AT*]


JMC Faculty (French), 19?? - 19??

Keith A. Williams is now the Executive Director of the MSU Alumni Association (MSUAA).


WILSON Cripe, Karen

AKA: "K Willy"


I lived at Snyder-Phillips from 1973-1978. My major (after many changes) ended up being in business administration. I moved to Texas and have a variety of jobs, mostly in real estate. I was known as K. Willy (my maiden name is Wilson) and I would love to hear from other JMC people. I enjoyed being in JMC and gained a lot from the flexible curriculum that was offered.

WILSON, Kenneth A.


JMC 1969-74

Drove taxi in Lansing for some time after graduation, then earned a Masters in Teaching at Antioch. Moved to the Navajo Nation in northwestern New Mexico from 1975-79 to teach in a small community. Taught science, math, language arts, and social studies while my students in grades 7-12 taught me something of their language and culture. JMC was the perfect preparation for this work: cognitive and linguistic flexibility can't be overestimated. 1979-81: Earned Certificate of Advanced Studies in Teaching, Curriculum and Learning Environments at Harvard Ed School and taught mid-school science-math in Boston area. 1981: Moved to Boulder, Colorado. Since then I've done outreach for the University of Colorado to Native American communities; managed the first-year program for underprepared, underrepresented students; and now coordinate the activities of the Academic Services Center, with focus on low income, first generation college students. Married (1984) to Nancy Commins, PhD, authority in bilingual eduation. Our son Alex (b. 1991) attends a dual immersion bilingual school and now speaks Spanish better than I. I remain active in politics, mostly on the local level, and have grown so conservative with age that I'm nearly a liberal.

Photo available in the Morrillite Mug Shots Gallery at this site

WINTERS, Wallace

JMC 1967 - 1971

SOURCE: Membership listing at


YOST, John

"I have an address for John Yost but it is 1 or 2 years since there has been any activity with it. ... Try jyost[*AT*] or yost[*AT*]"

SOURCE: Leonard Kaufmann, May 2003


Leadership coach, trainer, and speaker on the subject of interpersonal and management skills. Author of The Joy of Recognition: Designing and Implementing Successful Employee Recognition Programs.

SOURCE: Email: November 2003

"Lynnette Younggren founded TEAM in 1995 to provide customized training for organizations and educational institutions. She has combined coaching with training to improve individual and organizational performance.

In 2000, Lynnette wrote The Joy of Recognition to help managers use the powerful tool of employee recognition to create a positive environment that motivates and retains staff, and reinforced organizational goals.

Lynnette earned her Masters of Management in Organizational Development from Aquinas College and an undergraduate degree from Michigan State University. Her 18 year corporate career culminated in Vice President, Operations for a large travel company.

In addition to corporate coaching and training, Lynnette delivers lively learning keynotes and teaches for Davenport University.

Lynnette has traveled extensively in Europe and Asia. Bicycling, gardening, and cooking international cuisine engage her while at home.

SOURCE: Biographical sketch at Lynnette's website

Photo available in the Morrillite Mug Shots Gallery at this site.


"Lori Zesch was last living in NYC - she only spent one year in JMC then transferred to Cornell."

SOURCE: Suzanne Levy, July 2002


James Alan Zingeser, MPH, DVM, Class of '79, is helping veterinary leaders like Lonnie King put veterinary medicine "back at the center of public health," as he puts it. Zingeser is on loan from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to the World Health Organization (WHO) as the medical officer in charge of the polio eradication program for WHO's European Regionム52 countries, including all of Europe, Israel, Cyprus, and the former Soviet Union. He is currently stationed in Copenhagen, Denmark. Zingeser ... says he loved his years at MSU, where his father, Emanuel Zingeser, preceded him. "My father, now retired, was a great small-animal veterinarian," he says. "I fully expected to take over his practice after graduation, but my altruism and wanderlust were strong." As a Justin Morrill College undergraduate, Zingeser learned French and gained a great appreciation for world affairs and poetry. "This is what sustained me later on. I was plugged into the MSU arts community on and off campus, and when anatomy was overbearing, I could refresh myself through music and dance. "At MSU, the most influential persons I had the honor to study under were Bill Schall, for his solid medical integrity; Jeff Williams, for opening my eyes to the world of parasites and zoonoses; and a great professor in the philosophy department, Martin Benjamin, who taught me that having a good head for science did not mean I could think consistently or ethically."

SOURCE: Perspectives (MSU Veterinary Medicine School magazine), Summer 2006

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