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Group Memory




Jill Harrison Ellsworth, JMC '71



I always have a good laugh (albeit an irritated one usually) at the characterization (caricaturization?) of JMC as place where students staggered about in a drug-and alcohol induced haze, attending "meaningful," pretentious T-Groups, and pretending to be "cool."

I was there 1967-71, and one of the academic assistants my last two years. I got a wonderful education.

While there certainly were those who could barely get out of bed by 4 due to over indulgence and drug use, that sub-culture was much smaller than imagined, and was not respected by a large number of JMC students. My experience is quite different and I would posit, more mainstream JMC. The students I knew, by and large, were not druggies, did not drink to excess, and did not attend those time wasting, navel gazing T-Groups.

Activist? Yes, in constructive ways, rather than destructive. All sorts of activism abounded social, political, artistic, etc. Amazingly enough, most students were busy attending class, doing homework, many working hard at intellectual growth.

JMC taught me how to learn and taught me that if I persevered, I could learn anything math, writing, psychology, art, and computers. Further it taught me that I could teach others and myself. The small classes created an interesting kind of pressure if you did not attend class, and did not come prepared, everyone knew it.

The offices for the Academic Assistants were down in among the faculty offices, so out of class, collegial interactions were common for students much more common in JMC than "out there."

I was one of those who went on to be a Professor and Dean (frightening isn't it). But JMC also prepared me in a totally different way to write several books about the Internet, including the first books written about doing business on the Internet and marketing on the Internet.

I was there, and I DO remember.


Jill Harrison Ellsworth
Big Spring, TX
July 2001