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The 'Official' Bibliography (circa 1996)

Enola Gaia

Listing Date: 30 June 1996
(as received)


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  This bibliography was posted in June 1996 to the ThinkNet autopoiesis discussion list by Antonio Marcos Pereira, who writes, "Cristina Magro - who works with Nelson Vaz at UFMG - sent it to me a couple of days ago. it is 'official' because it was compiled by people at Maturana's lab in the University of Chile."

Thanks, Antonio!

  • I have converted this bibliography to HTML format for inclusion in the Observer Web because it covers non-English-language and non-autopoiesis literature unlisted in the main Bibliography.

  • As such, this bibliography is a superset of Maturana's publications listed in the main Bibliography.

  • Because I am providing this material 'as is', I cannot vouch for the comprehensivity or the accuracy of any citations not appearing in the main Bibliography.

  • Please bear in mind that this listing was done circa 1996.


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