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Compiled by Randall Whitaker, Ph.D.


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This is a compilation of key WWW sites addressing the subject of information warfare (IW) and the relevant issues which serve to contextualize it. This listing may appear relatively short, because there is considerable redundancy in the materials provided at (or indexed through) some of these various sites.

Pointers to individual IW-related documents are listed in the Information Warfare Bibliography at this site. This (more general) WWW resource guide concentrates on large sets or compendia of documentation relating to IW.

Listing Date: 17 May 1998


The Hacker Quarterly

This is one of the primary publications directed to the hacker underground. Over the years, 2600 has proven itself to be an invaluable source of information on hacking, phreaking, etc.

7 Pillars Partners

This is a site established in 1997 and focused upon 'infrastructural warfare'. The papers available here are full of provocative ideas about infrastructural war and its relationship(s) with the still-emerging notion of 'information warfare'.

Archive of Information Security

Global Technology Research, Inc.

An archive of online information security documents developed to assist professionals in researching a wide range of topics. It is maintained as time allows and is a work in progress. NOTE: This is the site previously titled Information Security Archive (and previously located at ).

Home Page / Main entry point

Bibliography of Information Security Documents

A very large compilation of documentation on IW and related issues. Highly recommended!

Battlefield of the Future: 21st Century Warfare Issues

A WWW compendium outlining the major issues facing the military in the coming decades. IW is one of the main themes of the papers therein. The main entry point (and Table of Contents) is at:

The C4ISR Cooperative Research Program (CCRP)

CCRP is managed for DoD by the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence (ASD(C3I)). The CCRP focuses upon improving both the state of the art and the state of the practice of command and control.

As one component of this organization's ramp-up, a WWW page on the topic of 'network centric warfare' is under construction at:

Center for Secure Information Systems

This site, hosted at George Mason University, is primarily focussed on computer security issues. It includes a number of links to other security-related sites and resources.

CERT Coordination Center

This the organization that grew from the computer emergency response team formed by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in response to needs identified in the wake of the 'Internet Worm' incident. The CERT charter is to work with the Internet community to facilitate responses to computer security events involving Internet hosts, to take proactive steps to raise the community's awareness of computer security issues, and to conduct research targeted at improving the security of existing systems.

The home page for CERT is:

COAST Hotlist: Computer Security, Law & Privacy

This hotlist is co-hosted by the COAST (Computer Operations, Audit, and Security Technology) project and Internet veteran / guru Gene Spafford. A very comprehensive listing of links, well-maintained and updated often.

Highly recommended as a basic navigational landmark!

Computer Crime & Information Warfare Timeline

Open Computing, July 1995 (sidebar).

This is a summary timeline of significant IW / computer security events from 1970 to 1995. Available via WWW at:

Computer Security Resource Clearinghouse

This site, maintained by the U.S. National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST), provides a wide selection of documentation and pointers on subjects relating to computer security, encryption, and related issues.

Covert Action Quarterly (CAQ)

This WWW site contains a lot of materials and pointers relevant to IW and related topics. A pretty good indirect path to interesting things.

CryptoSoft GMBH

This German enterprise provides a nice set of IW / Computer Security materials online.
Security News

An ongoing accretion of Web articles on computer / information security issues.

Security and Privacy Related Links

A very good nexus / compendium of links on security / cryptography / privacy issues

Cybercrime, Infowar, and Infosecurity
Dorothy Denning
Georgetown University

This is a good collection of pointers to IW-relevant WWW sites and other Internet resources.

A WWW nexus dedicated to legal issues in cyberspace. NOTE: This site is not associated with the similarly-named Cyberlaw Encyclopedia listed elsewhere.

"CyberLaw is an educational service focusing on legal issues concerning computer technology. CyberLex reports legal developments touching the computer industry. CyberLaw and CyberLex are distributed monthly throughout the United States."

The Cyberlaw Encyclopedia
The Computer and Information Technology Law Reference Source
Alan Gahtan

A large nexus on legal matters pertaining to cyberspace -- e.g., privacy, intellectual property, etc. One of the better such collections I've found, and it's well-organized. NOTE: This site is not associated with the similarly-named listed elsewhere.

Cyberwar & High-Tech Spying

A site (operated by Parascope) primarily addressed high-tech spying / intelligence.


Working for unlimited freedom to privacy (via guerrilla encryption tactics and products).

DigiCrime, Inc.

What would at first blush seem to be the home for a full-service criminal computer hacking organization turns out to be a fascinating set of comic and illustrative devices on cyber-criminal activities. You've heard of "hands-on demonstrations"? This place specializes in "hands-off demonstrations" -- i.e., illustrative exercises triggered by your pushing the button which they clearly tell you not to push. So far as I can tell, the demonstrations cause no real damage.

