sitemap Sny-Phi 'Grill Rats', circa 1975
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Snyder-Phillips 'Grill Rats', circa 1975



This photograph originally appeared in the JMC 10th anniversary tabloid (April 1975).

No caption or associated text was provided to give further information about the scene, the photo, the photographer, or the people shown.

Fred Little writes (September 2002) ...

The long haired guy with the beard at the right edge of the photo is John Stick, who came to MSU on a full Mathematics scholarship and never took a math class during the entire time he was there.

The guy in the plaid shirt next to him was known as Fast Eddie -- I recognize the wave in the hair and the sideburns. Last time I talked with him he was working as an insurance underwriter assessing risks on horses and the likelihood of drug-addicted rock stars fulfilling tour obligations, but that was over twenty years ago.

Better than even money that the guy at the left edge with the wide plaid is Dickie Chew. He was a big fella in those days but at some point between 79 and the mid-80s had a resection and lost quite a bit of weight, about which fact he seemed quite happy.

Larry Wickett writes (October 2002) ...

The guy on the left hand side of the picture is Mark Dirisian, also know as the crazy Armenian. The girl to his left is Laurie. I'm positive her name was something like Piper. Maybe Pfeiffer like the actress Michelle. The guy in the white is Ken Smith, a non MSU student who was going with Laurie at the time. The girl next to him is Chris. I never really did know her last name, but she went with Mark for quite a while. Next to her is John Stick, and next to him is the back of Ed Keller. I'm not sure who is drinking the milk.

Gail Brumitt writes (October 2002):

Okay, here's who I can identify. In the foreground, back to camera, plaid shirt is Ed Keller. I don't think he was JMC. To the left of Ed in the plaid jacket is Mark Durasian (don't know the spelling). The woman with the glasses next to Mark is Laurie Pfeiffer, who was in JMC. Facing the camera is Kenny Smith, also not in JMC. I don't know the woman next to Kenny. Next to her, I think might be John Stick, but I'm not sure.

Stewart Lachman writes (September 2002):

Some other of the Grill Rats that I remember are Bill Oberlander and John Stamp. Bill was the original couch potato. I remember him siting in an overstuffed chair with a large mug of coffee on the arm of the chair. He was always talking about game theory, probability, the philosophy of this or that. I can't recall ever seeing him move. He must have moved though, because he did come to the grill and play bridge and chess. It was Bill who described himself as a "perpetual student," the first time I had ever heard the term. Somehow I don't think it is exactly what they had in mind when they coined the phrase "Lifelong Learning." Bill never seemed to have any money, or visible means of support. I'm not sure if he even paid rent at the house he lived in with Jesse Rosenbury, Chris Peno and maybe John Stamp.

Stamp was some kind of chemistry or physics major. Definitely in the plastic pocket-protector crowd. Tall, thin, brushcut -- The last time I saw him he had "hair down to here" and he was telling me about yin-yang polarity points as relating to geographic location. I think Kalamazoo was "yin." I can't remember if he walked on my back or not after he read my palm. Was it the "times" ... or the influence of JMC? I guess we'll never know....

John Stick writes (May 2003):

Stu Lachman just emailed me the link to your site and the grill rats photo. That could easily be me on the right edge, though I am not totally certain. The identifications of Ed Keller, Mark Dirasian, Chris and Ken Smith also seem right. Fred Little's story about me is wrong in its details, though not far off in spirit.

Pamela Bond (Wozniak) writes (October 2007):

The "grill rats" photo has to be earlier than 1975, more like 1970-71. That's more the time frame when Fast Eddie and Mark D spent time in the grill playing bridge.

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