No warranties, express or implied.


A nexus on twisted perspectives (or, perhaps, alternative viewpoints) -- e.g., conspiracy theories, etc. Contains some materials / pointers of peripheral relevance to IW and network-centric operations (or at least some of the more picaresque terrain in the cyber-landscape).

Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)

This venerable organization is still one of the best single-source assets for legal / ethical aspects of cyberspace.

Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC)

EPIC is a public interest research center in Washington, D.C. It was established in 1994 to focus public attention on emerging civil liberties issues and to protect privacy, the First Amendment, and constitutional values.

Emergency Response and Research Institute

This is a large WWW site dedicated to all manner of emergency response operations and issues relevant to them. Some of the materials to be found here are specific to the communications / informational activities supporting emergency response. This site also provides extensive listings of pointers to other emergency / contingency-related resources, many of which are pertinent to IW or the corollary effects of IW.

Home Page / Main entry point

Technical Operations Page: Management, Computers, and the Future

Federation of American Scientists: DoctrineLINK

According to this Web page:

"DoctrineLINK is the most comprehensive online guide to military doctrine currently available. Doctrinal resources are widely scattered across the net, and they are brought together here for the first time. This guide provides pointers to both sites that are primary sources of doctrinal and related publications and the capstone doctrinal publications of the Defense Department and Military Services."

A very good starting point / nexus for researching current U.S. military doctrine.

Global Terrorism Web Site

This is a nicely-constructed WWW nexus on the subject of terrorism, containing substantial documentation, news items, and links to related resources. Because more and more "terrorist" organizations are utilizing cyberspace as their soapboxes (and their fields of action), this site will probably become increasingly relevant for IW.

Guide to Information Warfare
Marko Kulmala
University of Tampere (Finland)

This is a general compendium site on WWW.

Be forewarned: The author is extremely fond of graphics, animations, and other download-delaying devices. As this site grows, it is style rather than content that is expanding.....

Hacker's Hall of Fame

Michelle Slatalla
Discovery Channel Online
January 1997

A nice online overview of some of the most widely-reported hackers and their shenanigans.

I-War Research Group

A relatively new and rapidly-growing information warfare WWW site at:

The Web pages are glitzy, and the content-to-glitz ratio is still pretty low, but the site shows signs of great things. The creators / hosts for this site are quite coy about who they are and what they're doing. As the site expands, it appears that the focus is upon information warfare within the scope of economic / business leverage.

Information Warfare and Information Security on the Web

A listing of pointers compiled by the Intelligence Reform Project of the Federation of American Scientists. This particular listing has a topical scope greater than IW per se, but the additional material / topics are exceedingly relevant to contextualizing IW with respect to overall defense policy and planning trends.

Information Warfare and the Zapatistas

This site is noteworthy because it addresses the manner in which the Mexican Zapatista movement conceptualizes and employs 'information warfare' as a component of their campaign(s) in Mexico. The Webspace is somewhat confusing to navigate, but it makes for quite interesting reading. It's good to 'hear from practitioners' for a change.

Be sure to examine their four-part taxonomy of [Dominant/Resistant] / [Offensive/Defensive] / Cyberwar.

The Information Warfare Database

A Georgetown University facility providing a searchable database of Information Warfare (IW) attacks and computer crimes that have occurred in the past 15 years. The site also includes some essay materials on intrusion / attack categorization and other general issues.

Information Warfare Sites

The initial links on this SAIC page were identified by Maj Mark Meaders, DINFOS/IRM.

Information Warfare Tutorial (US Army War College)

This tutorial is a prototype still under development, representing unclassified materials compiled for / used in the War College's advanced course(s) on IW.


A very large (and quickly growing) nexus of documentation and pointers on IW started by Winn Schwartau (author of Information Warfare: Chaos on the Information Superhighway). This has to be considered the primary IW site on the WWW -- at least to the extent that you equate information warfare with Schwartau's focus on computer and information security issues.

Good News: This site very actively incorporates articles, essays, and other documents as they become available.

Bad News: New materials incorporated at InfoWar.Com are reformatted and presented as InfoWar.Com components -- meaning that their original locations / identities are often under-documented or missing. This makes InfoWar.Com a good place to browse, but a suboptimal place for serious research. Furthermore, profligate graphical glitz and typically slow server responses can make this site frustratingly slow to access.

Institute for the Advanced Study of Information Warfare (IASIW)

One of the first major WWW sites on the subject of IW. This site has been effectively dormant since summer 1996, and the links found here are readily found elsewhere. It would appear that this site is an artifact of some operation which has been aborted or which has relocated.

Institute for Propaganda Analysis

The WWW interface to an organization dedicated to exploring (and exposing) propaganda.

Intelligence and CounterIntelligence Home Page [ a.k.a. "KimSoft" / "Kim-Spy" ]

This is the best single WWW nexus providing (counter-)intelligence links that I've found. The site is constantly growing (there are now 3 separate pages of links), and the links are updated on a regular basis. Highly recommended as a navigational landmark for this topical area.

International Computer Security Association
(formerly NCSA)

The ICSA site has a number of materials and links to resources on computer and information security.

Internet Privacy Coalition

The mission of the Internet Privacy Coalition is to promote privacy and security on the Internet through widespread public availability of strong encryption and the relaxation of export controls on cryptography.

"The complete information warfare resource"

This is a newly-established WWW site ostensibly dealing with IW. To the (very limited) extent that the site has developed so far, it would appear to concentrate on competitive intelligence and information security.

Joint Vision 2010

Joint Vision 2010 is a concrete conceptualization of how the U.S. military can exploit advanced technologies (especially information technologies) to meet the prospective challenges of 21st Century warfare. The Joint Vision 2010 documentation does not focus exclusively on IW, but the wide range of IW activities is well-represented in the discussion. This and other U.S. military WWW sites illustrate quite concretely how concern over IW (broadly defined) is affecting near-term and long-range military planning.

Journal of Internet Security

Computer Security Canada, Inc. (CSCI)

An online journal on computer / information security issues

  1. Main entry point:

  2. Media Examples of Security Breaches

lØpht Heavy Industries

A compendium site with lots of technically-savvy materials.

Mario's Cyberstation: Information Warfare

A large nexus of pointers on IW. The 'Mario's Cyberstation' WWW site also has substantial link-nexii on a variety of intelligence (and related) topics.

A network of volunteers working to uncover and illuminate the surreptitious tactical ends to which media are employed.

Ms. Guidance:
Cyberwar, Information Warfare and Psychological Operations

A general site on IW and IW-related matters, containing more links than content.

National Military Intelligence Association Home Page

Phrack Magazine Web Page

Phrack is one of the primary publications for the "hacker community." At the main Phrack Web site, you can browse back issues of the magazine. A good source of information on hacking / security news. The site offers a large set of pointers to historical and current hacker documentation (files, 'zines, etc.).

Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD)

Although this site is associated with an art / design college, it provides as much (or more) online materials relating to propaganda as do other sites ostensibly dedicated to propaganda research. An interesting place to browse.

"POLITPROP examines the art of propaganda as a potent force in forming social consciousness and recognizes propaganda as a powerful, valid means of artistic expression designed to broadly communicate messages of public importance.

POLITPROP provides vital information for the research, detection and development of propaganda."

Propaganda & Psychological Warfare Resource Page

A modest WWW site addressing (among other things) the application of propaganda and psyops.

Main Entry Point / Home Page:

Propaganda in Theory and Practice: How Does It Work?

The most substantive component of this site.

Psychological Operations/Warfare

A WWW site dedicated to psychological operations. Includes substantial materials (focused on US examples) and links to related materials.

The Psywar Society Home Page

This site serves " international association of collectors of aerial propaganda leaflets and psychological warfare historians." Even though much of the material is focused on aerial leaflets, there are materials (and pointers to materials) on other / broader aspects of psychological operations / warfare as well.


Fairfax VA: Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA).

SIGNAL is a good monthly source for information and news on military applications of electronics, communications, and computing technology. The journal's home page (which includes archived articles) can be accessed via WWW at:

Technological Warfare

A relatively new and growing WWW site addressing how technological innovations and warmaking are intertwined. Much of the material is relevant to IW specifically.

Terrorism Research Center

This is another major WWW nexus on the subject of terrorism. It contains substantial content (including links) relating to IW issues.

Home Page / Main Entry Point

Information Warfare Research Center
[ Subpage dedicated specifically to IW ]

Virtual Diplomacy:

This page provides links to resources identified by or relating to the Virtual Diplomacy Project. This is one of the few WWW sites dedicated to the diplomatic aspects of how IT will affect international relations. This site is maintained by the United States Institute for Peace.

Virtual World of Spies and Intelligence (Information Warfare)

This is a large compendium site on intelligence issues which provides one of the better topical nexii on spying / intelligence gathering.

NOTE: I could do without the cutesy music....

WWW Virtual Library: Competitive Intelligence

This is a good starting place for exploring the application of IW principles to the commercial and business world.

WIRED Magazine

Collections (of past articles)

The WIRED magazine WWW site includes a series of 'collections' -- topically categorized sets of articles from the magazine's back issues. Of particular interest in the context of IW are the collections on:

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